Sole F85 Treadmill Review: Will This Be the One You’ll Love?

If you’ve been to a gym or health spa and spent time on their treadmills, you’ve probably noticed that they are noticeably bigger, more durable, and overall just a bit “beefier” than typical residential treadmills. Bringing a gym-quality treadmill into the home isn’t doable for many people since the combination of a bigger size and …

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Peloton vs Soulcycle

Peloton vs Soulcycle: Which is Better in 2022?

Main Differences Peloton vs SoulCycle

  • Peloton offers monthly memberships, whereas you pay per class with SoulCycle
  • Peloton offers a variety of workout types, whereas SoulCycle focuses on cycling
  • Peloton streams most of its workouts at home, whereas SoulCycle is focused on meetups

SoulCycle, one of Peloton’s main competitors, hasn’t just been offering workouts at home, though. In Palm Beach, SoulCycle was approved for an outdoor studio at Royal Poinciana Plaza, in December 2020. The sessions were a way to give people a sense of community at a time of many gym closures.

The Best Treadmills By Price Range [2022 UPDATES]

A good treadmill can change your fitness outcomes. I learned this the hard way after investing in a budget treadmill, only to have it randomly quit on me in the middle of distance runs (see the end of this article for treadmills to avoid). Talk about a buzz kill! Because of this, I stopped doing …

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Is This the Treadmill for You? The Full Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review

If your fitness goal is losing weight, there’s nothing better than walking, jogging, and running! Walking is the sort of exercise you can keep up for hours without tiring, especially if you’re entertained (by a TV show, movie, or audiobook). Jogging is great for helping to increase your cardiovascular endurance and activated stored fats for …

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sole f80 vs nordictrack 1750

Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750: Which One is Better?

The Sole F80 and NordicTrack 1750 are both excellent treadmills from well-known fitness brands, so it’s no wonder you’re on the fence about which one is better.

Let’s take a look at how they differ, what they have in common, and which one may best fit your needs and preferences. I’ll give my recommendation at the end, but you can’t go wrong with the Sole F80 or the NordicTrack 1750. It really boils down to which features are important to you.

Main Differences Between the Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750

The main differences between the Sole F80 vs NordicTrack 1750 are:

  • The Sole F80 has 10 preset programs, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 utilizes iFit for a variety of trainer-led workouts.
  • The Sole F80 has a 9” screen that displays stats, whereas the NordicTrack 1750 has a 10” screen that lets you follow along with a trainer (and can also display stats and a leaderboard).<

Sole F63 vs F80: Which is The Best For Your Needs?

You’ve narrowed your treadmill decision down to the Sole F63 vs F80, but how do you decide? They’re both excellent machines that will help you stay active whether it’s too cold for outdoor running or walking and/or you can’t get to the gym. I’ll compare them here and you’ll see just how similar they really are.

The Main Differences Between the Sole F63 and F80

Since the Sole F63 and F80 are from the same brand, there will be a lot of similarities, but let’s see how they differ. (Honestly, they’re not that different.)

  • The Sole F63 has a 3.0 HP motor, whereas the Sole F80 has a
Proform vs Nordictrack Treadmill

Proform vs Nordictrack Treadmill: Which Is The Right For You?

Main Differences ProForm vs NordicTrack

  • ProForm offers more budget treadmills, whereas NordicTrack offers more high-end features
  • ProForm has many space-saving treadmills, whereas NordicTrack focuses on more generous running belts
  • ProForm comes with longer, but more vague fitness memberships, whereas NordicTrack offers more personalized workouts

A treadmill workout from popular companies like ProForm or NordicTrack may be one of the best exercises you can do during the winter months.

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in Sports Medicine found that the best treadmills can offer training that still provides an adequate workout,

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