The Best Power Towers: Top 10 Model Reviews

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All those who’re thinking of creating their own home gym are considering power towers as one of their main fitness training machines. But, it’s a power tower worth the money? It is highly versatile due to the number of exercises you can perform with it.

So, should you buy one? Power towers are an excellent choice if you want to build muscle mass but you don’t have too much time or space on your hands. Without further ado, let’s start looking at some of the best power towers available on the market.


Up Front Summary 

  1. M HI-Mat Multifunctional Height Adjustable Power Tower: Most Popular
  2. Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi function Power Tower: Best Affordable Option
  3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower: Best Minimalist Design
  4. Powertec VKR: Best High-end Option
  5. Ader Adjustable Muti-Function Power Tower: Most Lightweight Option
  6. Kinelo Weider Power Tower: Most Durable
  7. Steelbody Strength Training Power Tower: Great Heavy-duty Option
  8. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower: Outstanding Weight Capacity (500 lbs.)
  9. K KiNGKANG Power Tower: Ergonomic Alternative
  10. Stamina Outdoor Power Tower: Best for Outdoor Gyms

The Best Power Towers for Your Home Gym

The following fitness products are listed in no particular order. I have chosen them based on their functionality, features, and customer reviews.

1. Multifunctional and Adjustable Power Tower by Hi-Mat

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower

The Hi-Mat power tower is great for those who love to do bodybuilding exercises and strength training. It’s one of the most popular options among fitness enthusiasts. The base has a U shape that measures 40.5”x41”. It can hold up to 1100 lbs.

In fact, this product is a hybrid, a combination between a squat rack and a power tower. This fitness machine comes with removable and adjustable elbow rest pads that you can use for your knee raises. The bar pegs are also removable and they are used during squats.

To achieve a complete package, you will need to purchase a bench separately. That additional item will transform this power tower into a complete home gym system.


  • The pull-up bars are multi-angle;
  • It is a versatile machine that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises;
  • It has great safety features;
  • The construction is well-built;
  • It can also be used as a squat rack.


  • The height isn’t adjustable;
  • Some people might consider this power tower a bit too expensive.

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower | Amazon

Power tower is made of high quality steel construction and holds up to 550LBS, with more durability and stability.

Buy at
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2. Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower

Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower

This Body Champ power tower is a multifunctional fitness tool that can be used for numerous movements such as push-ups, arm dips, leg raises, and pull-ups. It is popular, effective, and affordable. Users love most of this item’s features.

It is easy and comfy to use it due to the machine’s padded grips and cushions. Due to its wide base, this power tower is very stable. With this fitness system, you will be able to take your workout routine to a whole new level.

Moreover, it works great for women because the overall built isn’t too wide and if you’re not very tall, then you will love the low pull bar of this power tower. The H-shaped frame boosts stability so you can safely perform your exercises on each side of this fitness system. Check out how the Body Champ PT600 compares to this model here.


  • It is a good quality product that comes at a reasonable price;
  • It is very easy to assemble and use;
  • Allows you to perform numerous movements like push-ups, dips, pull-ups, leg raises, lat pull-ups, knee raises, and more;
  • It is very lightweight.


  • It isn’t suitable for people over 250 lbs.;
  • According to one customer, the bolts might not be as high-quality as the manufacturer claims.

Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower | Amazon

The 4-station VKR Power Tower takes exercise back to the basics. Use it for vertical knee and leg raises, as a dip station, as a lat/pull-up bar, or as push-up bars. You'll have enough workout options to tone your entire body.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 04:00 am GMT

3. Stamina Power Tower 1690

Stamina Power Tower 1690

The 1690 power tower has a simple and minimalistic design but it is a very effective fitness system for your home gym. It enables you to do sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. It comes with a sit-up station which is very useful, especially because it compensates for the lack of a knee raise station.

The steel frame is sturdy but it cannot hold users over 250 lbs. Due to its compact structure, this power tower won’t occupy too much space. On the other hand, it is quite tall so you should make sure that your house has high-enough ceilings.


  • It has a reasonable price tag;
  • It is easy to assemble it;
  • The design will help you save a lot of space.


  • It lacks a knee raise attachment;
  • It can be a tad tall for some houses;
  • The height isn’t adjustable.

Stamina 1690 Power Tower | Amazon

The versatile Stamina Power Tower 1690 can be used for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, vertical knee raises and more.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 11:14 am GMT

4. Powertec Fitness Basic Trainer

Powertec Fitness Basic Trainer

With this power tower, you will get exactly what you pay for. It is a good-quality fitness machine with a sturdy frame and it works great for more intense workouts. The Powertec equipment allows the users to perform all their movements on the front part which means they can place the item by a wall while also saving space.

The maximum weight capacity is very generous: 400 lbs. You can do all the power tower standard exercises such as leg raises, push-ups, knee raises, chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, and many others. It can be a bit on the pricey side but it’s worth it due to all its amazing features.


