Cubii vs Cubii Jr vs Cubii Go: Which is the Best?

Americans sit an average of 6.5 hours a day, or up to 12 hours for teenagers, which may be one reason why more are looking to under the desk exercise equipment like Cubii Pro, Go, and Cubbii Jr.

While sitting is impacted by occupation, with office work or being in school making up for much of sitting. But even outside of school and work, and despite continued or even increased interest in fitness at home programs and equipment, many hobbies are sedentary.

While some sitting is actually good for allowing your muscles to rest and for relaxation, too much can be harmful. But it’s also not always practical to stand all day.

Under the desk exercise equipment like Cubii and Cubii Jr are soaring in popularity and among lists of the best work from home fitness gear. But are under the desk ellipticals really effective and worth your money?

In this article, I’ll review Cubii Pro, Cubii Jr. and the Cubii Go, and tell you the main differences between them, and tell you which under the desk elliptical is right for adding activity into your day.


Main Differences Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr vs Cubii Go

  • Cubii Pro has Bluetooth connectivity, whereas Cubii Jr and Cubii Go have LCD screens
  • Cubii Go has a zero gravity, larger flywheel, whereas the Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro have smaller, less advanced flywheels
  • Cubii Jr is the lightest weight, whereas Cubii Pro is the heaviest

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Why is sitting all day so bad?

One reason many are seeking under the desk elliptical machines like Cubii and Cubii Jr is that there are some very real health risks to sitting all day. Under the desk exercise equipment may be a way to not only get a workout in but also, in many people’s minds, mitigate those risks.

Just how bad is sitting for you? In proportion, it isn’t. But experts suggest that sitting more than 8 hours a day can lead to serious health risks, including obesity, heart issues, and even depression. A meta-analysis found that sitting more than 8 hours actually puts people at greater risk for dying than other serious ailments.

Cubii vs Cubii Jr

Are standing desks better for you than sitting?

Before I discuss under the desk ellipticals, I want to cover another alternative to sitting all day: standing desks.

Standing desks have become popular over the years as an alternative to sitting all day. The good news is that standing desks have been linked to reduce risks of cardiovascular disease and even premature death–but they also do not do much for overall calorie burn. On average, a person will burn just 20 more calories per hour at a standing desk vs a sitting desk.

The other issue? Standing all day can increase the risk of varicose veins and put hard on your joints and muscles, much in the same way treadmill running or HIIT sessions or other high impact workouts may not be best on an everyday basis.

What are the benefits of under the desk exercise equipment?

I myself like to alternate between a standing and sitting desk to get the most out of both, but under the desk exercise equipment like Cubii and Cubii Jr has interested me as a way to get in activity while typing or researching.

Under the desk exercise equipment can reduce the impact of prolonged sitting–and help you get in a small workout during long days. Here are my top reasons why I’d consider an under the desk elliptical machine like Cubii or Cubii Jr.

Improved Concentration

Whenever I’ve been sitting for too long, I find my mind wandering. In fact, getting in some activity can improve the ability to focus and give you a boost on a difficult day. Regular activity is helpful, but being able to get in some exercise during the workday is a great way to break up the monotony of a task and get your mind more focused and refreshed.

Improved Mood

While I argue that nothing can quite beat some fresh air outside, if you are stuck at your desk, under the desk equipment can give a mood boost. Exercise produces endorphins, which help alleviate stress and pain and can even help you have a more positive outlook on your current situation.

Cubii Pro vs Cubii Jr vs Cubii Go

During a packed day, the irony is that exercise, which can help with managing stress, often gets shoved to the side–so something like an under the desk elliptical is a practical solution.

Relaxed Joints and Muscles

One strain of sitting too much is the pressure it places on your joints and muscles. From back pain to knee issues and more, sitting all day can make even a great workout after working hard to get through.

I love under the desk equipment as a way to keep your muscles moving and reduce that strain on your joints. Plus, an under desk elliptical machine like Cubbii and Cubii Jr provides low impact exercise for those already struggling with joint and muscle pain.

Weight Maintenance

While an under the desk elliptical machine may not torch as many calories as a hard indoor cycling machine, it does help, especially if you have trouble getting in exercise otherwise. Not only does it burn calories, but, over time, using an elliptical machine of any kind can also improve your body composition and basal metabolic rate.

