The Best Power Towers [2021]: Top 10 Model Reviews

All those who’re thinking of creating their own home gym are considering power towers as one of their main fitness training machines. But, it’s a power tower worth the money? It is highly versatile due to the number of exercises you can perform with it.

So, should you buy one? Power towers are an excellent choice if you want to build muscle mass but you don’t have too much time or space on your hands. Without further ado, let’s start looking at some of the best power towers available on the market.

Up Front Summary 

  1. M HI-Mat Multifunctional Height Adjustable Power Tower: Most Popular
  2. Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi function Power Tower: Best Affordable Option
  3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower: Best Minimalist Design
  4. Powertec VKR: Best High-end Option
  5. Ader Adjustable Muti-Function Power Tower: Most Lightweight Option
  6. Kinelo Weider Power Tower: Most Durable
  7. Steelbody Strength Training Power Tower: Great Heavy-duty Option
  8. HARISON Multifunction Power Tower: Outstanding Weight Capacity (500 lbs.)
  9. K KiNGKANG Power Tower: Ergonomic Alternative
  10. Stamina Outdoor Power Tower: Best for Outdoor Gyms

The Best Power Towers for Your Home Gym

The following fitness products are listed in no particular order. I have chosen them based on their functionality, features, and customer reviews.

1. Multifunctional and Adjustable Power Tower by Hi-Mat

HI-MAT Adjustable Power Tower

The Hi-Mat power tower is great for those who love to do bodybuilding exercises and strength training. It’s one of the most popular options among fitness enthusiasts. The base has a U shape that measures 40.5”x41”. It can hold up to 1100 lbs.

In fact, this product is a hybrid, a combination between a squat rack and a power tower. This fitness machine comes with removable and adjustable elbow rest pads that you can use for your knee raises. The bar pegs are also removable and they are used during squats.

To achieve a complete package, you will need to purchase a bench separately. That additional item will transform this power tower into a complete home gym system.


  • The pull-up bars are multi-angle;
  • It is a versatile machine that allows you to perform a wide range of exercises;
  • It has great safety features;
  • The construction is well-built;
  • It can also be used as a squat rack.


  • The height isn’t adjustable;
  • Some people might consider this power tower a bit too expensive.

Should You Buy a Power Tower or a Power Rack?

Power towers are more suitable for those who don’t have a lot of space at home and are also searching for a more affordable alternative to power racks. If you want to focus more on developing your ab muscles, then power towers are a very good option.

On the other hand, power racks are more steady and stronger because they are created for heavy weight lifting purposes. Unlike towers, racks lack push-up or dip stations. By comparison, power towers are good for those who want to use their own bodyweight instead of weights.

Are Power Towers Wise Investments?

This home fitness machine is usually a good investment due to all its physical and health benefits. Its quality-price ratio is a very convincing argument. With this fitness system, you will be able to work all your body’s major muscle groups.
If you choose a power tower that comes with a few extras like barbell hooks or benches, that’s even better.

What Muscle Types Will You Increase with a Power Tower?

With this machine, you will work your entire body, but the main focus will be on the following body areas: arms, chest, abdominal muscles, and back. You will develop and define your biceps, triceps, abs, pectorals, lats, and traps. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to work your legs too much.
What you can do to include legs as well is to pair the machine with stair climbing or squats.

What Movements Can You Do When Using a Power Tower?

You can do many popular movements with a power tower:
•Leg raises;
•Knee lifts;
•Sit-ups; etc.

The Best Power Towers – Final Thoughts

In the end, all that matters is to choose a good-quality power tower that also suits your budget. All of the products mentioned above are good options but my personal favorite ones are Hi-Mat, Body Champ, and Ader power towers (for those on a tight budget).

For a couple of extra bucks, you should opt for the Stamina power tower. It’s clear for everybody that the choice should be sturdy and well-built equipment, ideally, one that also features a squat rack.

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