Stationary Bike vs Treadmill

Stationary Bike vs Treadmill: What’s the Difference?

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When you are choosing between a piece of exercise equipment to complete your workout, it’s fundamental that you select the proper equipment required for your preferences and goals. 

Not all cardio equipment is made the same. Each piece works in different areas of your body and will allow you to reach other goals. So, when it comes down to it, do you want a stationary bike or a treadmill


Advantages and disadvantages of a stationary bike 

When it comes to deciding between exercise equipment, you need to understand the pros and cons of each device. Below we discuss the pros and cons of purchasing and using a stationary bike in your daily workout. 


  • You have a lower chance of harming yourself (it’s not completely risk-free, but it’s lower than most cardio equipment)
  • It does not take skill to learn or do 
  • It strengthens your lower body muscles 
  • It’s non-impact on your body 
  • If you use a high enough resistance setting, you will build muscles easily 


  • It doesn’t burn many calories 
  • Your upper body doesn’t get worked out with this machine 
  • You may have butt pain related to sitting too long 

Advantages and disadvantages of a treadmill 


When it comes to deciding between exercise equipment, you need to understand the pros and cons of each device. Below we discuss the pros and cons of purchasing and using a treadmill in your daily workout. 


  • A treadmill burns more calories when running or walking on an incline 
  • Everyone can comfortably run/walk on a treadmill 
  • Offers of a variation of speed and incline 


  • Has a high-risk injury for your knees and back 
  • It’s considered cheating when you hold on to the handlebars 
  • The incline function is known to break down often 
  • It’s high-impact on your body 
  • There is a fall risk with this machine 


When you are looking to lose body fat, you need to track your calorie intake and calorie burn. To lose weight, you need to be outputting more calories than you are inputting. So, if you are completing an exercise that is outputting more calories, you are looking at a beneficial rate. 

Between the stationary bike and the treadmill with burning calories, the treadmill wins. Depending on the rate and incline at which you are walking/running, you are granted to burn around 600-1000 calories per hour. With the bike, depending on your speed and intensity, you can burn around 500-1000 calories per hour. 

Belly fat 

When it comes to belly fat, we all want to lose belly fat by maintaining our abdominal muscles. The stationary bike and the treadmill, are both excellent ways of doing this. The stationary bike is recommended to lose belly fat in a way that is easier and, importantly, safer. 

Stationary bike versus biking 

Stationary bike

A lot of people find biking an exciting way to exercise their bodies. If you plan to use biking as an essential part of your routine, but you are not sure if you should purchase a stationary bike or an on-the-road bike, read below to understand the pros and cons of both activities. 

Stationary Bike:

A stationary bike is intended to make your workout intense and difficult for your thighs and buttocks; it’s also a good way to increase your stamina. While using this piece of equipment, you can follow a trainer’s routine or develop your own. 

Although while using a stationary bike, you may become bored due to the lack of entertainment. Maintaining the bike can become difficult over time, making sure the monitors work along with stabilizing the machine. 


Riding a bike on a road will allow you to work out your entire body. This is because the act of balancing the bike uses your upper arm strength. Plus, with the different scenery, you will less likely become bored. 

Although when it comes to riding a bike, you can develop lower back pain from the seats. The weather is also very unpredictable, and training in rain or snow is not always ideal for some people. 

When it comes to stationary biking or standard biking, there are several differences between making this decision. If you are looking to train for marathons and competitions, you should stick with standard biking. If you are just looking to train your body or burn calories, you should stick with a stationary bike. 

Treadmill versus walking 


When it comes to a cardio activity, people will rely on walking on a treadmill or outside for their daily cardio. Below we discuss the pros and cons of walking on a treadmill and walking outside. 


Using a treadmill can be a safer option when it comes to walking/running. It provides you with a better posture and form, plus you have the option to stay entertained with music or podcasts. You also do not have to worry about the weather conditions as treadmills are found indoors. You have more control over your workout with being able to stimulate hills, being unlimited to your own speed without any obstacles, and interval training. 

When it comes to purchasing the treadmill, they tend to be expensive and take up a decent amount of space. You also burn fewer calories as you can stay on a flat incline as long as you would like.


Walking outside is the more attractive option, as you can have different views while you exercise. With heavier winds, you are forced to use more muscles to push forward, meaning you gain more muscle while losing calories. 

Yet, if you live in a neighborhood and tend to exercise there, you take a chance of harm with cars and other people. People with bad joints tend to find the hard and uneven paths painful to workout on. The weather is unpredictable, and many people find that going for a walk or a jog in the rain or snow is not an ideal way to exercise. 

