Schwinn 870 Review – Does This Treadmill Offer Enough?

Looking for a good treadmill to use at home? Schwinn may have started out as a bicycle company, but it has expanded into manufacturing all manner of exercise equipment.

The Schwinn 870 Treadmill is one of the company’s star products, made to be user-friendly and give you a workout like no other. If you want a treadmill that gets the job done, you’ll want to consider this budget option!

About the Schwinn 870 Treadmill

What makes this Schwinn treadmill one for you to consider?

First off, there’s the 3.0 CHP (continuous horse power motor) built into the machine, which gives it more than enough juice to keep you walking, running, and sprinting for hours without fail.

Schwinn 870 Review

It hits high speeds of 12 MPH, and the commercial-grade tread belt will hold up under a lot of wear and tear.

“With its extra width and length, it’s ideal for runners with longer legs and wider strides.”

If you’re worried about your joints, don’t be! This bad boy has 6 cushioning cells built in, helping to reduce vibration and jolts as you run.

It’s a quiet-running machine that you can use without interfering with next-door activities, and the fan built into the console will keep you nice and cool.

There’s even a pair of speakers that allow you to plug in your music player (iPod, iPhone, MP3 player, etc.) and crank up those tunes as you train.

Key Features of the Schwinn 870

  • Pre-Programmed Workouts: The machine comes with 26 pre-programmed workouts, including Interval, Heart Smart, weight Control, and Training workouts. The manual setting makes it easy to adjust the workout to meet your needs.
  • LCD Display: The blue backlit LCD Display features two windows, giving you the details on up to 13 elements of your workout (heart rate, speed, calories burning, distance traveled, etc.).
  • Adjustable Speed + Incline: Adjustable from 0 to 15% incline, 0 to 12 MPH, and with an extra wide walking belt for taller runners.
  • Flexible Weight Limits: Able to accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight–ideal for most people trying to work out and shed pounds. The steel frame feels solid, and the 2.5-inch crowned rollers give you a smooth run.
  • Special Built-in Extras: Built-in USB charging port, and comes with the ability to export data to the Schwinn Connect and My Fitness Pal websites. Built-in fan comes with three cooling speeds to beat the heat!
  • Folding Capability: Designed to be easily folded and moved, thanks to the SoftDrop folding system. Comes with functional wheels to make moving and storage easy.


  • Cost: Check Pricing Here 
  • Shipping Product Height: 13.00 in.
  • Shipping Product Length: 82.50 in.
  • Shipping Product Weight: 240.00 lbs.
  • Product Width: 29.75 in.
  • Warranty: 10 years (for frame and motor), 2 years (for mechanical and electrical), 90 days ( for labor)
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs.
  • 26 total workout program considerations
  • Belt size: 20″ W X 60″ L

Pros of the Schwinn 870

Here are some of the praises users have for the Schwinn 870:

  • Solid construction — The unit may be smaller than a commercial-grade treadmill, but it feels solid and durable thanks to the high quality construction, strong platform, and extra built-in cushioning.
  • Easy assembly — Like all exercise machines, this Schwinn treadmill comes ready to assemble in the box. Assembly time is between 60 and 120 minutes, depending upon proficiency of those doing the install. Users have noted that the diagrams and instructions are very easy to read and understand, making the assembly easy.
  • User-friendly — Once the machine is set up, it’s pretty much plug and play. Thanks to the 26 different workout program options, users have a wide range of options for their ideal run. The running deck has space enough for a book or iPad, as well as plenty of space for a water bottle, a phone charger, remote control, a cell phone, keys, and anything else you need to store as you run.
  • Quiet operation — Schwinn claims that this is a reduced-noise treadmill, and user reviews echo that claim. It has been called “super quiet” by a number of customers, making it an ideal treadmill to use in a busy house.
  • Soft track — Thanks to the built-in cells beneath the running deck, users have claimed that the treadmill feels akin to running on a regular race track (not dirt, but rubber tracks in stadiums). For those worried about joint problems (common when running on concrete and another hard running surface), this is a good option.

Cons of the Schwinn 870

Here are some of the complaints users have for the Schwinn 870:

  • HEAVY — The treadmill weighs 240 pounds when shipped, meaning it’s NOT easy for you to move and install on your own. If you can’t get the delivery person to help you bring it into your home and set it up, you’ll definitely need help from another person or three.
  • Slipping deck belt –– A number of users have complained of slipping deck belts when they run. Customer service representatives have stated that this is due to a lack of lubrication, but lubrication is near-impossible–meaning it doesn’t solve the problem!
  • Requires a lot of space –– While the extra wide and long base makes it easier for long-legged runners to use, it also means the treadmill takes up more space in your home. The instructions recommend installing it in a space as large as 85″ wide and 150″ long. That’s a lot of space that many people in smaller homes and apartments simply don’t have.
  • Technical difficulties ––  A number of the users posting a negative customer review and complain that they received a defective treadmill that simply didn’t work. After they had installed and assembled the machine, it didn’t turn on or respond at all. Or, in many cases, the base had power, but the dual LCD monitors failed to light up.
  • Poor packing –– Multiple negative customer reviews complain about the state of the treadmill upon delivery. Some mentioned loose screws, while others described various scratches and scuff marks caused by improper packing and shipping. The issues are cosmetic, but for the price, it’s definitely a negative.

Other Options to Consider – Schwinn 870 Alternatives

In our research of the Schwinn 870, we found a few other similar models that may be a better option:

  • LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill  While it does not have as powerful motor as the Schwinn 870 (the motor is 0.5 CHP lower), this LifeSpan model comes with all the perks and very few of the problems. Only downside is the higher price range– it’s about $350 higher (but check here)

Is the Schwinn 870 good for home use?

Yes. The Schwinn 870 is a good treadmill for home use thanks to the great price range and the maximum speed of 12mph.

Is it OK to treadmill everyday?

While you can do workout on a treadmill every day, it’s really not recommended by health professionals. It’s really important to have a rest day and let your muscles relax, otherwise you might get seriously injured.

Does the Schwinn 870 comes with a lifetime warranty?

No. Many people expect a lifetime warranty for equipment such as this treadmill, however, this model and the other models that Schwinn sells, comes with 10 years on the frame and drive, but only 2 years on the parts and electronics.

Final Thoughts on the Schwinn 870

All in all, the Schwinn 870 offers good value for the price. While there are a few issues mentioned, they are all fairly minor compared to the quality of this great treadmill. As long as you have the space in your home and can handle the HEAVY machine, you’ll find that it makes a good, long-lasting addition to your home gym/fitness center.

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