Chirp Wheel Review: Does it Fulfill Its Expectations

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When Plexus entered the market, it gained plenty of popularity due to the company’s successful marketing campaign. The market for back pain relief tools was already crowded but Plexus knew the proper way to approach it which is why, a few years later, it became Chirp Plexus Wheel.

After changing the product’s name, the manufacturing company went even further and made sure to create a strong brand identity for its main product. Nowadays, Chirp Wheel remains a sought-after alternative to other similar massage products such as traditional foam roller.

Plexus Chirp Wheel | Amazon

The Chirp Wheels are made with a rigid ABS plastic core and soft EVA compression sensitive mat so that the wheel can support up to 500 pounds! It is also light to travel with and comfortable to roll on.

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What Is the Chirp Wheel?

At first, this massage tool went by the name of the Plexus Wheel. You could also say that Chirp Plexus Wheel is more than just the new name. It is actually the latest version of its previous model. The manufacturing company markets this product as a package of three wheels with a width of 5 inches each.

Each of those three wheels has a different diameter and you can purchase them together or separately. The purpose of using these items is to alleviate or get rid of back pain. They act as deep tissue massage tools.

what is chirp wheel

Chirp Wheel Review – Main Features

Here are some important and useful characteristics that Chirp Wheel has that you should know about.

Available Sizes

There are three different sizes that you can choose from:

  • The smallest wheel option measures 6 inches in diameter and provides a deep tissue pressure massage;
  • The medium-sized rolling wheel  has a diameter of 10 inches and offers a massage of medium intensity;
  • For a gentle massage, you should opt for the 12-inch massage wheel.

5-Inch Width

The standard Chirp Wheel size measures 5 inches which, compared to many other products that have the same purpose (like foam rollers), is significantly smaller. This narrow size allows Chirp Wheel to reach less accessible areas and to provide an improved concentration of force.

The smallest wheel is more effective at releasing muscle tension. Hence, you will achieve a quicker back pain relief.

Another great advantage of the rolling wheel size is the fact that you can easily place it right between your shoulder blades. That way, you will avoid hurting your bones and only focus on stretching your back muscles.

Spinal Canal

If you look at how Chirp Wheel is made, you will notice a canal created right in the middle of the product. That’s called a spinal canal which allows your muscles to stretch and be molded to fit the wheel’s shape. It enables a more intense stretch compared to foam rollers.

Users will feel pain relief by getting rid of the muscular ache created by kinks.

chirp wheel exercises

3 Available Levels

You can choose from three available diameters. Chirp Wheel is pretty versatile and it can meet the needs of all its users. For those of you who’re after a post or pre-workout massage, one that’s low-intensity, the 12-inch Chirp Wheel should be the most suitable choice.

For a medium intensity and relief, you should opt for the 10-inch version, whereas those who experience pain that’s located in very specific areas should buy the 6-inch massager.


This product is manufactured from injection-molded plastic; a very durable industrial-strength material. The tests showed that Chirp Wheel can support up to 500 pounds of pressure. According to the company’s representatives, users can rest assured that this product can be used every single day and it will still last for many years.

Odor-Free and Sweat-Resistant

The outer thick padding of the Chirp Wheel makes this item resistant to sweat. It also acts as a non-slip feature and it boosts the precision of the wheel’s placement. That way, you will be able to better target your main pressure points.

Another great advantage is the odor-free characteristic which is amazing, especially for those who’re like me and cannot stand strong smells like industrial odors that many foam rollers come with. The foam included in the making of the Chirp Wheel is odorless.

Proprietary Compression Sensitive Padding

The outer surface covered in padding is also compression-sensitive. Due to it, you will feel the massage deep within your back’s muscle tissue, not only on your skin’s surface. The padding provides increased comfort, too.

Plexus Chirp Wheel | Amazon

The Chirp Wheels are made with a rigid ABS plastic core and soft EVA compression sensitive mat so that the wheel can support up to 500 pounds! It is also light to travel with and comfortable to roll on.

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Chirp Wheel Review – Pros and Cons

This self-remedy item has both advantages and drawbacks, just like any other product. Let’s go under the hood and find out the most important pros and cons of the Chirp Wheel.

After that, you can decide for yourself whether or not this deep-tissue massage tool can help you with the frustration of your lower back pain.


  • It is available in three different sizes to match the size of your back;
  • It is effective and quite strong;
  • Chirp Wheel offers targeted deep-tissue massage;
  • Its central groove offers muscle stretch.


  • It doesn’t cover an area as wide as a foam roller;
  • The surface is pretty smooth without any protrusions that might get deeper into the muscle;
  • For some users, it can be tricky to use it and maintain their body balance at the same time.

How Does Chirp Wheel Work?

This massager applies pressure on your back muscles, those that sustain your spine. In other words, those muscles are strengthened and stretched through this type of self-adjustment. There’s a technical term for these kinds of massages: myofascial release. Simply put, it translated into releasing the tension that accumulates within your muscles.

Some even call this massager a yoga wheel that relieves back pain. It is small enough to fit between the user’s shoulder blades and it accommodates one’s back and spine due to its middle canal.

It goes deep within the muscle mass to relieve tension and help you get rid of kinks. The wheel is also a good posture corrector workout for those who posture correction. According to some, it might even elongate one’s spine. Finally, daily use leads to boosted core strength and increased back mobility.

Each wheel features a spinal canal that takes the pressure off your spine while the ridges located on the sides of the wheel massage deeper into the spine’s lateral muscles. These two characteristics combined offer a complete vertical and horizontal stretch which further leads to a better-aligned spine.

how does chirp wheel work

For What Areas Can You Use the Chirp Wheel?