When it comes to using a treadmill or walking outside, there are several differences between making this decision. If you are looking to have more control over your workout with fewer risks, you should stick to a treadmill. If you are looking to have different terrain, you should stick to walking outside. 

Why most people prefer a treadmill over a stationary bike 

Two of the most common options are treadmills and stationary bikes. Both have great cardio exercises that can help you lose weight and boost your health. Below, you will find three reasons why most people prefer a treadmill over a stationary bike. 

Working out on a treadmill provides a full-body workout. When running on a treadmill, you will notice a development of abdominal and back muscles, which stabilize you when running. You will also develop muscles by pumping your arms back and forth. 

You can burn calories faster. Treadmills typically burn 600-1200 calories in an hour compared to 500-1000 calories on a stationary bike. 

Lastly, it’s a more challenging cardio workout. Most machines use a variety of muscles but do not always focus on those muscles every workout, running/walking on a treadmill focus on your arms, legs, abdominal and back muscles, suiting for a more reliable and intense workout. 

Machine maintenance 

Stationary bikes are the clear best when it comes to upkeep. Treadmills have a belt, engine, and, in most cases, an elevation element, both of which add another system that may fail. Stationary bikes, on the whole, seldom break down and need maintenance. When deciding between a stationary bike and a treadmill, it’s necessary to factor in any extra maintenance cost. 

Home gym space

Home gym

One thing to note for your home gym is whether or not you have enough room for a treadmill. If you have a small exercise room, you might want to go for a stationary bike instead of a treadmill because the treadmill’s footprint is much greater. The only difference is if you choose a folding treadmill, which can be conveniently stored. 

Which do you prefer? 

In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste. While a treadmill may help you lose fat faster and meet your weight loss goals faster, a high-impact exercise might not be the right option for anyone with a bum knee or slipped disc.

On the other hand, a stationary bike may be preferred by others solely because of its compact size, which allows it to be mounted in the corner of a living room or home office.

Product Recommendations:

Now that we’ve had the chance to go over the difference between treadmills and stationary bikes, I’d love to share some specific product recommendations so you can get to exercising!

Stationary Bikes

DMASUN Indoor Stationary Bike

DMASUN Indoor Stationary Bike

This stationary bike has recently been upgraded so that you get the best technology possible. The braking system has switched to magnet resistance, which means that your ride will be quiet and less disruptive if used in a shared space.

The frame is made from heavy steel and can hold up to 330 pounds. The seat and handlebars are both adjustable, and much like a racing bike, you have multi-grip options while you ride. 

What’s also great about this bike is that it comes equipped with an LCD monitor and iPad holder, so you can watch your favourite videos or do a bit of reading.

If you want to move your bike elsewhere, simply tilt and drag it by the two convenient wheels on the bottom. 

DMASUN Indoor Stationary Bike | Amazon

Compared with other exercise bikes, it has bigger flywheel weight and higher quality heavy steel, which shows it will be more stable and secure.

Buy at
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03/11/2024 09:13 am GMT


  • It has adjustable resistance, so you can choose your workout difficulty.
  • It’s very easy to move around with the provided bottom wheels.
  • It has a handy water bottle holder.
  • The multi-grip handlebars allow for different riding postures.
  • The seat is heavily cushioned for your comfort.


  • The adjustment range might not give you the most optimized and comfortable ride if you are incredibly tall.
  • The heart rate tracker is a little finicky, so you might not get the most accurate reading.
  • Some users say that the customer service team can be hard to reach.

Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike

Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike

This stationary bike is labeled ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and has received many stellar reviews; it has a 4.5/5 rating based on 4,163 customers. What’s also great is that it’s priced under $500, which is very affordable for a high-quality machine.

Joroto itself offers one year of free replacement parts, so you don’t have to worry if you receive a faulty machine from shipping.

This bike also comes with magnetic resistance, so you get a smooth ride every time. If you want to adjust the seat or handlebars, you can easily slide them forwards using the conveniently placed knobs.

This bike also comes with two holders and a digital monitor that can track time, speed, distance and calories burned. 

Joroto Indoor Cycling Bike | Amazon

This JOROTO X2 is designed as a professional indoor cycling bike trainer with Magnetic Resistance and Belt Drive for home cardio or gym workout.

Buy at
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  • The magnetic resistance system gives you a smooth ride and allows you to change the difficulty of your workout.
  • The bike comes with two large holders that can carry water bottles, phones, keys, etc.
  • The pedals come with a cage, so your feet won’t slip out mid-ride.
  • The bike comes with two convenient wheels for easy transportation.


