Hydrow Review: Is This the Rowing Machine You Were Looking For?

Are you looking for a smart exercise machine that will keep you inspired and motivated? Hydrow’s slogan says that this machine truly ‘pulls you in,’ and it uses numerous sophisticated features to accomplish this mission. Hydrow rowing machine is designed to satisfy even the pickiest customers, but is it really worth its high-end price tag? Our Hydrow review will hopefully answer all your burning questions.

If you think that most of the workout machines for home gyms look and work the same, Hydrow could really surprise you. This rowing machine offers an immersive experience by combining efficient hardware with motivational classes led by professional instructors (including some Olympionists) and live-streamed directly on the Hydrow’s integrated flat screen.

Of course, this exciting set of features comes at a price – besides the high costs of the machine itself, prepare to pay a monthly membership fee to stay on track with the latest lessons.

Hydrow Review

Not sure if this is the right exercise machine for you? This review explains all the features, pros, and even some cons of the Hydrow machine in detail.

Can you use Hydrow without a subscription?

Hydrow’s membership gives you access to all on-demand video training, live-streams, competitions, and many more smart features of this high-tech exercise equipment. Although it’s not entirely impossible to use Hydrow without these features (it will work only in ‘Just Row’ mode), they are considered to be an essential part of the experience.

Does Hydrow fold up?

Hydrow can be partially folded – collapsing its neck will result in stowing of the flat-screen and making the machine more compact. It’s recommended to store Hydrow in an upright/vertical position, but you have to buy a separately sold hardware kit for that.

Is Hydrow good for recovery?

Firstly, always consult any health conditions with your physician before taking on a new exercise routine. But in general, rowing as a zero-impact physical activity is definitely one of the safer and healthier sports for those who experience joint or knee issues or recently suffered an injury.


Hydrow is a smart rowing machine with some great features and a nice, upscale looking design. It also boasts great reviews from both amateur rowers and professionals.

This machine looks very good and feels even better thanks to its ergonomic design and numerous adjustable components. It also knows how to keep you motivated with conceptual training and interactive challenges.

Hydrow looks very durable and sturdy, so it could last much longer than its warranty guarantees. The only vulnerable part, in the long run, is probably its touch screen. The most obvious downside of this rowing machine is its high price, and there are also some minor functionality bugs to consider.

So, is the Hydrow really worth the investment?

If you can afford to spend so much on a piece of workout equipment, we believe it is. But if the price is out of your budget range, there are numerous great alternatives, such as the Concept 2 Model D and Sunny Health & Fitness, offering many of the Hydrow’s key features for significantly less.

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