Vigorfit vs Total Gym [2021]: Which Home Gym is Best?

Both Vigorfit and Total Gym are great home gym solutions and these two products are highly debated.

I have reviewed these two home fitness machines and discovered that their main similarity is the fact that both brands provide all-in-one workout benches. They also have quite similar designs, features, and functionalities.

But let’s go into detail regarding these aspects as well as their differences.

Main Differences Between Vigorfit vs Total Gym

The main differences between Vigorfit vs Total Gym are:

  • Vigorfit supports 350 pounds, whereas Total Gym supports 400 pounds
  • Vigorfit is more affordable, whereas Total Gym has a higher price tag
  • Vigorfit offers over 70 levels of resistance, whereas Total Gym only comes with 12 resistance levels
  • Vigorfit comes with multiple accessories that allow users to perform a wider range of movements, whereas Total Gym has fewer additional attachments.

Included Accessories

Available Exercises

Due to its many attachments, with Vigorfit you can perform 107 different exercises. Total Gym enables users to do 80 exercises. However, if you want to buy Total Gym and do more types of movements, you can always pay extra to get additional accessories.

Educational Materials

Regardless of the model you want to buy, from these two products, you will still benefit from ongoing educational resources but their form and style differ.

With Vigorfit, users gain online access (via e-mail) to an actual personal trainer. They help clients by sending personalized replies to all their questions that are linked to the way a person should train with this machine or should eat to achieve optimal results.

The package that Total Gym provides contains 6 different DVDs full of useful instructions. In all of them, there’s a personal trainer who appears and explains how to perform the exercises, based on your level of experience, as you progress. Besides these DVDs, you will also get charts and guides that help you keep track of your diet and nutrition.

The Pulley System

total gym xls body workout

Both home gym systems work very similarly. However, their quality and aesthetics are slightly different. Vigorfit uses ropes. This makes the item quite easy to adjust. Total Gym relies on a polished rubber-coated cable made of steel which might be more rigid at first but it is more durable.

By comparison, the rope system can get a tad flimsy at times but Vigorfit’s manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for their home gym.

Notable Extra Features

There are basic features and some extra ones. Not all of them are the same. Some features stand out more and might be more useful than others. Here are the additional features that each of these home gyms offers and that you should know about.

How Much Does the Shipping Cost for Vigorfit and Total Gym?

For Total Gym, the delivery is free all over the United States. From what I know, clients must pay a shipping fee of $54 if they want to purchase Vigorfit. Still, once in a while, the company offers a limited-time option of free deliveries.

Will You Get a Trial Period If You Buy Vigorfit or Total Gym?

Vigorfit provides trial periods although no clients have ever returned their new Vigorfit equipment. The trial period consists of a money-back guarantee that lasts 30 days. The same return and refund policy are applied by Total Gym.

What Kind of Warranty Do Total Gym and Vigorfit Have?

In terms of their warranty, Vigorfit is way better with its lifetime coverage of the entire product. The frame and the parts are all included in the warranty. In the case of Total Gym, only the frame has a lifetime warranty while the parts have a short warranty of only 6 months.

Vigorfit vs Total Gym Main Alternatives

Here are some viable alternatives to Vigorfit and Total Gym:

  • Weider Ultimate Body Works – this home gym apparatus has a pulley system and it includes calisthenics as well as resistance cords. It is easy to assemble, resistant, and versatile but you won’t receive an exercise guide and the machine requires more space; See how it compares to Total Gym here.
  • Bayou Fitness Total Trainer – this bodyweight home-training equipment is quite reliable and its frame is made of high-quality materials. Its weight capacity is about 400 pounds and the package includes certain extras like a push-up bar, a curl press bar, and a heavy-duty squat board;
  • AeroPilates Reformer – this is the Plus 379 model that will enable you to perform some serious Pilates workouts at home (with the Pilates kit). It is highly portable and has a durable structure. This machine allows users to do a wide range of exercises but you will need to adjust its straps from time to time;
  • TRX Home Suspension Trainer – this type of home workout equipment has become very popular in the last few years. TRX home suspension trainers are considered effective all-in-one machines. This product is lightweight and affordable but its movements are quite challenging.

Vigorfit vs Total Gym Comparison: Which Exercise Equipment is Best?

After looking at all these details presented above, it is more than clear that both Vigorfit and Total Gym have plenty of benefits to offer. Regardless of the model you decide to purchase, you will be able to perform complex workouts that will help you build muscle mass targeting different muscle group clusters, in complete privacy, in your own home.

Both these products can be stored pretty much the same way and they occupy a similar amount of space. In essence, they come with almost the same functionality so, choosing one or the other isn’t easy. It all depends on your needs, budget, and the brand that you trust the most.

Our Choce – Total Gym XLS

We love the XLS because it's easy to use and easy to assemble, two of the most common problems with other home gyms we've tested. It's a bit more expensive, but that's because it's a good value and highly USABLE.

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