  • The digital monitor is smaller than most commercial bikes, so it may be difficult to see all your fitness readings simultaneously.
  • Some say that the belt can start making noise after a few rides.
  • Some people say it can be difficult to put together out of the box.


Sunny Health Fitness SF-T7603 Treadmill

Sunny Health Fitness SF-T7603

This little treadmill is quite versatile and has received a lot of praise within the fitness community. What makes this a great option is that it’s completely portable so that you don’t have to worry about it taking up a ton of permanent space in your house.

You’re getting a lot of the same features that you would find on a commercial gym treadmill for an affordable price.

The SF-T7603 comes with nine pre-programmed workouts and can be adjusted to three different incline levels. The shock absorption deck allows you to run with less damaging impact, and the included pulse sensors help you gauge how your workout is going.

All in all, this treadmill packs a lot of bang for your buck; you really can’t go wrong!

Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Treadmills | Amazon

The new standard in home fitness and exercise. The SF-T7603 Treadmill offers all of the necessities for an amazing cardio workout along with any and everything all at-home fitness enthusiasts could wish for.

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  • The treadmill is fully portable, so you can move it anywhere in your house.
  • The shock absorption deck ensures that you won’t sustain any major impact injuries.
  • The treadmill comes with nine pre-programmed workouts, so you can challenge yourself each time you work out. 
  • The pulse sensors allow for accurate heart-rate tracking.


  • The incline feature is manual, so you have to pause your workout if you want to use this feature.
  • The warranty only seems to be covered in the U.S., so if you need replacement parts or a refund, you’ll have to go through Amazon directly. 
  • Some users have said that the treadmill starts making odd noises after a month of continuous use.

Sole F63 Treadmill

Sole F63 Treadmill

This treadmill is a more expensive option than the Sunny Health SF-T7603 treadmill. However, when it comes to buying a treadmill, sometimes it’s better in the long run to invest more upfront.

The F63 comes with a lot more features and has a dedicated customer service team that can help you if you run into any issues. 

The included display system has many options, including incline, speed, time, distance, calories pulse, and pace. It also has ten program options and 14 speed and power incline buttons, which means you can switch up your workout every time you use your treadmill.

This model’s super cool because it includes Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your Fitbit, iHealth, and MyFitness Pal apps. The F63 also comes with speakers and a USB charging port if you want to jam out to music.

Our Choice
SOLE F63 Treadmill | Amazon

Sole's easy-to-use treadmills offer a great value and feature a convenient, space-saving portable design. The treadmills have a very stable base with four wheels for ease of movement, folding decks to conserve space, and a 30-year motor and lifetime deck and frame warranty. 

Buy at
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  • Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your favourite music and apps.
  • Sole Fitness has a great customer service team that can help you with any inquiries.
  • You have many workout options with the included pre-programmed workouts and buttons.
  • You can track heart rate using pulse grips.
  • You also get an adjustable and removable tablet holder.


  • This treadmill is not as easily movable, so you will have to find a permanent place for it to sit in your house.
  • The LCD screen is quite basic and doesn’t include any engaging graphics.
  • There is a high demand for this model, so it might be delayed arriving at your house.


Do you still have more questions about whether to choose between a stationary bike or a treadmill that still hasn’t been answered yet? We’re here to break down your FAQs to help ensure that you’re purchasing the right type of equipment that suits your needs. 

Question: Is a treadmill or stationary bike better for weight loss? 

Answer: The treadmill, which is unsurpassed for an aerobic and fat-burning exercise, will help you consume 50 to 250 calories per hour faster than a stationary cycle or an elliptical machine. Electronic features and configurations are standard on most treadmills, allowing you to tailor your routines to your personal exercise goals. 

Question: Which is better for you, a stationary bike or treadmill? 

Answer: The treadmill consumes a lot of calories and gives you a good workout, but it also places you at risk of injuries in many ways. The stationary cycle does not consume as many calories as the treadmill, but it has more conditioning benefits and has a reduced chance of injuries.

Question: Can you lose belly fat by riding a stationary bike? 

Answer: Riding a stationary cycle will help you lose stomach fat if you also change your diet by eliminating high-calorie foods. On the other hand, this kind of workout cannot just burn the fat around your waist. There is no unique workout that will target fat in any part of the body.

Deciding between a stationary bike and a treadmill 

Both exercise bikes and the treadmills are relatively simple to use, making them ideal for someone only starting on their wellness journey. If the aim is to lose weight and consume calories, the treadmill is the best machine to use.

It can be used to walk and run at varying speeds and inclines. The stationary bike is a safer option if you choose a machine that is low stress and soft on the knees. It provides a lighter workout at low speed and resistance, where you can then boost the strength if needed to meet your needs.

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