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Total Gym Supreme vs GTS: Which is Right For You?

Trying to decide between the Total Gym Supreme vs GTS models? There are so many differences between these two models, so it should be fairly easy to make a decision once we dive in and compare them!

Any Total Gym will help you improve your health and fitness levels, so you can get an effective workout, either way. Let’s take a look at how the Supreme and GTS compare in price, features, and comfort so you can decide which one is right for you.


Features of the Total Gym Supreme

Total Gym Supreme

The Supreme is a basic model, so while you’re going to get a solid workout, you won’t get all of the extra design details that make the GTS more comfortable. It also doesn’t have the add-ons that give you the exercise variety the GTS has.

  • It’s relatively lightweight and easy to move around, fold, and store.
  • It’s inexpensive, as far as home gyms are concerned.
  • You get a few additional pieces, like the tri-grip bars, leg pull accessory, squat stand, and AbCrunch attachment.
  • One-year warranty on frame, six-month warranty on parts
  • Gives you enough variety of exercises to work your whole body


There are plenty of good things to say about the Total Gym Supreme:

  • Inexpensive, comparatively speaking
  • Simple design keeps it from feeling overwhelming
  • You only get 12 levels of resistance, which is comparable to most other models, but the GTS has 22
  • It comes already assembled for you


That said, there are some areas where it’s lacking:

  • You won’t get a lot of extras with it; this is a basic model in many ways
  • Only a 275-lb weight capacity, compared to. 400+ on other models (and 650 on the GTS)
  • You can only do about 60 exercises on it, compared to 80+ on other models and 200+ on the GTS

Features of the Total Gym GTS

There’s a big contrast between the Total Gym Supreme and GTS. Here are some of the features:

  • Commercial grade, so it’s built to last and withstand a lot of workouts—great if your whole family wants to use it, you own a gym, or you want to let your friends come over and use it, too (or you just prefer that level of quality for your own use, of course)
  • Five-year warranty on the frame (shorter warranties for other parts)
  • Keeps you challenged with a wider variety of exercises than other models, thanks to the additional equipment in the Strength Pack.
  • Assistance changing levels and folding, thanks to hydraulic rail lift (necessary since this machine is so heavy!)

About the Strength Pack

This deserves its own section so we can take a look at what exactly comes in this kit of extras:

  • 3-Grip Pull-up Bar: As you’d expect, this gives you the option to practice your pull-ups using three different grip styles—wide, narrow, hammer. Depending on which one you use, you’ll work your upper back, lats, or biceps the most.
  • Weight Bar: This is where some of the magic of the GTS model comes in because you can add so much weight without worrying about breaking or damaging the machine. You can add plate weights to the glideboard with this.
  • Squat Handle Bar: This will make you feel more in control as you perform squats on the glideboard by adding more stability.
  • Scrunch: The name doesn’t tell you much, right? This helps you strengthen and lengthen your core. You can use it to work on your posture, power, and speed. With the Scrunch, you’re using your legs to work your core, rather than lifting your upper body up and down like you would in a traditional crunch. If you’ve ever worked your core by getting into a plank position with an exercise ball under your feet, then tuck your knees to your chest before pushing them back out again, the motion you do with this accessory is similar (though you can rest on your knees/shins instead of pushing all the way into plank position when you’re starting out).
  • Press Bar: Use wide and narrow grips to do military presses or shoulder presses.
  • Retractable Dip Bars: You probably already know what dip bars are, for working your triceps and pecs. These rotate up and down as needed so they don’t get in the way during other exercises.

Check out how GTS compares to:


There are plenty of perks with this model:

  • There’s not much it can’t do, and it’s definitely head and shoulders above the rest of the other models in add-ons, weight capacity, resistance, and variety of exercises you can do on it.
  • You get a six-piece strength package with it.
  • Some users will find it more comfortable to use, due to design details and sheer size.
  • It’s built to last and take a beating, since it’s commercial-grade, plus the warranty is longer.


  • This is one of the higher-priced home gym options out there.
  • You’ll either have to assemble it or schedule someone else to do it for you because it does not come fully assembled like other Total Gym models.
  • It doesn’t have the lifetime warranty on the frame that the Fit and XLS models do.

The Main Differences Between the Total Gym Supreme and GTS

There are some major differences between these two models; they’re at opposite ends of what Total Gym has to offer.

  • The Supreme is a fairly basic model that’ll get the job done without a ton of bells and whistles, whereas the GTS does it all.
  • The Supreme is affordable at around $600.00, as far as home gym setups go, whereas the GTS will be outside the budget for many, at $4500.00+ (sometimes it’s on sale for less than $4000.00, but the price is still much higher than the Supreme’s).
  • The Supreme comes fully assembled and ready to go, whereas the GTS will require an appointment to have someone come to your gym area and help you with it (of course, this isn’t required, but it’s recommended and an available option).
  • The Supreme will be easy to move around the home as you see fit, whereas the GTS is over 100 lbs heavier and will be more challenging to move.
  • The Supreme’s max user weight is a paltry 245 lbs, whereas the GTS gives you 650 lbs to play with, between your weight and anything you want to add.
  • The Supreme gives you 12 levels of resistance (as much as any other non-GTS model has to offer), whereas the GTS has 22.
  • The Supreme was designed for personal use, whereas the GTS is of commercial quality.
  • The Supreme’s footprint is small enough for most homes, whereas the GTS is several inches longer than the Supreme in every direction and may not be ideal for everyone.
  • The Supreme allows you to do 60+ exercises (the least of any of the Total Gym models), whereas the GTS lets you have the most variety, at 200+ exercises.
  • The Supreme comes with a one-year warranty on the frame and six months on parts, whereas the GTS comes with five years on the frame, one year on parts and upholstery, and 90 days on the foam and rubber components.

