Total Gym Fit vs GTS: Choosing a Home Gym for All Your Fitness Needs

Total Gym’s Heritage Collection features the FIT, GTS, and XLS home gym systems that enable you to perform a broad range of cardio and full-body exercises. Although each of these home gym systems has a lot to offer, it may be relatively difficult to compare the Total Gym FIT VS GTS.

Both of these home gym systems can be used for the same types of workouts, as they can help you to improve balance and coordination as well as build up your strength. Neither of these home gyms restricts your movements since they allow you to exercise in all three planes of motion.

All these similarities between these two Total Gym’s models can make it difficult to decide which one is best suited for you. Our Total Gym FIT VS GTS comparison is going to take you through all of the features these systems offer and help you decide which system is a better addition to your home gym.

Also, make sure to check out our Total Gym XLS review if you want to learn more about this exercise machine.

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Main differences between the Total Gym FIT vs GTS

The main differences between Total Gym FIT vs GTS are:

  • Total Gym FIT has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, whereas GTS can support up to 650lbs.
  • Total Gym FIT has only 12 adjustable resistance levels, whereas GTS has 22 resistance levels.
  • Total Gym FIT doesn’t require assembly, whereas the GTS home gym must be assembled upon delivery.
  • Total Gym FIT comes with an upgraded squat stand and leg pulley accessory, whereas GTS comes with 7 positions adjustable glideboard, dynamic Pulley System, and other accessories.
  • Total Gym FIT comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, whereas GTS has a 5-year warranty on the frame.
  • Total Gym Fit costs $1521, whereas GTS home gym costs $3,795.00

The comprehensive comparison of Total Gym FIT’s and GTS’ features

total gym fit

Total Gym’s Heritage Collection features some of the best home gym systems on the market as each model is built from durable materials that can withstand rigorous daily training sessions.

The Total Gym Fit and GTS have a lot in common, as their users can perform a broad range of cardio or strength exercises. However, a brief look at their features reveals that these two home gyms are created for users at different fitness levels.

Let’s take a closer look at the features the Total Gym FIT and GTS have to offer.


Differentiating between the Total Gym’s FIT and GTS models by simply looking at them can be difficult, as these two home gyms resemble each other. The GTS’ dimensions when unfolded are 106’’ x 38’’ x 57’’ or 20’’ x 38’’ x 57’’ when folded.

On the other hand, the FIT’s dimensions are 18.5’’x 93 x44.5 when unfolded or 18.5’’ x 50.5’’ x 8.5’’. Even though the GTS model is slightly larger the maximum user weight for both home gym systems is 6’5’’. Exercising with either of these home gyms may be uncomfortable if you are taller than their height limit.

Both models have towers equipped with an internal level locking mechanism that is made from reinforced steel. However, the glideboard on the GTS home gym can be positioned at seven different angles, but you won’t be able to alter the glideboard’s angle if you opt for the FIT model.

Exercise variety 

Even the most basic Total Gym model enables its users to perform more than 60 exercises. Both the FIT and GTS models offer a great variety of exercises to their users which enables them to target particular muscle groups during workouts.

The FIT home gym system can be used to perform 85 cardio, strength, or plyometric exercises, and this model comes with a wall chart that contains 35 exercises. Opting for Total Gym’s GTS model will enable you to perform 250 exercises.

The GTS comes with a variety of different attachments that extend your options during workouts and it allows you to add weight plates that make workouts more intense. Both of these models ship with DVDs that guide you through every exercise and help you diversify your training sessions.

It is worth noting that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to incorporate all of the exercises these two home gym systems offer into your daily workouts, as most sessions don’t include more than twenty different exercises.

Resistance levels

Adjusting the intensity of a workout to your current capabilities maximizes the effectiveness of each exercise you perform. For that reason all Total Gym’s home gym systems enable you to increase or decrease resistance levels.

The majority of the company’s home gyms lets you switch between 6 to 12 resistance levels, and their FIT model is not an exception, as it offers 12 resistance levels. The GTS model is the only home gym produced by Total Gym that offers 22 resistance levels.

Moreover, the GTS utilizes between 1% and 62% of your body weight to adjust the resistance to your fitness level. In addition, this model features a hydraulic assist system that lets you switch between resistance levels smoothly.

The great variety of resistance levels both of these home gym systems offer enables you to increase the workout intensity gradually and avoid injury while exercising or rehab an already injured part of your body.

