Total Gym Fit vs XLS [2021]: Which Home Gym is The Best?

In today’s article, I will present you with the most important features and other useful details regarding two of the most popular home gym systems out there: Total Gym Fit and Total Gym XLS.

As I am sure you figure it outright from the title, this is a Total Gym Fit vs XLS comparative review in which I will disclose all the things you should know before making a purchasing decision.

Both of these Total Gym products are made from good quality and durable materials and they represent a valuable addition to your house. However, there are certain differences that make them stand apart but you are about to find out all those aspects in the sections presented below.

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Main Differences Between Total Gym Fit vs XLS

The Main Differences between Total Gym Fit vs XLS are:

  • Total Gym Fit is the improved model made by the company, whereas XLS is the previous home gym system.
  • Total Gym Fit has a higher price tag and comes with better features, whereas XLS is a more affordable home gym system.
  • Total Gym Fit is made of better-quality materials, whereas XLS is also good but not as good as the Fit version.
  • Total Gym Fit is a more versatile workout machine, whereas the XLS option is a more simplistic system.

What Is Total Gym?

Total Gym is a well-known brand of home gym systems that allow users to exercise safely in the privacy of their own home while also effectively achieving their weight-loss goals.

Both these products rely on the user’s body weight instead of physical weights. This is a good thing if you ask me because it lowers the risk of injury.

All the machines made by this company come with adjustable features such as weight and difficulty levels. Just like the name suggests, both these devices will work, strengthen, and tone your entire body by targeting all major muscle groups.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – What Are They?

Let’s take a closer look and discover what these machines are. They have both similarities and differences.

Total Gym Fit

This product is part of the company’s signature series and it is the upgraded model of the previous version which is the XLS device. When it comes to strength and resistance, this product features a wider range of levels. Also, it is manufactured with premium materials.

Moreover, this version looks more modern and it has a sleek design as well as some important extra features that all home gym owners would love. Its maximum weight capacity reaches up to 450 lbs. The package includes many useful accessories, some of which allow you to perform Pilates movements.

On the other hand, Total Gym Fit costs more than the XLS model.

Total Gym XLS

The XLS version is a little older than the Fit model. Nevertheless, it still remains a great choice for all fitness enthusiasts, including beginners. If you want to exercise more at home, this might be an amazing device to start with. With Total Gym XLS, you will benefit from a total body workout.

Its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs. and the overall equipment is very sturdy and durable. What I like the most about this machine is the fact that it comes completely assembled. So, all you have to do is unpack it and start using it.

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Total Gym XLS
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Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Brief Comparison

Let’s dive deeper into the most important aspects that these two home fitness models have so you decide which one of them will better suit your preferences and needs. I will cover characteristics such as price, features, warranty, resistance levels, pros, cons, customer service, and more.

  Total Gym Fit Total Gym XLS
Number of available exercises Over 85 Over 80
Max. weight capacity 450 lbs. 400 lbs.
Included DVDs 6 5
Resistance levels 12 6
Unit weight 66 lbs. 68 lbs.
Accessories/workout tools 4 3
Unfolded dimensions 18.5” x 93” x 44.5” 19” x 90” x 43”

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Main Similarities

Here are the things that these two devices have in common:

  • The frameworks are both made of durable steel;
  • The handles feature ductile nylon traps that keep them in place “glued” to the machines’ cable;
  • Both benches have high-quality frames built of plasmas and they are coated with premium vinyl that will last for years;
  • All cables are shielded with long-lasting vinyl and they are created of high-grade steel.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Functionality

Regardless of your choice, you will still enjoy a fun, quick, and effective workout with either one of these two models. In terms of functionality, I was able to find a few differences.

First of all, the XLS machine enables users to perform a little bit over 80 types of movements, whereas the improved model, the Total Gym Fit, allows users to do more than 85 types of exercises.

Unlike the XLS, Total Gym Fit features an ergonomic glide-board that offers boosted comfort during your workout routines.

Another thing that caught my attention is the Auto-Lock adjustment system that Total Gym Fit comes with. XLS doesn’t have this particular function. It is a very useful characteristic that helps you adjust the height of the machine. Due to this new feature, users can go from one exercise to the other easily and effortlessly.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Included Workout Tools

total gym xls machine

One of the most important differences between these two home gym systems is provided by the number of attachments and workout tools that each of them comes with. The Total Gym XLS package consists of three add-ons:

  • A leg pull attachment;
  • The wing attachment;
  • A ribbed squat stand.

Total Gym Fit provides four add-ons:

  • The company’s best-selling AbCrunch;
  • A newly-upgraded squat stand;
  • A two-piece wing attachment;
  • The leg-pull attachment that both models have.

Besides the workout tools listed above, you will also get 5 or 6 workout DVDs, based on the model you choose to purchase.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons that these two home fitness devices have.

Total Gym Fit Advantages

  • It comes with some amazing ab crunch pads;
  • There are no less than 12 different levels of resistance, whereas the previous model only has 6;
  • It features an increased user weight capacity of 450 lbs.;
  • The overall design is more compact and improved;
  • With this device, you will be able to do more than 85 different exercises;
  • You can even do Pilates on the Total Gym Fit;
  • It is made of more modern and more durable materials.

Total Gym Fit Disadvantages

  • It costs more compared to the previous model;
  • You will have to purchase the Pilates DVD as well as the tow bar separately.

total gym xls

Total Gym XLS Advantages

  • It is more affordable compared to Total Gym Fit;
  • Being a previous model, it has the advantage of being tried and tested by numerous users all over the globe;
  • Once you receive it, you can start working out immediately because it comes fully assembled;
  • Although lower than the Fit model, the XLS machine also has a decent user weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Total Gym XLS Disadvantages

  • It comes with fewer add-ons than Total Gym Fit;
  • It provides less functionality;
  • This system has a lower weight capacity;
  • It has only 6 adjustment levels.

