Hydrow vs Peloton: Which is The Ultimate Workout Machine?

In this post, we are going to review which machine is better between the Hydrow Rower vs Peloton bike.

Both brands focus on equipment that depicts durability, efficiency, and excellence. Anyone who is interested in cardiovascular workouttves should consider getting either the Hydrow Rowing Machine or the Peloton bike, as they both offer great cardiovascular workout routines.

Below, we will be taking a look at their features, the kind of workouts they offer, pricing, pros, and cons to arrive at our final decision of which machine is better.

Main Differences Between the Hydrow vs Peloton (Rower vs Bike)

The main differences between Hydrow vs Peloton are:

  • The Hydrow rower is a machine that imitates a rowing experience, whereas the Peleton bike imitates a cycling experience.
  • The Hydrow rower sports a 22-inch touchscreen with front-facing speakers, whereas the Peloton sports a 22 inch digital HD touchscreen.
  • The Hydrow rower features electromagnetic resistance, whereas the Peloton bike features variable magnetic resistance.
  • The Hydrow rower can imitate a real-life experience of rowing using its multisensory feature, whereas the Peloton bike lacks this feature to add to your cycling experience in the same manner.

How Much Should I Budget for Home Gym Equipment?

Like we mentioned earlier some of these equipment costs up to $1,000 or more. The final price of your equipment is dependent on factors like brand name, features, and the type of exercise you want to do with it.

Can Using the Hydrow Rower Affect my Back?

Rowing is good for relieving back pain and eases strains in your back. However, poor technique will result in a lot of discomforts and even injury.

Does the Peloton Bike Work without Subscription?

Technically yes it does. You would be cut off from all metrics, live, and on-demand workouts but the bike will still work fine.

Can my Peloton Instructor See Me?

No, they cannot. The function of the camera is to allow video-chats with friends. And for it to work both riders must enable that option. Instructors cannot see riders at home through their cameras.

Our Verdict on Hydrow vs Peloton – Which is better?

Both machines are wonderful and do the job of improving your health. However, the differences discussed above point out that the Hydrow connected rower is the better option.

We recommend this option because rowing is a more efficient workout, the machine is more stylish, and compared to the Peloton bike it is more affordable. Although, the price difference is not insignificant.

If your aim is a full-body workout while staying connected with others then we strongly recommend the Hydrow rower.

The Peloton is better suited for cycling fans who want to enjoy the benefits that come with it. Peloton also offers other forms of workouts options in their subscriptions.

As we said, both machines are good but if we had to choose, the Hydrow connected rower has our money.

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