  • It is a heavy-duty fitness system with a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs.;
  • It comes with a swivel bar that’s useful for grip training;
  • This is a durable power tower with a sturdy steel frame and amazing grips.


  • This is a pretty expensive power tower;
  • It doesn’t come with a bench.

Powertec Fitness Basic Trainer | Amazon

The arm padding has been improved and the back angle has been modified for increased body clearance during exercise movements.

Buy at
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5. Ader Adjustable Power Tower

Ader Adjustable Power Tower

The Ader multifunctional home fitness machine comes with plenty of additional accessories like a pull-up station, a bench, an ab station, and many other interesting and useful functions. The structure is made of heavy-duty steel and the sliding back roller is adjustable.

This power tower represents one of the most economical options on the market, one that provides the user with many effective features. With this fitness system, you can do numerous muscle-building exercises. It features hand grips that you can use for pull-ups.

It is quite narrow and pretty lightweight. So, it is the ideal option for both small-framed and medium-framed athletes. The bench is foldable for space-saving purposes.


  • The bench is foldable and adjustable and has three different incline angles;
  • The backrest is padded as well as the grips and elbow cushions for increased comfort;
  • It is a lightweight and compact home fitness equipment;
  • It offers you the possibility to do a wide range of exercises;
  • You will benefit from a high motion range.


  • It can be pretty tricky to go through the instruction list;
  • It takes time to put it together;
  • There’s a maximum weight limit of only 250 lbs.

Ader Adjustable Muti-Function VKR Power Tower | Amazon

Heavy duty steel construction with sliding adjustable back roller. No-slip coated grips and form pad at all stations allows for added safety and comfort.

Buy at
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03/10/2024 11:18 pm GMT

6. Kinelo Weider Power Tower

Kinelo Weider Power Tower

Wider is a popular manufacturer with a lot of history in the fitness industry. Wider magazines were among the first ones to promote bodybuilding activities. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was featured in those magazines.

Besides their wildly-popular publications, Wider is also known for its supplements and home gym equipment. The Weider power tower allows users to perform knee raises, push-ups, dips, multi-grip pull-ups, and many other movements, all at a very reasonable price.


  • The steel frame is sturdy and durable;
  • It comes with a station dedicated to knee raises;
  • Its measurements and size allow you to save a lot of space;
  • You will develop muscles all over your body due to the tower’s multi-grip pull-up addition.


  • The height isn’t adjustable;
  • The knee-raise station cannot be adjusted to suit one’s height;
  • This power tower might be a bit too tall for some homes or home gyms.

Kinelo Weider Power Tower | Amazon

Get more out of your push-up workout with molded hand grips. Engage and train your lats, biceps, and forearms at the pull-up station. Sculpt your chest and triceps at the dip station, fighting against gravity to add mass to your muscles and increase your endurance. 

Buy at
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7. Steelbody Strength Training Equipment

Steelbody Strength Training Equipment

The Steelbody power tower has a heavy-duty steel frame and many other great features that you will certainly love. The dip bars and those of the push-up station are both adjustable so, this equipment suits both tall and less tall athletes.

The strong construction can hold up to 300 lbs. There’s an angled back pad that helps you maintain optimal posture during your workouts. Also, this power tower comes with padded cushions where you can rest your arms during knee raises.


  • The weight capacity is a more than decent one;
  • You can maintain a good form during workouts due to the product’s armrest and angled back;
  • Push-up and dip bars are adjustable which represents a very thoughtful touch.


  • The product is very good but the company should improve its packaging and shipping services if they want their customers to be completely happy.

Steelbody Strength Training Power Tower | Amazon

This workout power tower has a durable steel frame that’s reinforced with a powder coated finish, making it a piece of equipment that’s guaranteed to withstand intense use. Its heavy-duty structure can hold up to 300 pounds.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 12:33 pm GMT

8. Harison Multifunction Power Tower

Harison Multifunction Power Tower

Harison has created a very good power tower that’s sold at a very decent price. It’s actually impressive. The product also features an ab bench that’s foldable for space-saving purposes. Its design is compact and ergonomic and the package provides plenty of useful accessories for a full-body workout.

Users of all sports of height, shape, and build can easily use this power tower. Its chin-up bar is also flexible and adjustable. The unit accommodates up to 500 lbs. which is a truly amazing capacity, one of the highest I’ve ever encountered. This product comes with resistance bands that you can use to build muscle around your arms.


  • It features an integrated bench which is a major plus;
  • The backrest is angled to support a great shape and posture during knee and leg raises;
  • The pull-up bar is adjustable;
  • This fitness machine has an outstanding weight capacity of 500 lbs.


  • Whenever you want to perform pull-ups on this machine, you will have to unscrew and remove the bench. This can get a tad annoying at times.

HARISON Multifunction Power Tower | Amazon

With a variety of station and positions, you can all-around training abdominal muscles, arm, back, chest, shoulders and leg muscles in this equipment, no need buy other accessories.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 12:15 pm GMT

9. K KiNGKANG Power Tower

K KiNGKANG Power Tower

This multifunctional power tower is very stable and features an ergonomic design. It is an affordable home fitness system that comes with two barbell hook sets. Those allow you to place an ab bench in the back part if you need it. It has an adjustable chin-up bar and padded grips.

