Chrip Wheel vs Yoga Wheel

Chirp Wheel vs Yoga Wheel: Which One Is Best To Try First?

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If you are reading this article, I can only assume that you have suffered through the daily struggle that is back pain! Or perhaps you are a thoughtful friend or relative thoroughly researching the best gift for those in your life who suffer from lower back pain!

Back pain is a daily struggle that can affect us all at any time. Whether it is due to posture, a bad night’s sleep, a poor quality mattress, or most commonly, the sudden adjustment to working from home (often from dining chairs or even the sofa) means that your back is not getting the TLC that it needs and craved.

Never fear; however, back pain does not have to be constant or eternal; there are certain methods you can experiment with to relieve your back pain, and perhaps you have attempted some of these already. Popular options often include stretching, deep heat packs, or even ice treatments.

Maybe you have even gone as far as sports massages, chiropractors, and acupuncture! These, however, often prove expensive and require repeated visits over a series of months which over time will cause a serious dent in your bank account!


The Main Differences Between the ChirpWheel vs Yoga Wheel

Chrip Wheel

Both online reviews and information provided on the company site state that the Chirp wheel is better for rehabilitation than standard yoga wheels, as they are specifically designed for those who are recovering from physical injury or individuals who are suffering from chronic (long term) back pain as a result of illness whereas Yoga wheels are not

The Chirp wheel specifically has also been supported by healthcare professionals such as chiropractors and physiotherapists. In contrast, various Yoga wheels have not, and are better suited for individuals with only mild or moderate back pain – and as a result, more suited to temporary discomforts such as an awkward night’s sleep, a long week working at a desk, or stiffness.

Chirp wheels are more sensitive and less painful than Yoga wheels as, unlike yoga wheels, the Chirp wheel has a small groove within the wheel which is suited to the curve of your spine and therefore less likely to cause pain or discomfort, whereas yoga wheels do not contain this feature.

Chirp wheels offer a deeper stretch than Yoga wheels offer, whereas yoga wheels only offer a two-way stretch Chirp wheels offer a four-way stretch. This is due to the Chirp wheel’s groove, which the standard yoga wheel does not.

Chirp wheels have almost two times more padding than standard Yoga wheels, which is why it is often reported as more comfortable to use, whereas Yoga wheels only have 5-10mm of padding.

Yoga wheels are often more affordable, whereas Chirp wheels tend to be quite expensive, so if you are on a budget or are not suffering from Chronic pain, it may be worthwhile to invest in the more affordable option as you may not use it as often.

The Chirp wheel can hold a lot of weight, whereas a yoga wheel cannot withstand much weight, so if you are a bigger person, it would be wise to invest in the Chirp wheel rather than the yoga wheel to ensure it can be used safely and comfortably.

Chirp wheels come in a larger variety of sizes, whereas yoga wheels do not have as much variety. The Chirp wheels’ range of sizes can make them easier to travel with, particularly if you are using them long-term. Chirp wheels come in three sizes, 12 inches, 10 inches, and 6 inches. While the 10 and 12-inch wheels have the same purpose, the 6-inch wheel is better for deep tissue massage, which yoga wheels cannot offer.

The smaller 6inch wheel also makes the experience and pressure more intense, which is better for particularly tight muscles. However, it may not be a good option for someone new to the idea of stretching or placing pressure on their muscles. It may be painful, and starting with a bigger wheel can help mitigate that. 

The Similarities Between the Chirp Wheel and the Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel

Both the ChirpWheel and The Yoga Wheel both share the same purpose of rolling and simultaneously stretching your back and spine. Both require the same range of motion whereby the wheel is placed between your shoulder blades to center on your spine.

The easiest way to use both is to sit with your knees in front of you with your feet planted on the ground, and then lean back until the wheel is at the top of your shoulder blades- while holding the wheel firmly. After this, you simply roll back and forth carefully and slowly to stretch out the back for as long as you like

Other Options for Back Pain

If neither of these appeals to you or you would like to explore other options, there is no need to fear or have to do even more digging to find new suggestions. I will include some of the other options for you below;

Consider using heat or ice therapy

This can be either deep heat patches or gel, or ice packs. However, with these options, caution must be taken not to damage your skin. For either of these options, neither should be applied directly to the skin as it can cause burns or damage to your skin.