Weight capacity 

As we already noted both of these home gyms have sturdy steel frames. Consequently, they also have impressive weight capacities, as the FIT model can handle up to 450lbs of weight. The Total Gym GTS has a larger weight capacity than any other GTS model as it can support up to 650lbs of weight.

You should keep in mind that the weight limit includes both the weight of the person using the home gym and the accessories attached to the home gym. This is particularly important for users who want to add plates to the weight bar as they can end up exceeding the model’s weight limit.

The home gym’s weight capacity is also an indicator of the frame’s durability, and FIT’s and GTS’s weight capacity indicates that they can withstand heavy-duty usage.

Assembly process

There is no need to assemble the Total Gym FIT model as it comes ready to use. You just have to unfold this home gym and you can start exercising.

The GTS model, however, requires assembly upon delivery, and you can either choose to have the home gym assembled for you by Total Gym’s staff or you can do it on your own.

You will have to wait for up to three weeks for the professional assembly team to come to your home and assemble the home gym for you. The assembly process isn’t complicated and it can be completed relatively quickly as you just have to put the squat stand together and install the handles and lat bars.

In addition, learning how to fold or unfold either of these home gym systems may take a few tries, as the setup for different types of exercises requires separate adjustments.

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Available accessories 

Both of these home gyms ship with a number of accessories that extend the range of exercises and improve your workout experience. The Total Gym FIT comes with the following accessories:

  • Ab crunch accessory
  • A squad stand
  • Leg pulley with a detachable bracket
  • 2-piece wing attachment
  • Workout DVDs
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Total Gym training deck

The Total Gym GTS can be purchased together with these accessories

  • Weight bar
  • Scrunch
  • Press bar
  • Workout DVDs

Each of these accessories helps you to structure your workouts better and activate particular muscle groups. As the result, both home gyms provide comprehensive full-body workouts that are suited for all age groups.

The Total Gym GTS is more expensive than the FIT home gym system which is the reason why it comes with more accessories.


Although both home gyms belong to the Heritage Collection series, their warranties are different. You will get a limited lifetime warranty on the frame as well as a two-year warranty on all moving parts if you opt for the Total Gym FIT.

The Total Gym GTS comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame, a one-year warranty on the moving parts, and a six-month warranty on upholstery. This may be a little disappointing, especially when the model’s price is considered.

However, the GTS and FIT home gyms meet the highest quality standards and it is unlikely that you will have to replace or repair any of their parts regardless of how frequently you are using them.

Total Gym FIT VS GTS – Pricing

total gym gts

Total Gym GTS is one of the company’s most versatile home gyms, which is the reason why a hefty price tag is hardly surprising. This model can be purchased for $3,795.00 which makes it one of the most expensive home gyms in its class.

The FIT model is priced more moderately, as it costs $1,512 which makes it more suitable for non-professional athletes who want to keep exercising from their homes.

In addition, the Total Gym FIT is more affordable than GTS which makes it a great option if the additional resistance levels and exercises are not very important to you.

Total Gym FIT VS GTS – Pros and Cons

Total Gym Fit Pros

  • Offers more than 80 exercises 
  • Equipped with 12 resistance levels
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Suitable for Pilates and strength training
  • Designed for professional and aspiring athletes
  • Helps develop all major muscle groups
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with DVDs for structured workouts

Total Gym Fit Cons

  • Lacks the versatility of professional home gyms
  • Can be underwhelming for professional athletes
  • The glideboard angle cannot be adjusted
  • Portability can be an issue

GTS Pros

  • Effortless resistance level adjustment process
  • Suitable for cardio, strength, and body sculpting exercises
  • Ships with a broad range of accessories
  • Supports up to 650lbs of weight
  • Built from sturdy and durable materials
  • Utilizes a percentage of a person’s body weight for additional resistance
  • Offers complete back support
  • Enhances metabolism and improves coordination

GTS Cons

  • No lifetime warranty on the frame
  • More expensive than similar home gyms
  • Requires assembly upon delivery
  • 6’5’’ height limit

The best alternatives to Total Gym FIT and GTS

Despite offering remarkable features, both of these Total Gym’s models are expensive pieces of equipment that may not fit anyone’s budget.

Finding an alternative to Total Gym’s products shouldn’t be too difficult as there are numerous home gym systems that enable you to perform different types of exercises. Let’s take a look at the best alternatives to Total Gym FIT and GTS we’ve selected.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

weider ultimate body works

You can build up your strength, perform cardio exercises, or have regular resistance training if you opt for the Weider Ultimate Body Works home gym. This model lets you switch between fifty different exercises, although it doesn’t come with an exercise chart that helps you structure your workouts.