Both elbow and backrest areas are also padded with foam for a more comfortable feeling. With this item, you can perform a multitude of exercises such as pull-ups, forearm flexion, leg push-ups, and more.


  • The pull-up bar is adjustable;
  • Includes a push-up station;
  • It is a very affordable power tower;
  • You will also receive two barbell hook sets.


  • The back bench isn’t angled; it is vertical which might sometimes make it difficult for you to maintain proper form during workouts.

K KiNGKANG Power Tower | Amazon

Humanized design with back cushion and elbow pads, protect your spine during exercising. Use canvas instead of PU surface to make it non-slip and practical. Reinforced handle and construction provide better support.

Buy at
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10. Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

Stamina Outdoor Power Tower

This minimalistic power tower is the ideal choice for those of you who love to work out outdoors to enjoy fresh air during training. There aren’t many power towers made for outdoors but this is a great one. The green paint is resistant to many outdoor factors like weather conditions, UV, and chipping.

The entire hardware was created to be durable and sturdy while also resistant to all kinds of weather and climate conditions. You will use a special tool whenever you want to disassemble or assemble this unit. That way, you can take it inside the house to make sure nobody steals it from your front lawn.


  • This machine is excellent for numerous exercises like push-ups, dips, and pull-ups;
  • It has a glossy green color that’s resistant to UV and other external elements;
  • The whole hardware is resistant to weather because this product was specially designed for outdoor use.


  • There are no cushioned or padded grips.

Stamina 65-1460 Outdoor Fitness Power Tower | Amazon

Weather-resistant, paint-chip and corrosion resistant with UV protection to maintain vibrant color.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 06:48 am GMT

The Best Power Tower – What Features Should It Have?

Power towers are effective full home gym equipment that has a pretty small footprint and they are less expensive than other similar fitness machines for home use. So, if your budget isn’t huge and you don’t have a lot of space, a power tower should be your go-to choice.

Here are the basic features that any good power tower should provide:

  • A pull-up bar – this element should be placed around the upper part of the machine and looks like a long horizontal bar that has side grips for when you want to do pull-ups. The best models will also feature neutral grips for other types of exercises like chin-ups;
  • A padded backrest – while this isn’t really a must, it offers an increased level of comfort and a boosted convenience during leg raises;
  • A dip station – all power towers that are properly built should come with a dip station which consists of a couple of horizontal bars that have good grips, located around the chest area in terms of height. With this station, you can do dips fearlessly, without worrying that your toes might touch the ground.

Things to Look for When Buying a Power Tower

Here are some factors that you should consider before making a final purchasing decision:

  • Price – in terms of price, you should find the best power tower that you can afford. So, pay attention to your budget but don’t sacrifice quality;
  • Sturdiness – while you’re using it, the power tower should never start to wobble or shake. Instability will surely interfere with your performance. Check weight limits and opt for a product that has a broad base which provides it with more stability;
  • Exercises – any good power tower should allow the user to perform various movements such as pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises, knee raises, and dips.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Power Towers on the Market

Should You Buy a Power Tower or a Power Rack?

Power towers are more suitable for those who don’t have a lot of space at home and are also searching for a more affordable alternative to power racks. If you want to focus more on developing your ab muscles, then power towers are a very good option.

On the other hand, power racks are more steady and stronger because they are created for heavy weight lifting purposes. Unlike towers, racks lack push-up or dip stations. By comparison, power towers are good for those who want to use their own bodyweight instead of weights.

Are Power Towers Wise Investments?

This home fitness machine is usually a good investment due to all its physical and health benefits. Its quality-price ratio is a very convincing argument. With this fitness system, you will be able to work all your body’s major muscle groups.
If you choose a power tower that comes with a few extras like barbell hooks or benches, that’s even better.

What Muscle Types Will You Increase with a Power Tower?

With this machine, you will work your entire body, but the main focus will be on the following body areas: arms, chest, abdominal muscles, and back. You will develop and define your biceps, triceps, abs, pectorals, lats, and traps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work your legs too much.
What you can do to include legs as well is to pair the machine with stair climbing or squats.

What Movements Can You Do When Using a Power Tower?

You can do many popular movements with a power tower:
•Leg raises;
•Knee lifts;
•Sit-ups; etc.

The Best Power Towers – Final Thoughts

In the end, all that matters is to choose a good-quality power tower that also suits your budget. All of the products mentioned above are good options but my personal favorite ones are Hi-Mat, Body Champ, and Ader power towers (for those on a tight budget).

For a couple of extra bucks, you should opt for the Stamina power tower. It’s clear for everybody that the choice should be sturdy and well-built equipment, ideally, one that also features a squat rack.

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower | Amazon

Power tower is made of high quality steel construction and holds up to 550LBS, with more durability and stability.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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