Why Do I Think That Total Gym Fit Is Better than XLS?

I strongly believe that Total Gym Fit is worth the higher price tag although both products are good-quality options when it comes to home gym systems.

On the other hand, if you’ve already purchased the XLS version some time ago, I wouldn’t suggest changing it for the Fit model because both items work pretty much the same.

I Personally Went With Total Gym FIT
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Below, I have detailed some upgrades and improvements that Total Gym Fit has that might make you want to own it. So, here we go!

Extra Resistance Levels

There are so many extra resistance levels on the Fit version and all of them come in handy when you shift from one exercise to the other. Having fewer resistance levels might not be a real deal-breaker for some people, but 12 instead of only 6 aren’t something you can overlook.

Reinforced Arms

In my opinion, having reinforced arms represents one of the most important upgrades that the company came with. The XLS users say that there’s too much flex around the arm area where the cables are attached around the top part of the device. Therefore, squeaking could occur.

The Main Brace of the Total Gym Fit machine is the area where users can adjust their desired resistance level and it has been significantly improved. The entire system works a lot more smoothly.

Great Wing Attachment Design

Both XLS and Fit versions have this attachment. The only difference is that Total Gym Fit features an improved wing design that’s currently made of two pieces, unlike the previous model which had only one single piece. This new version allows you to keep the equipment in place while also maintaining the Leg Platform on.

Previously, this wasn’t possible because the wing attachment was created from one single piece.

The Weight Bar’s Slight Relocation

This isn’t a significant change although it is a useful one. On the Total Gym Fit, the hole of the weight bar is placed in a slightly different location compared to the one featured by the XLS model.

This time, the manufacturer decided to place it a tad higher which provided better balance whenever you add extra weight to the machine’s weight bar.

Updated Color Scheme

For some users, the way this kind of device looks is important. I consider that Total Gym Fit has an appealing color scheme that makes it look more modern. In my case, it matches my fitness room perfectly.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Warranty

The warranty might vary based on where you purchased the machine. In most cases, users can receive a lifetime warranty, regardless of the model they decide to buy. This lifetime warranty is dedicated to the products’ frame.

For the parts, there’s a variance when you compare these two home fitness devices. The previous model, the XLS, comes with a 6-month warranty for its parts, whereas the Total Gym Fit provides an impressive two-year warranty for the same elements.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Customer Service

Users have multiple contact options that they can use to talk to a company’s representative. The manufacturer offers a pretty decent customer service. Either way, make sure to always check your product’s warranty once you purchase it so that you avoid any potential issues.

Main Alternatives to Both XLS and Total Gym Fit

Here are some great alternatives for Total Gym home fitness systems, if you want to research the market some more.



Vigorfit represents an all-in-one fitness tool that enables you to perform a maximum of 107 exercises. It features a pull-up bar, a toe bar, a push-up bar, a squat board, power resistance bands, a sit-up station, a Pilates kit, and a manual with workouts and exercises.


  • This product comes with a high resistance level;
  • It offers a great lifetime warranty;
  • It is a complex and comprehensive tool that provides many useful accessories.


  • There’s a weight limit of only 350 lbs.;
  • There’s one single model available on the market.


bowflex home gym

With Bowflex, you can perform over 60 different types of exercises. It is highly usable without occupying too much space in your house. It will help you focus on building muscle mass. The company that created this machine is a reputable one. Check out how Total Gym compares to Bowflex here.


  • Bowflex is manufactured with high-quality materials;
  • It helps you tone your entire body while also building stronger muscles;
  • It comes with a decent warranty;
  • The frame is sturdy and the device is easy to use.


  • It can be hard to relocate this machine since it isn’t very lightweight;
  • For some users, the learning curve can be quite steep.

TRX Home Suspension Trainer

TRX Home Suspension

This TRX home suspension trainer allows users to complete all-rounded workouts. With this TRX system, you can do effective and intensive workouts in a pretty short amount of time. In less than 30 minutes, you can tone your entire body.


  • It is much more affordable than other similar products;
  • The entire product is lightweight, compact, and portable;
  • You can perform a wide range of workouts with it.


  • It requires suspension training which makes this fitness item a challenging one, especially for beginners.
TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training
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Question: Is the Total Gym XLS Device Worth It?

Answer: This device may come with a pretty limited warranty and a retail price tag but it is a good purchase for all those who want to perform low-impact workouts and tone their body in the privacy of their own home. Plus, this product is approved by Chuck Norris himself.

Question: What Are the Best Home Gym Devices that Are Worth the Money?

Answer: There are several amazing alternatives that you can choose from. Obviously, the most complex ones are those that provide the highest number of accessories and attachments. Here are some great options, besides Total Gym Fit and XLS:
Weider Ultimate Body Works;
•Marcy Home Gym; etc.

Question: Are Total Gym Products Good for Seniors?

Answer: These devices provide the possibility to do low-impact workouts so, yes, they are good for all people, regardless of their age or experience.

Total Gym Fit vs XLS – Bottom Line

Both home workout systems presented in today’s comparative review are amazing fitness machines that will help you work and tone your entire body. Both of them were launched years ago so they are tried and tested by many satisfied fitness enthusiasts.

Total Gym is a brand that’s backed by some important names from the fitness industry. I would personally opt for the upgraded version, the Total Gym Fit, but either one of them will represent a good purchase.

I Personally Went With Total Gym FIT
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