The home gym is equipped with easily adjustable bands that allow you to apply up to 50lbs of resistance. You can also perform a wide range of calisthenics exercises including pushups, leg raises, or squats.

However, adjusting this home gym system to the demands of particular exercises can be both time-consuming and difficult. The Weider Ultimate Body Works is lightweight and foldable which enables you to store it quickly after a workout.

This home gym is less expensive than Total Gym FIT and GTS and it is priced similarly to the XLS model. Check out our full Weider Ultimate Body Works vs Total Gym comparison here

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III

bayou fitness total trainer

With 11 resistance levels and a 400lbs weight capacity Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III offers features that are similar to those you can find on Total Gym FIT. Even so, this total trainer is still less versatile than the Total Gym GTS model.

The total trainer’s height limit is set to 6’7’’, but its range of exercises is somewhat limited. Nonetheless, this home gym system is equipped with a Pro Ab Crunch strap, Pilates toe bar, Power weight bar, or pushup accessories, to mention a few.

The model utilizes the 3&4 pulley system and it has a glideboard that contains a 2-inch cushion. If you opt for the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III you will also receive training videos, program cards that will guide you through most exercises you can perform with this home gym system.

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty for this model and it doesn’t vouch for the damages of the frame or any other part of this home gym system after the warranty period expires.

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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym 

bowfle pr1000

Bowflex offers a broad range of home gyms, and their PR1000 model offers everything you need for high-intensity full-body workouts. Like the Total Gym’s GTS model, the PR1000 adjusts the resistance using body weight.

You can adjust this home gym to add between 4% and 69% of body weight to increase or decrease resistance while exercising or use the Power Rod to add up to 200lbs of resistance. The PR1000 can be used for strength and cardio exercises with the same level of efficiency.

Also, the model offers a DIY rowing station and it enables you to perform up to 25 different exercises. The home gym’s maximum weight capacity is set to 400lbs and it features a media rack that enables you to watch exercise videos while you are working out.

Read our comparison of Total Gym and Bowflex home gyms to learn more about the differences between these two home gym systems. Read our full PR1000 Review.

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Question: Do I need a lot of storage space for Total Gym GTS?

Answer: Yes, you need a lot of storage space for the Total Gym GTS. Moreover, this model weighs over a hundred pounds and you may not be able to move it on your own.

Question: How important is the range of exercises the Total Gym GTS offers?

Answer: The range of exercises the Total Gym GTS offers might be important to some people, but it’s very unlikely that you will perform more than 200 different exercises every day, so I will go with not important.

Question: Does Total Gym FIT have a media rack?

Answer: No, Total Gym FIT doesn’t have media rack. You cannot place a video playback device onto this home gym during a workout which can make following the instructional DVD that comes with this model difficult.

Question: How can I extend the number of exercises the Total Gym FIT offers?

Answer: You can extend the number of exercises the Total Gym FIT offers by purchasing accessories which is the only way to extend its scope of exercise.

Verdict: Is Total Gym GTS a better investment than the FIT home gym

Home gyms like Total Gym’s GTS or FIT models replace a number of workout devices and enable you to work on all major muscle groups during a single workout.

The Total Gym FIT can be used by anyone regardless of their fitness level or their age which makes this home gym an attractive option for fitness enthusiasts.

Even though its range of exercises is significantly narrower than GTS’ it is unlikely that you will be performing all exercises this home gym can offer, unless you are a seasoned athlete.

The Total Gym GTS is a versatile home gym that lets you adjust the resistance level in accordance with the intensity of the workout, but its steep price makes it only a good option for fitness professionals that need a home gym that enables them to perform a broad spectrum of exercises.

We recommend opting for the Total Gym FIT because it is a more affordable option that can be used to perform cardio, strength, and multiple other types of exercises. Make sure to check out our Total Gym FIT VS XLS comparison to find out more about the differences between these two home gyms.

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Staying fit with any of Total Gym’s products is easy since all their home gyms allow you to start building your strength and endurance from the lowest resistance level upward.

The company also includes workout DVDs with their home gyms that are adjusted to different fitness levels. A home gym like Total Gym FIT will enable you to build up your strength gradually, while a model like GTS is designed for high-intensity exercises.

Hopefully, our Total Gym FIT VS GTS has helped you choose a home gym that is better suited to your workout needs. Leave a comment and let us know or find out how Total Gym compares to VigorFit.