Space Saver

The most obvious reason to opt for an under the desk elliptical machine over a full home gym or home elliptical machine is space. Not only can it be used at a desk, but it can easily be stored and tucked away. That’s a real lifesaver even if you live in an apartment or just are tight on space. Plus, it’s a no-fuss set up and even portable for wherever life takes you.

Do under the desk exercise ellipticals work for all my exercise?

I am a firm believer that some activity is better than none, and that is certainly true for under the desk exercise equipment. However, I still recommend supplementing with other workouts, and seeing this option more as a solution to stay active, healthy, and focused during the day.

While more affordable, under the desk equipment may come with more limited warranties or no warranties. They tend to be a bit less sturdy and durable over time, and, as a whole, under the desk, elliptical trainers tend to burn less calories and work muscles less efficiently than traditional elliptical machines.

Cubii Pro vs Cubii Go vs Cubbii Jr: Which is the better under the desk elliptical?

Cubbii and Cubbii Jr are under the desk elliptical trainers under the parent company, Cubii. Cubii is specifically focused on under the desk exercise machines for use while working and reading, and for all ages and fitness levels. Cubii sells four models: two versions of the Cubii Jr; the Cubii Pro, and the Cubii Go.

In addition, they also offer an app that you can sync through Android and Apple devices. The app features an interactive tracker, with calories burned, distance traveled, and the ability to set exercise goals.

In addition, the app gives you access to free Facebook Live classes and allows you to connect to a community online. Data tracking, a leader board, and more features mimic other fitness apps and help motivate your workouts.

How much does Cubii cost?

The good news is that all Cubii ellipticals will cost less than your standard ellipticals, but price does vary across the different models.

Cubii Pricing

Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr. retails for around $249 to $269 for the base price and includes a 30-day free trial and one year warranty, as well as free delivery.

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Cubii Go

Cubii Go retails for around $299 and includes the same warranty and free trial policies, as well as free shipping.

Cubii Pro

As you might guess, Cubii Pro is the most expensive elliptical that Cubii sells, priced at around $349, with the same policies offered for other models.

Winner: Draw

In terms of cost, I love how affordable Cubii models are, and there aren’t big enough differences, in my mind, to pick a model solely by price point.

How much space does Cubii take up?

While all Cubii models are meant for under the desk use, there are some differences in terms of both dimensions and weight for each Cubii model.

Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr 1 and 2 are quite different models for weight. The original model weighs in at 27 pounds, whereas the upgraded 2 weighs just under 19 pounds. The dimensions for Cubii Jr are 23 in x 17.5 in x 10 in; the dimensions for Cubii Jr 2 are 22.244 x 11.8 x 11.6 inches. In short, the upgraded model is lighter and takes up less space.

Cubii Go

Cubii Go is the second-place winner for most lightweight– coming in just slightly heavier than the Cubii Jr 2, at 19.4 lbs. However, it takes up about the same amount of space as the original Cubii Jr, with dimensions of 24.5 in x 17.5 in x 9 in.

Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro is the heaviest, tying with the original Cubii Jr and weighing in at 27 lbs. It has the same dimensions as well.

Winner: Cubii Go

All Cubii models are compact and fairly easy to store, but the Cubii Go is the clear standout. While it is actually not quite the most lightweight, it also features retractable handles for easy storage and carrying.

What displays and connectivity does Cubii offer?

Since Cubii does offer what I consider to be a useful app, I wanted to see what tech features the ellipticals themselves had to offer to support your workouts.


Cubii Jr

Cubii Jr models offer an LCD display and work with the Cubii app, Fitbit and Apple HealthKit. However, neither model features Bluetooth connectivity.

Cubii Go

Cubii Go also does not have Bluetooth connectivity but does work with the Cubii app and Fitbit and Apple apps. The display gets a mild upgrade, with an illuminated LCD screen.

Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro is interesting: while it gets an upgrade with Bluetooth connectivity, there is no display screen at all. Like all other Cubii models, Cubii Pro can sync with the Cubii app and Apple and Fitbit.

Winner: Cubii Go

Unless Bluetooth connection is really important to you, I think Cubii Go has the best tech features as a whole. You have access to the apps you need, plus an upgraded screen that makes it easier to see in all environments.

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Which Cubii gives the best workout?

For the best workout, I consider the flywheel type and levels of resistance. Curiously, it appears that Cubii equips its models with 8 levels of resistance, but there are some differences in terms of construction.