Both should only be used for 10-20 minutes at a time. Both do the same thing, so selecting either of these can be a personal preference. If you don’t want to make further purchases or if pain strikes in the middle of the night, you can simply use a hot water bottle or some ice wrapped up in a t-shirt or cloth.

If you are interested in spending some money, you might also consider a TENS machine

TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

These are small battery-operated devices. The device has sticky pads attached, which can be placed on the areas of your body that you want to target. To use the device, you attach the pads to your skin. When turned on, very minuscule electric pulses (which are painless) are sent through the machine and into your muscle via the pads.

This helps relieve any pain or discomfort experienced by sending signals to the brain and releasing endorphins, which is a natural way your body relieves pain.

Another extremely popular and ever-growing pain relief option is CBD Balm (Cannabidiol)

This is particularly popular as it helps relieve pain and discomfort while containing anti-inflammatory properties. The best option for your back in terms of CBD products is the CBD Balm, as it can be applied directly to your skin and specifically to the affected or painful/tender area. Balms are also an attractive option because they are concentrated and particularly strong. 


Question: What is a Chrip Wheel?

Answer: This is a specially designed medical device which purpose is to stretch out muscles within your back and spine with the goal of relieving pain and aches or stiffness. They come in three different sizes, and all come with a specially designed groove to make them comfortable on the spine and easy to roll

Question: How do I use a Chrip Wheel or Yoga Wheel?

Answer: Both devices are used in the same way. In order to use the wheel, you must position yourself so that you can lie on the top of the wheel while ensuring that it is positioned between your shoulder blades. Once you are in the correct position, you simply roll forwards and then backward, ensuring that the wheel stays correctly in the center of your back.

When you do so, ensure that you are feet are firmly on the ground (like a tabletop position) It can be tricky at first to find your balance, so experiment slowly and carefully until you are more comfortable.

The easiest way to get into this position is to sit on the ground with bent knees and lean back until your upper back is rested on your shoulder blades. The important thing is to make sure that you maintain a good grip on the wheel to prevent any injuries or falls. If, however, you struggle with this position, an easy option for beginners is to place the wheel against a wall and lean their back onto the wall and squat up and down to roll the wheel up and down the back.

Question: How does a yoga wheel or chrip wheel differ from a foam roller?

Answer: While both are similar and require a similar range of motion, the yoga or chrip wheel is designed to stretch and roll out your spine to alleviate pain and discomfort and provide a nice soothing stretch. Whereas a Foam roller is designed to be used to enable deep tissue massage and loosen tight muscles and is most commonly used after a workout

Chirp Wheel vs Yoga Wheel: In Summary

For those who are experiencing Chronic or long-term back pain/illness, I would recommend purchasing a Chirp wheel, either a 12 or 10-inch wheel for beginners, as a 6-inch wheel can be particularly hard to balance. You would not want to risk falling or further injury, especially if your back is tender or in pain.

While Chirp wheels are more expensive than standard Yoga Wheels, I would view it as an investment for your back. They can provide significant pain relief and can be used daily. This can make it seem slightly less expensive when compared to monthly chiropractor adjustments or sports massages.

The yoga wheel is better for those who suffer from mild or temporary back pain. It’s less of financial investment and can meet all of your basic needs while also coming in a large size that makes it easier to balance or adjust. 

I hope the information provided in this article helps you to start the journey of healing your back pain or, at the very least, reducing the intensity of the pain you experience while ideally saving you some money, stress, and heartache in the process.

Why not try some of the other options mentioned within this article as well to compliment the use of your new yoga or chirp wheel? When it comes to comfort and a standard of living, you can never do too much, so why not try a CBD rub or some hot/cold therapy to relieve your pain after the use of your wheel? 

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