The Chirp Wheel massager will help you alleviate pain around the following areas of your body: neck, lower back, hip, upper back, and more. It might even help those who deal with a number of back problems such as sciatica, scoliosis, and muscle spasms.

To achieve optimal results, you should use the wheel every day, between 5 and 10 minutes per day. At first, based on how tense your muscles are, using the wheel might hurt a little but it should normally stop hurting after using it a couple of times because your tight muscles are becoming loose.

Some say this is a yoga wheel and while the resemblance is obvious, unlike yoga wheels, the Chirp Wheel was specially created to solve back pain.

Things to Consider When Buying a Back Massager

A good-quality back massage tool should be created in such a way that it provides the user with quick pain relief by alleviating muscular aches. In today’s technology-based society back pain represents a major and commonly-met problem that most people face at a certain point in their life.

Sitting in front of a desk at least 8 hours per day, every day takes its toll on our health. Not to mention that most of us tend to hunch over the laptop or the desktop while we work. By doing that, people put pressure on their back muscles, especially in the mid and lower areas.

All these popular products like foam rollers and Chirp Wheels are meant to be used as self-administering massage but not just any kind of massage; a deep tissue pressure one.

Characteristics to Keep in Mind

Before choosing a back massager, here are the things you should consider:

  • Firmness – if you want a good and targeted back massage, then you should search for a firm tool because it can offer pain relief to certain pain points that are well-defined. Those who want to purchase this type of product just for warm-ups before their workout routines should opt for a less dense back massager;
  • Dimensions – based on where your pain is located, you must choose the right back massager because not all of them can reach those areas of the body that are harder to access. Larger massagers have a lower ability to reach to intricate pain points while smaller tools are adequate for those specific areas;
  • Texture – for a deep tissue massage, search those devices that feature protrusions on their surface. If you want a lighter or less intense massage, then non-textured surfaces will work better and are more suitable to your needs;
  • Durability – a high-quality back massager should be durable and last for many years. Make sure to pick those that were pre-tested and were given the green light when it comes to strength and resistance.

Chirp Wheel Review – Main Alternatives

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to the Chirp Wheel.

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel


Just like Chirp Wheel, this product made by UpCircleSeven also comes in three different sizes. It is a reliable massager that helps you perform all kinds of back exercises as well as yoga poses. The thick padding also provides extra comfort.


  • It is a strong and durable massage wheel;
  • This product is quite versatile and suits numerous needs;
  • It can support a lot of weight;
  • It is a budget-friendly option.


  • If you’re a beginner, it may be tricky to use this wheel and keep your balance.

UpCircleSeven Cork Yoga Wheel | Amazon

The UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel is the best back opener and stretcher ever. Perform perfect backbends & release muscle tension in your back, shoulders & hips in ways you didn’t know that could be so fun.

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2. Gonex Wheel

The massage wheel made by Gonex is a valuable purchase if you want a reliable product that has two main purposes.

gonex yoga wheel 1

It can be used either as a back massager or as a yoga wheel. It has a pretty impressive design that helps you stretch your back while strengthening your core muscles.


  • It really stretches all your back muscles;
  • It’s easy to use by anyone, regardless if they are experienced users or beginners;
  • The texture prevents slipping;
  • It’s comfy during use;
  • This wheel provides good value for money.


  • Patients who have lumbar injuries should avoid using it.

Gonex Yoga Wheel | Amazon

This yoga wheel will be your surprising choice for your yoga exercises. Gonex yoga wheel is specially designed to provide upper & lower back pain relief, giving you an active & healthy life without limits, helping you shape a perfect and healthy body & improve your spinal stiffness.

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3. TriggerPoint GRID VIBE

TriggerPoint GRID VIBE is a foam roller that’s covered in a thick outer grid pattern.


This outer coat makes the use of the device resemble a therapist’s massage.

It comes with a power-on button if you want to go to the next level and enjoy some soothing vibrations on your back or the area that’s tense.


  • The multi-density exterior offers a superior experience;
  • It is built from high-quality and durable fabrics;
  • The package includes free access to many online instructional materials and a guide for best practices;
  • It has a one-year warranty.


  • The exterior cover could be too hard for some users who have more sensitive skin.

TriggerPoint GRID VIBE | Amazon

TriggerPoint GRID foam rollers feature a patented design that offers a multi-density exterior over a rigid, hollow core for superior effectiveness and durability. 

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What Are the Main Benefits of Using the Chirp Wheel?

Chirp Wheel comes with plenty of health benefits. It releases muscle tension which later alleviates back pain. It also realigns your spine and helps you sleep better. This massager even corrects one’s posture.

How Should You Properly Use Chirp Wheel?

To use this massager, place it on the floor or on a yoga mat and sit down on it by placing the wheel right under the body area that aches such as your lower back, upper back, neck, or even your hips and legs. Roll your body over the wheel by recreating a back-and-forth movement.

Will Chirp Wheel Pop Your Back?

With Chirp Wheel, you can safely strengthen your muscles and yes, there might also be some back popping and knot-kneading relief. You can use this product to roll out back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Chirp Wheel Review – Final Thoughts

Chirp Wheel is a great choice if you deal with back pain and you need to relieve muscle tension. This massager is compact, portable, and quite versatile. Daily use might lead to improved sleep and more relaxed muscles as well as better posture.

Plexus Chirp Wheel | Amazon

The Chirp Wheels are made with a rigid ABS plastic core and soft EVA compression sensitive mat so that the wheel can support up to 500 pounds! It is also light to travel with and comfortable to roll on.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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