Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms

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Both Total Gym and Bowflex represent solid investments in the way you look, feel, and your healthy. They have their own benefits and downsides.

Total Gym could be the ideal choice for someone who wants to stay in shape by exercising now and then. At the same time, Bowflex will constantly keep challenging your muscles and adding to your body strength.

It is normal to base your decision on your budget but take a moment to read our comparative review to discover everything you need to know about these two home gym systems.

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Main Differences Between Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gym

The main differences between Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gym are:

  • Total Gym allows you to perform more exercise variations, whereas Bowflex comes with a limited number of available movements;
  • Total Gym allows a higher weight limit, whereas Bowflex supports a lower weight limit;
  • Total Gym doesn’t take too much space and it can be easily stored away, whereas Bowflex occupies more space in your home.
  • Total Gym helps you achieve a leaner and slender body, whereas Bowflex focuses more on building strong muscles

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There are three essential differences between these two home gym systems:

  • Workout style – Bowflex focuses on resistance training while Total Gym relies on your bodyweight;
  • Size – Total Gym is easier to store and carry around while Bowflex occupies more space;
  • Price – Bowflex is more expensive than Total Gym.

Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms – What Are They?

What Is Total Gym?

Total Gym is a home workout device. It isn’t as complex as other similar products but it comes with a straightforward design. This exercising device relies on your body weight instead of weightlifting. It is all about resistance due to gravity. Users pull their own weight during workouts.

The manufacturer has launched many infomercials and even celebrities like Chuck Norris have tried Total Gym. This product has gained a lot of popularity and it is now one of the best-selling home gyms in the United States.

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Despite the somewhat "over the top" Chuck Norris endorsements, this is a SOLID home gym essential. Easy to use and surprisingly space conscious compared to competing home gym monsters.

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What Is Bowflex?

Bowflex is created by a reputable company that many workout fans trust. Its parent company is Nautilus which is one of the first companies that launched fitness machines and weightlifting devices on the US market. In fact, Nautilus is seen as one of the brands that founded the modern commercial gym.

Bowflex is designed with top-notch materials and it comes with a high level of effectiveness that’s scientifically engineered. With every new model that the company launches, clients get a higher level of complexity and customization.

Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms – Ease of Use

People who are researching the market to find the best home gym that suits their requirements are also wondering which machine is easier to use. There’s no simple answer. It depends based on your necessities, preferences, fitness goals, home space, and more.

If you’re currently living in a spacious home and you don’t intend to move soon, both these systems will work great for you. Also, both are very good options if you aren’t thinking about carrying them or moving them around.

Still, if your home is small or if you need to move the devices around, then you should opt for Total Gym. In regards to possible workouts, Bowflex presents a more straightforward approach. Total Gym also allows you to perform numerous body toning exercises but you will need to go through their workout guides. Otherwise, the machine can seem a tad difficult to use.

Regardless of the product you choose, you will be able to switch the attachments as frequently as you want to target specific muscle groups. Total Gym comes with individual parts that are easy to place on the frame.

Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms – Who Should Buy Them?

Who Should Opt for Total Gym?

Total Gym is great for those who want to benefit from using a low-impact workout tool. It gives you the possibility to adjust the intensity of your workouts. For instance, beginners can start slow and then gradually upgrade their desired resistance.

Simply put, Total Gym is a versatile device that enables you to use your entire body and select from a wide range of resistance levels. It comes with a small footprint and it is a more affordable alternative.

Who Should Purchase Bowflex?

Even though it is highly effective, Total Gym isn’t for everyone because of its unique workout style. On the other hand, the Bowflex home gym device provides a more traditional approach in terms of exercising style, the kind that most of us are accustomed to.

Moreover, you can choose from several available Bowflex models and opt for a specific version that suits your unique needs and preferences. Before making a final decision, you should look at the way both these machines work. Find video tutorials on YouTube or their websites to see how they work.

Total Gym vs Bowflex – Main Features

These two fitness machines are very different so, they come with unique functions and features. Let’s take a quick look at each of them.

Total Gym Machine

This Total Gym device will help you keep things simple while working out at home. It uses your body weight to provide resistance (bodyweight exercises). This particular feature lowers the level of customization of the workouts you can perform on Total Gym. On the other hand, with this product, you will save a lot of time and money because you won’t need any additional equipment or accessories.

It is an effective yet low-maintenance item that’s easy to assemble and store. The manufacturing company says that clients can do more than 80 different exercises on Total Gym.

You can angle the device and adjust its position to match the amount of bodyweight you want to pull. This is a method to address the product’s resistance issue which some may perceive as a possible downside.

You can also lower the workout bench to lighten the overall load. If you want to work harder and perform more intense exercises, all you have to do is increase the angle to fight gravity a bit more. It is a very simple way to need only one machine without having to purchase weights, resistance bands, etc.

Other unique features that Total Gym has are:

  • The package comes with both a nutrition plan and a workout chart to keep track of your progress;
  • You will get 5 workout DVDs;
  • A pretty good warranty: lifetime for the frame and 6 months for the parts;
  • Several attachments and accessories that will help you perform various exercises.

Bowflex Machine

When it first appeared on the market, the Bowflex home gym amazed all of us with the way it trains its users. The whole system relies on several power rods (power rod resistance) that are a great alternative to classic weights. When you pull the cables, the machine’s rods will bend down and provide resistance to your muscles.

Whenever you want to modify the resistance, you must hook up thicker rods because they don’t bend down that easily. With this machine, you will avoid dropping or jangling heavyweights.