All flywheels appear to be air-based, rather than electromagnetic flywheels, which tend to be a bit smoother and quieter.

Cubii Jr

For the Cubii Jr models, the only product information is that they are ‘whisper quiet’ and compact.

Cubii Go

The Cubii Go, meanwhile, has a larger flywheel that is ‘zero-gravity;’ for a smoother ride. It also is more lightweight, made of glass-filled nylon. This makes it easier to store, but you likely won’t notice the weight difference while you pedal.

Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro has the same vague descriptions as the Cubii Jr models.

Winner: Cubii Go

Cubii Go is once again the standout. Not only does it have a unique construction, but it also provides a smoother flywheel for a more seamless experience.

Which Cubii is the most comfortable?

If you’re looking for under the desk exercise equipment, comfort has to be an important factor, and if isn’t, it should be.

One of the best features of under the desk ellipticals is that they have the potential to reduce joint and muscle pain. For comfort, I look for ergonomic designs, cushioning, stability, and adjustment capabilities.


Cubii Jr

Both the Cubi Jr models feature wheel stoppers to ensure stability and an ergonomic design, compatible with any shoes.

Cubii Go

Cubii Go features the same general ergonomic design, but with a built-in wheel cup for more adjustable levels specific for different body types.

Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro does not feature any additional options for comfort or customization than do the Cubii Jr models.

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Winner: Cubii Go

Cubii Go wins yet again. While I personally would appreciate more information regarding product construction and design, Cubii Go’s wheel cup means more adjustability, for different people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Cubii any good?

Answer: Cubii offers under the desk ellipticals, which can be useful, but it depends on your health and fitness goals. Cubii is not meant to replace full-body workouts, and it likely won’t give you as robust of a workout as regular elliptical trainers. That said, what these products can do is keep you active during your workday, and chip away at a sedentary lifestyle.

Question: Can you lose weight with Cubii?

Answer: You can lose weight with Cubii–but the same could be said for when you incorporate any additional activity into your day. Cubii claims that the average person (by body weight) can burn up to 150 calories an hour. On a regular elliptical machine, you’d burn an average of 350 calories per hour.

While this depends on your level of effort, too, it’s clear that Cubii is not a full replacement for regular exercise. However, if you are not already exercising, or if you add Cubii to your day and still workout, Cubii can help you lose or maintain your weight.

Question: What is the difference between Cubii and Cubii Jr?

Answer: Cubii actually offers several models: the Cubii Pro and Go, vs the Cubii Jr. The Cubii Pro is heavier but comes with bluetooth connection. The Cubii Go, meanwhile, features a zero-gravity, larger flywheel for a smoother ride. Compared with the Cubii Jr, the Cubii Go features an illuminated vs regular LCD screen.

Question: Does Walmart sell Cubii?

Answer: Walmart, Costo, and Amazon sell Cubii under the desk elliptical trainers.

Question: Is the Cubii good for seniors?

Answer: While Cubii is often marketed as something you can use at work, it’s actually a great option for seniors because it provides low impact exercise. Low impact exercise is easier on muscles and joints, and a safer option for those prone to, or with a history of injuries.

Question: Is the Cubii good for bad knees?

Answer: Like other ellipticals, Cubii can be an option for those with bad knees. Under the desk ellipticals tend to be gentle on joints. That said, you still need to proceed with caution and make sure that you are cleared by a doctor before you use it, especially if you’ve had knee surgery or are recovering from a serious injury. You’ll also need to make sure you are using it properly; most issues occur when someone is using an elliptical in the way it’s not intended to be used.

Question: Can you stand on Cubii?

Answer: No, you cannot stand on a Cubii. Like most under the desk exercise equipment, you must be seated to use the Cubii safely and effectively.

Final Verdict: Cubii Go is the best option.

Cubii Jr vs Cubii Pro vs Cubii Go compared, Cubii Go is the best value. Not only is it easy to store and transport; it also features a smoother ride and better construction as a whole. Unless you need Bluetooth connectivity, I highly recommend the Cubii Go over the other models.

Cubii Go Seated Under Desk Elliptical | Amazon

Keep active wherever you sit and work fitness into your daily routine with the original under desk elliptical. Cubii makes wellness approachable for all ages, abilities, and lifestyles.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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