Here at the Gym Lab, we’re passionate about getting fit and staying healthy. We believe that you don’t need to be a member of a gym or have a personal trainer to stay fit – you can work out from the comfort of your own home. We love to test out the latest gym equipment, and we want to pass on everything we’ve learned about how these products work to our readers.

We’re also passionate about promoting products that provide value for money. Gym equipment doesn’t have to cost the earth – and money shouldn’t be a barrier to fitness.

We write about alternative protein products at our website AltProtein. So, if you want to know about the latest diets and how they can work with your exercise regime, you can find everything you need to know there.

Our Mission

We want to give you all the information you need about the latest and greatest home gym equipment. From treadmills to ellipticals, dumbbells to home gym systems – we review it all, with in-depth reviews that take a look at the pros and cons of each product.

We also write product comparisons (great if you’re torn between two products) and product guides – so for example, if you want a new treadmill and you don’t even know where to start, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know, saving you from wasting your time and money.

Our Values

So, what are our values at The Gym Lab? Here’s what we aim to be:


At the Gym Lab, we’ll give you an honest rundown about the latest products. We’ll give it to you straight – even if we don’t like a product. If we think it’s not worth your time, we’ll let you know – but if we love it, we’ll explain exactly why. You can trust our writers and contributors to be completely honest with you about how they feel about each product.


Let’s say you want to buy an under-desk elliptical machine (which is a great way to keep fit while you work). We’ll give you a rundown of the best products, exploring their features and technical specifications, going right into the nitty gritty of how they work. In our buying guides, we try to arm you with the information you need to know before you go shopping – so you’ll know exactly what you need to look for.

Focused on Value

Sometimes it can feel that the best gym equipment is out of reach for those on a tighter budget. That’s why we’re passionate about reviewing products with realistic prices. We know that it doesn’t have to cost the earth to get fit and stay healthy – which is why we want to promote products that are affordable. Although you’ll occasionally find a higher-priced product in our reviews, we’ll make sure we give you some lower-priced options, too.

What You’ll Get from Us

Here’s what want to give you:

In-Depth Reviews

We’re particularly proud of our product reviews. We cover every detail – every feature, all the technical specifications, the pros and cons, the pricing. We love to test new gym equipment, and we know that it’s important to give you the information you need before investing your money into something new for your home gym.

Here are some of our favourite reviews:

Product Comparisons

What happens if you’re looking at two different bits of kit and you can’t decide which one to buy? We cover that, too! We directly compare products to see exactly how they stack up against each other – helping you to make the best decision.

Here’s an example of our product comparisons:

Product Guides

Finally, there are our product guides. If you want to invest in something new – like a rowing machine – it can be difficult to know where to start looking. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to look for: why you might need one, how they work, what features you want it to have. We’ll also give you a round-up of the best products out there, giving you all the information you need in one place.

Here are a few of our product guides:

About the founder

My name is Owen Alexander, and I manage TheGymLab in my spare time. I also run AltProtein – they’re both big passion projects of mine.

I’m interested in fitness, and I’ve been blogging about health and fitness in various places online for years. I decided to launch my own platform to review the latest products and talk about diet plans and supplements, providing readers with a great resource for all their fitness needs. I post many reviews, tips and techniques, but I also manage submissions from our freelance writers.

I’m a personal trainer and lifestyle coach – so I’m truly passionate about motivating people to stay fit. I love to help people reach their goals, whether in fitness or in other areas of their life, and I love to help people live their healthiest, happiest lives.

AltProtein and TheGymLab are my way of reaching more people online, and I enjoy arming people with the information they need to be healthy.

Our Team

Jodie Chiffey

Jodie has been a certified personal trainer for several years now and has a passion for wellness, health, fitness like no other. She’s been educating herself on nutrition since she was in high school. His boyfriend is a professional herbalist and food healer, so she takes the health and wellness discussions into the homefront. Not only is Jodie a seasoned, professional writer, but she also uses and tests health products, protein supplements, and personally and shares her insights on topics such as protein, diets, muscle recovery, muscle building, supplements, and naturally-sourced products. Jodie is a nutrition and health expert who owns over 50 pairs of athletic shoes and puts them to good use. She is always looking for a new healthy recipe, loves juicing and tests new products at home and reports back to us here at Alt Protein. Jodie’s articles and recipes can also be found on her successful blog called The Juice Chief.

Crystal Schwanke

Crystal Schwanke has been immersed in the fitness and health world since 1999 when she took her first weightlifting class for PE credit and fell in love with feeling strong. Since then, she hasn’t strayed far from workouts (from yoga and Pilates to HIIT and weightlifting) or the pursuit of nutrition knowledge. She’s working on certifications in personal training and nutrition coaching.

Alizabeth Swain

Alizabeth Swain is a writer that focuses on health and wellness. She has deep knowledge about how the body works and what you need to do to change. She continues to learn more about her chosen field and shares that information with The Gym Lab readers.

Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra Gavrilescu is a busy content writer but she understands the importance of fitness, health, and wellness. She understands it can be difficult to fit your workout into your busy schedule and helps readers find the best equipment and strategies to make their workouts happen.

About Alt Protein

AltProtein covers protein, diets, supplements, and workouts, in a series of reviews and in-depth, informative guides – if you want to know how to achieve balance through your exercise and diet, you should definitely check it out. Try our Guide to Finding the Best Diet Plan or our guide on How to Find the Best Supplements.

If you’ve got any ideas for articles you’d like to see on our websites, feel free to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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