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Top 3 TRX Workout Program Alternatives That You’ll Love

When looking to achieve your wanted fitness level, you will constantly find squat routines, pull ups, biceps and triceps exercises, and even bodyweight training, but, if you’re looking for a new and creative way to workout, the TRX suspension system is a highly unique alternative to free weights, weight machines, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Instead …

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Top 4 Best Suspension Trainer Kits for Serious Functional Fitness

Suspension training is one of the most popular (and most effective) new training methods in the world today. The unique approach to fitness—using your suspended bodyweight to increase the load on your muscles and add variety to the movement—can lead to serious functional fitness. If your goal is to increase mobility, strength, stamina, and endurance, …

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The Best Weight Vest for CrossFit [2022]: How To Find The Right One

If 2020 is taught as anything, it’s that we have to be resilient and flexible–and that even came down to daily life, like taking a CrossFit workout at home instead of the gym, with the help of the best weighted vest that can be bought online.

No one’s life has been left unchanged, but I’ve been encouraged how, from every day person like me, to celebrities and media stars, we’ve all created ways to cope with stress and take care of ourselves.

For actress Reese Witherspoon, stay at-home workouts have been her ‘saving grace’. Opening up to Prevention, the actress and mother shared that her CrossFit workouts help her not only stay physically fit, but also focused on something po

Best CrossFit Gloves

The Best CrossFit Gloves in 2022 For Ultimate Protection

Wearing gloves during a CrossFit workout may not be a popular choice, as most CrossFitters prefer not to use them. Even heavy weight lifters favor chalk over gloves because it provides a firmer grip.

Avoiding hurting your hands is more or less impossible since calluses are going to form one way or the other. Nonetheless, not many people in CrossFit gyms tend to wear gloves.

The CrossFit community has often been criticized for its approach to exercising because it encourages pushing yourself to the limit regardless of the injury risks. This, of course, doesn’t apply to all members of the community. Let’s take a look at a few situations in which it is completely justifiable to wear gloves:

  • Protecting hands while working with bars
  • Preventing further damage to an existing injury
  • While exercising in hot or cold weather conditions
  • When you don’t have easy access to chalk
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