The Bowflex system comes with numerous benefits. During your workouts, you will have continuous resistance so your muscles will tone a lot. When gravity comes along, it is a lot easier for you to keep constant tension. With Bowflex, you will be able to target numerous muscle groups although some people believe that these types of exercises might neglect functional strength.

Some other great features that Bowflex offers are:

  • Users can perform more than 30 different movements, including cardio rowing;
  • The warranty isn’t as great as the one provided by Total Gym: one year for the frame, 5 years for the rods, and 60 days for the parts;
  • You can work with an adjustable resistance level that ranges between 5 and 210 lbs.;
  • The bench is foldable for easy storage.

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Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms – Price

When it comes to pricing options, it is quite tricky to establish which brand is best. Although Total Gym markets less expensive models, Bowflex is considered a more complex and comprehensive home gym system.

If you opt for Total Gym, you may have to purchase some extra pieces like dumbbells and other accessories to achieve a complete workout session. You will have to cover the cost of all that additional equipment.

Bowflex is more expensive upfront but it provides its users with total body workout options. It is less likely you will have to purchase additional pieces because the main structure comes with everything you need to tone your body.

With Bowflex, the company also offers appealing financing options, now and then. They are opportunities that can make the device more affordable in the public’s eye.

Total Gym vs Bowflex Home Gyms – Pros and Cons

Total Gym Pros

  • It provides a wide range of available exercises;
  • Based on the model you decide to buy, Total Gym can be more affordable than Bowflex;
  • You can easily store this device away when you’re not using it;
  • It is easy to set it up and use it;
  • It is a simple yet effective construction;
  • The package includes some useful extras such as DVDs, accessories, and manuals;
  • It provides a high user capacity.

Total Gym Cons

  • The workouts you can perform on the machine might be a tad complicated at first;
  • Total Gym models come with a lower resistance weight capacity;
  • Users complain about the fact that they don’t have a lot of control over the machine’s resistance levels;
  • Switching from one exercise to another it is a bit time-consuming because you need to remove some parts and then attach new accessories.

Bowflex Pros

  • Bowflex helps you tone your body and build muscle mass;
  • You will have a high level of control when you want to increase the resistance;
  • The warranty is more than decent;
  • It relies on resistance rods which help you target specific muscles with a high level of precision;
  • It is easy to use and the frame is durable;
  • This machine is pretty affordable and it is on sale from time to time.

Bowflex Cons

  • The machine’s resistance rods will lose some of their strength overtime;
  • You won’t be able to move it around or relocate it that easily;
  • It takes up quite a lot of space;
  • Some users said that Bowflex’s assembly has a pretty steep learning curve;
  • Not all Bowflex versions come with certain accessories like a lat pulldown bar.

Total Gym vs Bowflex – Main Alternatives

1. Gorilla Bow

Gorilla Bow

The Gorilla Bow system will tone your body and build muscle mass. It is a complex and portable gym device that will help you work out and avoid getting bored during your exercising sessions. The mechanism focuses on resistance band training and the frame is made from high-quality and durable materials.

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2.  Body-Solid GLGS100

Body Solid GLGS100

Body Solid is a multi-gym device that features a compact frame design and provides plenty of great advanced features. Its structure is both sturdy and stable but it comes with fewer stations compared to other similar products. Users can perform numerous movements on this device such as squats, presses, pull-ups, and more.

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3. Marcy MD-9010G

Marcy MD-9010G

Marcy MD-9010G will tone your entire body and boost muscle mass around your leg area, arms, chest, etc. It comes with a preacher pad, a led developer, and a low row station. Its structure is compact and it is sold at an affordable price. The frame is sturdy and the package comes with plenty of useful accessories.

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FAQs About Bowflex vs Total Gym

Is Bowflex Better than Total Gym?

In terms of longevity and simplicity, Total Gym is better compared to Bowflex. The resistance rods that Bowflex comes with will wear out over time so you will need to replace them which adds up to the overall cost of the machine. Total Gym is also foldable so you will benefit from its space-saving structure.

Will Total Gym Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss isn’t that easy and leading an active lifestyle is just a piece of the overall puzzle that also includes the foods you normally eat. Only 20% of losing weight has to do with working out. The rest relies on your diet.

But, even that small percent is very important and it can make a lot of difference. So, yes, Total Gym can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and achieve a leaner body.

How Many Calories Will You Burn When Using Bowflex or Total Gym?

The number of burned calories varies based on your workout’s intensity and length. On average, an individual who has around 150 pounds can burn up to 155 calories, in 30 minutes. Obviously, if you use a higher resistance or if you weigh more pounds, the calories you burn will increase.

Total Gym or Bowflex Home Gyms: Bottom Line

We Recommend The Bowflex Home Gym Series
The Bowflex Home Gym series is one of the first fitness machines in the US market, They are designed with sturdy materials for both recreational and professional users and offer high level of effectiveness that’s scientifically engineered.
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Both these home gym systems are widely popular and effective exercise machine options but they have different features and they use unique methods to assist you during your weight loss or muscle-tone journey. Bowflex is big, but you will achieve a lot of great muscle mass with it. You can even upgrade it when you consider it necessary although the basic product allows you to do a lot of amazing exercises.

Total Gym has a more straightforward mechanism but you must first learn how to use it and it might take a while. You will find everything you need in the package. Total Gym works by using your bodyweight and the frame is foldable which means you can tuck it away when you don’t use it.

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