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Bowflex HVT Review [2021]

Exercising at home seems to be all the rage these days, and if you’re someone who wants to take advantage of staying fit while at home, you’ll need to purchase some equipment. The Bowflex HVT is a compact yet fully-functional and tech-savvy at-home gym that boasts a wide range of different features and capabilities.

Focusing primarily on synthesizing the relationship between strength training and cardiovascular exercise, the Bowflex HVT provides a powerful combination that allows you to maximize your at-home workouts and start seeing great results fast, and at a $1,800 price point (Including delivery) it is one of the most affordable home gyms out there. 

The HVT is a very sleek machine however it packs a very large punch for its size, one unique feature about the Bowflex HVT is that it comes with what is known as HVT gym which gives you access to three different tr

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Powerblock vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells [2021]

Extending the range of workouts you can perform at home is important for a variety of reasons, and dumbbells can help you achieve that goal. Deciding between Powerblock vs Bowflex adjustable dumbbells can be a difficult choice, as both brands offer a variety of high-quality models.

Your nutrition plan isn’t going to accomplish much if you don’t exercise regularly, so getting either Bowflex or Powerblock dumbbells is a step in the right step toward accomplishing your goals.

Dumbbells made by these brands allow you to do a broad range of exercises, which gives you versatility during workout sessions.

So in our Powerblock VS Bowflex dumbbells comparison, we are going to take you through all of the most important aspects you will need to consider before you opt for dumbbells produced by one of these brands, and by the end you’ll know which one we prefer, and importantly, why.

Main Differences Bet

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The Best Bowflex Home Gym Alternatives in 2021

Best Bowflex Home Gym Alternatives

Home gyms may once have been thought of as a luxury. Yet more people than ever are building home gyms to save more in the long run, and seeking products like Bowflex home gyms for total body workouts. Home gyms were already rising in popularity but since the pandemic closed or limited traditional gyms, more people, from professional athletes to someone just looking to get in better shape are seeing the many advantages.

When we’re discussing home gyms there are two options: either building up a gym at home with multiple pieces of exercise equipment or opting for an all-inclusive home gym machine, like Bowflex offers, for a full-body workout.

In this article, I’ll give you tips and my go to’s when you need alternatives

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21 Day Fix vs Piyo [2021 Comparison]: Which to Choose?

21 Day Fix vs Piyo

Main Differences 21 Day Fix vs PiYo

  • 21 Day Fix focuses on weight loss, whereas PiYo focuses on strength and toning.

  • 21 Day Fix is live-streamed by a certified bikini fitness trainer, whereas PiYo is both live-streamed and delivered through DVD from a lifestyle coach.

  • PiYo includes many low impact workouts, whereas 21 Day Fix includes alternate moves for individual workouts.

  • PiYo tries to encourage supplementing with shakes, whereas 21 Day Fix sticks to a basic meal plan.

What if you could get a ‘fix’ for your

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Weight Watchers vs 21 Day Fix [Sep 2021]

I’m sure you’ve heard about Weight Watchers and 21 Day Fix, especially if you have been struggling with losing weight. But which one of these two eating plans should you follow? I personally believe that the first choice is highly popular while the second one is very effective in teaching people how to eat properly. But enough chit-chat! Let’s dig …

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Top 3 Best Crossfit Gloves [2021]: Gloves for Crossfit

There is quite the controversy in the Crossfit community when it comes to the use of gloves. The majority of Crossfitters don’t use gloves, preferring the feel of bare hands. With heavy weight lifting, many will use chalk for a better grip. Calluses will naturally form and help protect the hands, which helps, but tearing or otherwise hurting the hands …

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The Best Shoes for Spinning – How to Choose Spinning Shoes

If you’re into Spinning, you’ve probably got a collection of empty water bottles and sweat-soaked towels rolling around the bottom of your gym bag – and maybe an old pair of sneakers you use as “spin shoes.” You may silently gaff at the other spinners snapping their spin shoe clasps and clacking their shoes into the pedals, dismissing the need …

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Top 4 Leg Curl Alternative Exercises to Mix it Up [2021]

One of the most popular exercises for gaining leg and glute definition are leg curls. They are simple, easy for beginners to do with proper form, and really are just plain effective. Both seated leg curl exercises and lying leg curl exercises can be done on a machine found in nearly any gym you visit. Seated leg curls are popular …

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Chirp Wheel Review [2021]: Does it Fulfill Its Expectations

When Plexus entered the market, it gained plenty of popularity due to the company’s successful marketing campaign. The market for back pain relief tools was already crowded but Plexus knew the proper way to approach it which is why, a few years later, it became Chirp Wheel.

After changing the product’s name, the manufacturing company went even further and made sure to create a strong brand identity for its main product. Nowadays, Chirp Wheel remains a sought-after alternative to other similar massage products such as foam rollers and massage balls.

What Is the Chirp Wheel?

At first, this massage tool went by the name of the Plexus Wheel. You could also say that Chirp Wheel is more than just the new name. It is actually the latest version of its previous model. The manufacturing company markets this product as a package of three wheels with a width of 5 inches each.

Each of those three wheels has

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The Ultimate LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill Review – Worth the Price?

LifeSpan may be a fairly new brand compared to others, having been founded in 2001, but have a range of treadmills that easily compete with other major brand’s machines. The brand’s fitness goals are to help their customers become more active, whether that’s in the gym, at home, or even in the workplace. If you’re searching for a treadmill under …