Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms [2021]

Both Total Gym and Bowflex represent solid investments in the way you look, feel, and your healthy. They have their own benefits and downsides.

Total Gym could be the ideal choice for someone who wants to stay in shape by exercising now and then. At the same time, Bowflex will constantly keep challenging your muscles and adding to your body strength.

It is normal to base your decision on your budget but take a moment to read our comparative review to discover everything you need to know about these two home gym systems.

Main Differences Between Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gym

The main differences between Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gym are:

  • Total Gym allows you to perform more exercise variations, whereas Bowflex comes with a limited number of available movements;
  • Total Gym allows a higher weight limit, whereas Bowflex supports a lower weight limit;
  • Total Gym doesn’t take too much space and it can be easily stored away, whereas Bowflex occupies more space in your home.
  • Total Gym helps you achieve a leaner and slender body, whereas Bowflex focuses more on building strong muscles

Question: Is Bowflex Better than Total Gym?

Answer: In terms of longevity and simplicity, Total Gym is better compared to Bowflex. The resistance rods that Bowflex comes with will wear out over time so you will need to replace them which adds up to the overall cost of the machine. Total Gym is also foldable so you will benefit from its space-saving structure.

Question: Will Total Gym Help You Lose Weight?

Answer: Weight loss isn’t that easy and leading an active lifestyle is just a piece of the overall puzzle that also includes the foods you normally eat. Only 20% of losing weight has to do with working out. The rest relies on your diet.

But, even that small percent is very important and it can make a lot of difference. So, yes, Total Gym can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and achieve a leaner body.

Question: How Many Calories Will You Burn When Using Bowflex or Total Gym?

Answer: The number of burned calories varies based on your workout’s intensity and length. On average, an individual who has around 150 pounds can burn up to 155 calories thru exercise, in 30 minutes. Obviously, if you use a higher resistance or if you weigh more pounds, the calories you burn will increase.

Total Gym or Bowflex Home Gyms: Bottom Line

Both these home gym systems are widely popular and effective exercise machine options but they have different features and they use unique methods to assist you during your weight loss or muscle-tone journey. Bowflex is big, but you will achieve a lot of great muscle mass with it. You can even upgrade it when you consider it necessary although the basic product allows you to do a lot of amazing exercises.

Total Gym has a more straightforward mechanism but you must first learn how to use it and it might take a while. You will find everything you need in the package. Total Gym works by using your bodyweight and the frame is foldable which means you can tuck it away when you don’t use it.

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