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Powerblock vs Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells [2021]

Extending the range of workouts you can perform at home is important for a variety of reasons, and dumbbells can help you achieve that goal. Deciding between Powerblock vs Bowflex adjustable dumbbells can be a difficult choice, as both brands offer a variety of high-quality models.

Your nutrition plan isn’t going to accomplish much if you don’t exercise regularly, so getting either Bowflex or Powerblock dumbbells is a step in the right step toward accomplishing your goals.

Dumbbells made by these brands allow you to do a broad range of exercises, which gives you versatility during workout sessions.

So in our Powerblock VS Bowflex dumbbells comparison, we are going to take you through all of the most important aspects you will need to consider before you opt for dumbbells produced by one of these brands, and by the end, you’ll know which one we prefer, and importantly, why.

Our Recommendation: Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells
The Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells are ultimately the better option. They are ideal for a heavy lifter that is looking to increase the weight limit, thus strength, over time, which is not possible with the Bowflex Dumbbells.
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Main Differences Between Powerblock vs Bowflex Dumbbells 

The main differences between Bowflex vs Powerblock dumbbells are:

  • Powerblock dumbbells can either be extendable and non-extendable, whereas Bowflex offers only expandable dumbbells
  • Powerblock dumbbells cannot be connected with a workout app, whereas Bowflex dumbbells include a free app
  • Powerblock dumbbells can have different weight ranges, whereas all Bowflex dumbbell models have the same weight range
  • Powerblock dumbbells don’t have built-in customizable workouts, whereas some of the Bowflex dumbbell models have this feature
  • Powerblock dumbbells have a 5-year warranty regardless of where they were purchased, whereas Bowflex dumbbells come with a warranty that varies by country
  • Powerblock only allows you to have the same weight settings on both sides of the dumbbell, whereas Bowflex dumbbells offer staggered resistance options

Examining the Features of Powerblock and Bowflex Dumbbells 

powerblock dumbells

Dumbbells manufactured by Powerblock and Bowflex brands are designed to save space at homes or in gyms by reducing the need to pile up countless kettlebells (even adjustable kettlebell sets). In addition, their ergonomic design ensures that you can maintain a firm grip even while performing the most demanding exercises.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells

Exploring different models of Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbell set

Both of these brands offer several models of dumbbells that have slightly different features and weight range. There are three series of Powerblock dumbbells:

The dumbbells from either of these series can be both expandable and non-expandable, which enables you to choose from models that allow you to adjust the weight and those that don’t.

Moreover, if you opt for a non-expandable Powerblock model you will be able to choose between dumbbells that weigh 24lbs and 50lbs.

On the other hand, Bowflex offers only the following dumbbell models:

Each of these dumbbells allows you to adjust their weight to the intensity of your workout, but their weight range differs from model to model. Furthermore, their features are not the same, and you need to check the product specifications in order to check it offers all features you are searching for.

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Also, if you are a fitness enthusiast, check more equipment from Bowflex that will have you shapen up such as the Bowflex HVT, Bowflex Max Trainer, or Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE.

Design, dimensions, and sturdiness 

bowflex dumbells

Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells have a recognizable design that maximizes your comfort during a workout. All of the adjustable dumbbell models these two brands offer look stylish, although some of Powerblock’s dumbbells can be ill-suited for people with large hands.

The handles on Bowflex dumbbells are made of plastic, which means that they can get damaged easily after a hard fall. However, the free weights and the rest of the dumbbell is made out of metal, which makes them resistant to damage. The Powerblock dumbbells are made out of steel, so you won’t have to worry about their sturdiness as it is highly unlikely that you can damage them while exercising.

The exact dimensions of Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells depend on the model, although their size is similar, as their length varies between 10 and 12 inches.

Furthermore, Powerblock dumbbells have side rails that indicate the currently selected weight, while some models even feature a color chart on the handle that corresponds with a color band on the rails and shows the weight you selected.

In terms of style and functionality Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells have a lot to offer, and you should opt for one of the available Bowflex models if you prefer a more classic dumbbell design or choose Powerblock if you would like to get a dumbbell that has an unconventional look.

Our Recommendation: Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells
The Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells are ultimately the better option. They are ideal for a heavy lifter that is looking to increase the weight limit, thus strength, over time, which is not possible with the Bowflex Dumbbells.
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Weight adjustments

This is where the differences between Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells become really visible, although it is worth noting that adjusting the weight on all of the models these brands offer is easy.

Bowflex dumbbells are equipped with a dial that lets you increase weight by 2.5lbs up to 25lbs and by 5 pounds once you exceed the 25lbs limit.

What’s more, you don’t have to set the dial to the same weight value on both sides of a Bowflex dumbbell, because their staggered resistance feature enables you to choose how much weight you want to allocate to either end of a dumbbell.

