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Total Gym XLS vs Fit: Which is Right for You?

When the choice is down to the Total Gym XLS vs FIT, they can seem so similar it’s tricky to decide which home gym is right for you. There’s only about a $400.00 difference in price, so is it worth it to save the cash, or are the differences so outstanding that you’ll be 100 percent happy you went for the more expensive Total Gym FIT in the long run?

I know which one I would choose, personally, but it may not be the right choice for everyone, so we’ll give each machine a thorough look in order to allow you to make your own decision.

Question: What is the difference between the Total Gym XLS and FIT?

Answer: The FIT is basically the new and improved XLS. They have similar attachments, but the FIT has more resistance levels, you can do more exercises on it, it supports more weight, and it’s designed to be a smoother, more comfortable experience.

Question: Is the Total Gym XLS worth it?

Answer: Yes and no. If you can get the FIT instead, do that. However, if that’s not an option, buying the XLS on sale is worth it. Before making your final decision in that case, also look at the less expensive Supreme, which has more resistance levels but fewer exercise.

Question: Is the Total Gym FIT worth the money?

Answer: Yes, if you like extra comfort, variety, and attention to detail, this one is worth the money. Try to find it on sale, though. Whether it’s worth the full price is a stretch.

Question: What is the difference in the Total Gym models?

Answer: Mostly, you’ll see differences in resistance levels, max user weight, and the number of exercises you can do. Each model comes with its own set of attachments, too. Some models are built with additional comfort in mind, like the FIT with its ergonomic glide board and additional padding.

Question: Does the Total Gym help you lose weight?

Answer: Yes, with consistent use and nutrition that supports your goals.

Question: Is Bowflex or Total Gym better?

Answer: Either one will give you a good full-body workout and have pros and cons. The Bowflex’s Power Rods may wear out over time, which means you won’t be getting the amount of resistance you think you are. However, you’ll be able to do more familiar, traditional exercises on it, so it may feel less intimidating to use.

Question: What is the best Total Gym model?

Answer: The FIT has the most upgrades, resistance levels, number of exercises you can perform, and accessories of any of the other models, with the exception of the GTS, which is a much more expensive, commercial-grade option.

Question: Can the Total Gym build muscle?

Answer: Yes, as long as you’re challenging yourself and meeting your nutritional needs.

Question: Do Total Gyms really work?

Answer: Absolutely. Put in the time, keep your nutrition in check, and make sure your workouts challenge you and you’ll see results.

Question: Are squats on the Total Gym effective?

Answer: Probably not as effective as squats on the floor, but they’re still effective and a safer alternative for many exercisers.

Question: How long should a Total Gym workout be?

Answer: You could start with as little as 10 minutes when you’re first starting out, but try to progress to 20-40 soon after you start. From there, shoot for about an hour.

It really depends on your starting point (a beginner will need to start with the shorter workouts, whereas someone more advanced would probably prefer a 40- or- 60-minute workout a few times per week.

Total Gym XLS vs FIT: Which Should You Buy?

If you have enough in the budget for the FIT, get that one. If they’re both on sale (or not), you may be able to pay only about $400.00 more for quite the upgrade, with six more levels of resistance, a better warranty on parts, upgraded accessories, and a few more exercise options.

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