Top 4 Best Suspension Trainer Kits for Serious Functional Fitness

Suspension training is one of the most popular (and most effective) new training methods in the world today. The unique approach to fitness—using your suspended bodyweight to increase the load on your muscles and add variety to the movement—can lead to serious functional fitness. If your goal is to increase mobility, strength, stamina, and endurance, suspension training is a good option to consider.

The beauty of suspension training is that you don’t need a whole lot of workout equipment—no weight sets, racks, barbells, benches, or kettlebells. All you need is a simple suspension trainer kit, which will run you from $80 to $300. With that kit, you’re ready to do a high-intensity, highly effective full-body workout routine anywhere you are!

Below, we take a look at the best suspension trainer kits on the market. We’ve examined each for quality, reliability, and functionality, as well as price. Read on to find out which suspension trainer kit is the best for you…

Up Front Summary

  1. TRX All-in-one Suspension Training: Top-Rated Suspension Training
  2. Emerge EX1 Suspension Trainer: Military-Grade Webbing for the Suspension Trainer Strap
  3. Lifeline Jungle Gym XT: Best Overall
  4. GoFit Resistance Workout Gravity Bar: Most Reliable Commercial-Grade Materials

Question: Do suspension trainers actually work?

Answer: Yes, you can use suspension trainers to train every part of your body if you know the correct exercises. However, if you are looking for strength training they are not as good as traditional weight lifting exercises.

Question: Where to use suspension trainers?

Answer: For ultimate results, you need to find a room with enough floor space and to secure the suspension trainers from 2 to 3 meters off the ground on a strong anchor that is able to support your body weight.

Question: Is suspension training better than weights?

Answer: Suspension training certainly has its pros and cons compared to weight lifting and one of the top perks is that suspension training is less prone to cause unwanted injuries that are more common when it comes to lifting weights on machines, however, weight lifting does come out on top if you want to work out specific muscles and build strength in that area, whereas suspension training is more about exercise muscle groups rather than isolating individual ones.

Question: Are suspension trainers good for beginners?

Answer: Yes. Suspension trainers are versatile tools that are easy to understand and use for everyone including those who are new to the workout game. Moreover, popular suspension trainer brands offer easy-to-use and adaptable exercises specially designed for the beginner user, so, if you are still in doubt, don’t be. Just do it.

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