However, this feature is only useful for exercises such as overhead triceps extension, and most novice fitness enthusiasts can’t really benefit from it.

The weight adjustment system on Powerblock dumbbells is based on polypropylene magnetic selector pins that can be inserted into the different slots to select the desired weight. The maximum capacity of the selector pins is set to 500 lbs, which makes Powerblock dumbbells a great option for heavy lifters.

Increasing the weight by 2.5lbs is a slightly more complicated process on most Powerblock dumbbell models, which makes Bowflex dumbbells a better choice if you want to increase the weight more gradually.

The versatility of weight options

Bowflex SelectTech

The maximum weight (max weight) any of Powerblock or Bowflex models can have is limited to 90lbs, but a dumbbell’s weight capacity depends on the model (and be sure to compare to traditional dumbbell options).

For instance, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 has a maximum weight of 52.5lbs, and it has the weight range that spans from 5lbs to 52.5lbs. The Bowflex SelectTech 1090 is the only Bowflex’s dumbbell model that has the 90lbs capacity, but its minimum weight is set at 10lbs.

The adjustable Powerblock dumbbells from the Sport, Elite, and Pro series are available in three different options so that you can decide if you want to opt for the 50lbs, 70lbs, or 90lbs option. The availability of different weight options enables you to choose the dumbbell from a particular series that matches your needs perfectly, as there is no reason to opt for a 90lbs dumbbell if you are just starting out.

Powerblock dumbbells offer more versatility in terms of the weight options than Bowflex dumbbells because models from each series are available in three different weight ranges.

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Additional Dumbbell Set Features 

Some Bowflex dumbbells have Bluetooth which allows you to connect them to a smartphone or a computer. Furthermore, the free SelectTech app is available for iOS and Android app devices and it is designed specifically for Bowflex dumbbells.

It features a library of more than 70 exercises and the app can act as your personal trainer, while also offering the option to automatically track and count the number of repetitions for each exercise.

The Powerblock dumbbells cannot be paired with a personal trainer app during workouts, but the brand offers the option to extend a dumbbell’s maximum weight. This enables you to continue developing over time without having to replace your dumbbells.

Bowflex dumbbells clearly have more to offer than Powerblock dumbbells when it comes to additional features, as they allow you to track your progress through an app. Extending the maximum weight of Bowflex dumbbells is not possible, which makes Powerblock dumbbells better suited for fitness enthusiasts who want to keep pushing their limits.

The Price Difference Between Powerblock and Bowflex Dumbbells 

The price of Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells depends on the model and you can end up paying anywhere between a few hundred and $800 for a pair of dumbbells. For instance, the models from the Powerblock’s Sport Series can cost between $159.00 and $627.00, while you have to spend between $299.00 and $557.00 for a pair of dumbbells from the USA Elite series.

A single Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells can cost as much as $450, and you might end up spending up to $900 for a pair of Bowflex dumbbells.

Despite the slight difference in price, Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells are still similarly priced, as their entry-level models can be purchased for a little over a hundred dollars, while you may end up paying up to a thousand dollars for a pair of premium dumbbells produced by either of these brands.

Dumbell Benefits Exercises

The Benefits of using Powerblock and Bowflex Dumbbells

Even the simplest Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells enable you to perform more than thirty full-body exercises. Some models even allow you to add additional weight for lower body workouts, while still enabling you to target the group of muscles you want to work on.

Here are some of the exercises you can perform with all Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbell models:

  • Deadlifts
  • Ab Crunch
  • Triceps extension
  • Curls
  • Squats
  • Chest press

The list is not limited to these workouts, and you can also combine multiple exercises into a single exercise. Furthermore, both Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells allow you to fine-tune the intensity of the workout by adjusting the weight.

You will be able to perform full-body workouts with any of the Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells, so you should choose the option that fits both your budget and your needs.

Dumbbell Set Pros and Cons

Powerblock Dumbbells Pros

  • Extendable and non-extendable versions of dumbbells are available
  • All adjustable models can be purchased in three different weight options
  • The maximum weight of all Powerblock dumbbells can be extended
  • It is very difficult to damage a Powerblock dumbbell
  • Closed cage handle design reduces chances of hand injuries
  • Wide weight range
  • Low storage space requirements
  • All Powerblock dumbbells have a five-year warranty

Powerblock Dumbbells Cons

  • No connectivity options
  • Weight adjustment can be time-consuming
  • Poor weight distribution capabilities

Bowflex Dumbbells Pros

  • Simple weight-adjustment system
  • Suitable for a broad range of full-body exercises
  • Some models have Bluetooth connectivity
  • Users can pair Bowflex dumbbells with the SelectTech app to track their progress
  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Allows users to increase weight gradually
  • Some models can replace up to 15 sets of weights
  • Equipped with the staggered resistance feature (similar benefit to resistance bands)

Bowflex Dumbbells Cons

  • The handle contains plastic parts which limit the durability of dumbbells
  • Extending the weight range is not possible
  • All models have a 2-year warranty

What Are the Best Alternatives to Powerblock and Bowflex Dumbbells? 

Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbells are far from being the only adjustable weight systems on the market, as there are so many dumbbell models that allow you to set your weight preferences.

In case you would like to consider the alternatives to Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells, you should take a look at these models.

Merax Deluxe

Merax Deluxe

This Merax Deluxe dumbbell is similar to Bowflex dumbbells because it features a weight adjustment dial while offering a great weight range at the same time. However, you can only increase or decrease weight by 5.5lbs weight increment options , which prevents you from slowly ramping up the intensity of the workout or otherwise changing weight in a more gradual weight amount.

The maximum weight of this dumbbell is 71.5lbs, and you cannot extend it, which makes the Merax Deluxe dumbbell a poor choice for experienced lifters.

The dumbbell has a rubber handle that enables you to maintain a firm grip over it throughout a workout. This is a durable and reliable dumbbell that can be used for full-body workouts, but it is more expensive than most adjustable dumbbells on the market.

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Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell

bayou fitness dumbbell

If you are looking for a stylish dumbbell made out of sturdy material, then you should consider getting Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell. The chrome-plated steel construction ensures the dumbbell’s durability and reduces the chances of accidental damages to a minimum.

However, you shouldn’t expect a great weight range, as the dumbbell’s maximum weight capacity is just 50lbs. Each weight plate weighs 2.5lbs which enables you to increase or decrease weight incrementally, but you should keep in mind that this dumbbell model doesn’t have a weight adjustment knob.

Extending the dumbbell’s maximum weight isn’t possible, and you may have to replace it as you continue your development. Even so, Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell is an affordable premium quality dumbbell that can be used for a broad spectrum of exercises.

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XMark Adjustable Dumbbell

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell doesn’t have much to offer other than the weight adjustment options. You just have to turn the adjustment knob to change the selected weight, which enables you to increase or decrease weight even during a workout.

With a maximum weight capacity at just 25lbs, XMark Adjustable Dumbbell is a poor choice for seasoned lifters. Furthermore, its handle doesn’t have any protection against hand injuries, but a dumbbell is still a reliable option if you want to build your arm, shoulder, or back muscles.

The dumbbell’s chrome-plated steel construction guarantees that it will stay in perfect condition even after a few years of intense use. The warranty only lasts for six months, but this shouldn’t be a reason to worry as XMark Adjustable Dumbbells usually last much longer.

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FAQs About Bowflex and Powerblock Dumbbells for Your Home Gym

Are Bowflex dumbbells durable? 

Some parts of dumbbells are made out of plastic, and they can get damaged after a hard fall, but with proper care, Bowflex dumbbells can last for years.

Do all Bowflex have the same maximum weight capacity? 

No, they don’t. The maximum weight capacity of a Bowflex dumbbell depends on the model and you can either choose 53.5lbs, 60lbs, or 90lbs model.

Do Powerblock dumbbells have a Bluetooth connectivity option? 

Connecting a device to any of Powerblock dumbbell models via Bluetooth is not possible, and you cannot use an app to monitor your progress while working out with Powerblock dumbbells.

How can I extend the maximum weight capacity of a Powerblock dumbbell? 

If you want to increase a Powerblock dumbbell’s maximum weight capacity you must purchase one of the available expansions.

Our Home Gym Recommendation

All of the Bowflex and Powerblock dumbbell models can be used for more than thirty different exercises that activate different groups of muscles. The access to a training app, simple weight adjustment process and the staggered resistance capability are some of the reasons why you should opt for a Bowflex dumbbell.

Nonetheless, expanding the weight capacity of a Bowflex dumbbell is not possible, and over time you may have to replace it.

If you are a heavy lifter who is looking for a home gym adjustable dumbbell whose weight limit can be extended then a Powerblock dumbbell such as the Powerblock Sport series is the right choice for you.

You should opt for a dumbbell that fits into your workout routine and allows you to improve it, and both Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells can be a great addition to the equipment you are using to keep in shape.

Conclusion: Bowflex SelectTech or Powerblock Elite?

Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells are among the best on the market, which makes the choice between them even more difficult. However as mentioned, if you’re a heavy lifter, then we would recommend you go with the Powerblock dumbbell.

Hopefully, our article has helped you decide between a Powerblock and a Bowflex dumbbell. Which dumbbell model are you going to choose? Leave a comment below and let us know, or click here to find out more about Bowflex home gyms.

Our Recommendation: Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells
The Powerblock Adjustable Dumbells are ultimately the better option. They are ideal for a heavy lifter that is looking to increase the weight limit, thus strength, over time, which is not possible with the Bowflex Dumbbells.
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2021 05:22 pm GMT