Comparison Table

It’s easier to digest massive amounts of information and overwhelming lists of features you need to compare when you put them in a side-by-side chart. Here’s my breakdown of the major differences when it comes to Total Gym Supreme vs GTS:

  Total Gym Supreme Total Gym GTS
Price About $600.00 Just over $4500.00
Payment plan available? Yes, you can pay $99.95/month for six months at Total Gym Direct (shipping is free). Yes, four $948.75 payments (monthly), plus shipping and handling, through Total Gym Direct
Availability Available at Total Gym Direct Available at Total Gym Direct  
Dimensions 15.5” x 93” x 43.25” (15.5” x 50.5” x 8” folded) 38” x 107” x 69” (38” x 20” x 56” folded)
Levels of resistance 12 22
User weight capacity 275 lbs 650 lbs
Weight 56 lbs 180 lbs
Free trial? No No
Number of exercises you can do 60+ 200+
Warranty 1 year on frame, 6 months on parts 5 years on frame, 1 year on parts and upholstery, and 90 days on foam and rubber
Assembly required? No Yes, but you can have someone from the assembly team put it together for you if you’re not comfortable doing it
Extras AbCrunch, tri-grip shaper bars, leg pull accessory, squat stand Strength package (retractable dip bars, weight bar, press bar, 3-grip pull-up bar, squat handlebar, Scrunch), workout DVD, free streaming workouts


You have some questions on your mind. Let’s see if we can answer them so you can get clarity on your Total Gym decision.

Question: Which Total Gym model is the best?

Answer: You can do the most with the Total Gym GTS. However, that one comes with a hefty price tag and maybe much more than what the average user needs. The Total Gym Fit is the next step down and offers 12 levels of resistance and over 85 exercises, making it a solid, versatile choice.

Question: What’s the difference between Total Gym models?

Answer: Differences usually come down to resistance levels, max user weight, accessories included, and a number of exercises you can do on them. The Supreme has more levels of resistance than the XLS but you can do fewer exercises on it and the max weight is significantly lower.

The Total Gym Fit has the same number of resistance levels as the Supreme, but more exercises and a higher user weight than the XLS. The GTS tops them all in every way, but the price is significantly higher and it won’t come assembled.

Question: Is Total Gym Fit worth the money?

Answer: Yes, it is. You can work your whole body on it, lose fat, and get lean with it. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, you don’t necessarily need additional weights (though they can be beneficial after a point), and it even folds up. If you have room and a desire for a large home gym, it may not be your ideal choice, but it can be effective.

Question: Is Bowflex or Total Gym better?

Answer: Either one will help you burn fat and build lean muscle. It boils down to your preferences. If you’re more likely to be consistent with a more traditional gym machine feel, you’ll want to go with one of the Bowflex options.

If the Total Gym, with its glide board and bodyweight combo (plus additional weight you can add when you’re ready), along with some DVDs or streaming exercises, looks like the most fun, that’s the one for you.

The key thing to remember is that you can reap benefits from any of these machines; it’s all about which one you will actually want to use.

Question: What is the best home gym for the money?

Answer: The short answer: the one you’ll enjoy using, so you’ll be consistent about it. The Total Gym Supreme, GTS, and Fit are all wonderful options that will work your whole body. Other winners include the Bowflex PR3000, Blaze, or Xtreme 2 SE. If you don’t mind a monthly membership and do love a ton of variety in workouts, the Mirror might be the best thing for you.

Question: Can the Total Gym build muscle?

Answer: Yes, as long as your nutrition supports your goals. Will you gain the amount of muscle as someone who’s putting in hours with heavyweights at a gym? Probably not. For the average user, consistent use of this machine can help build lean muscle and burn fat.

Total Gym Supreme vs GTS: Which Should You Buy?

Honestly, I wouldn’t buy either of these if I had the choice. I’d go with the Fit model, which is enough for the average user, gives you wiggle room to add more weight than the Supreme, and leaves extra money in your budget (assuming you were prepared to buy the GTS).

If you’re choosing between these two, though, it’s a close call. I would go with the GTS just because you’ll have as much variety possible, plus all the extra accessories that will keep your workouts more interesting and challenging. You’ll be able to add more weight. You’ll have more resistance levels. It’s basically “more” all around and you’ll never hit a limit you could advance past with another Total Gym machine. This lets you do it all.

If you weren’t planning on spending that much on a machine, though, don’t underestimate the Supreme’s ability to provide a good workout, as well. Sure, you won’t have all the bells and whistles, but you’ll have a solid machine with enough wiggle room to add some weight, and this one still offers 12 levels of resistance (as much as any other Total Gym) and lets you do over 60 exercises.

Not everyone will need or want to be able to go up to 650 lbs on a machine. The extra accessories are nice, but not having them won’t stand in your way of getting a sculpted body that’s fitter overall. With the price difference, you could get the Supreme and a separate piece of equipment (like an inexpensive treadmill or bike) and still save money.

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