TRX vs Rings Workout: Which is Best for You?

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TRX systems and gymnastic rings are both very popular choices that will challenge and tone your body in the privacy of your own house.

Both of them are popular forms of suspension training. These two fitness gears are very effective when it comes to helping users develop significant body strength but they also have plenty of differences in terms of usability, design, and more.


The Main Differences Between TRX vs Rings

The main differences between TRX vs Rings are:

  • TRX systems don’t enable athletic movements that gymnasts do, whereas with Rings you can perform any of those exercises.
  • TRX systems feature a more complex design, whereas Ring have a more simplistic appearance
  • TRX gear needs one single anchor point, whereas Rings is a two-anchor point device
  • TRX is a much more travel-friendly choice, whereas Rings occupy more space and require stable surfaces.

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TRX vs Rings Workout – What Are They?



The TRX system also goes by the name of Total Resistance exercises. It refers to a type of suspension training in which you use specialized equipment and tools that were first created by Randy Hetrick, a former US Navy Seal.

The TRX product family consists of multiple types of bodyweight suspension gear that’s perfect for all levels of experience, although many of the exercises are pretty challenging and intense. Still, those who give it a try will certainly enjoy fun and exciting workouts that are never boring.

This type of workout session is both quick and functional and it engages your entire body by targeting all your main muscle groups.

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Our lightest most convenient travel trainer. TRX’s GO Suspension Trainer Kit helps you create intense full-body workouts anytime, anywhere.

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If you’ve ever watched male gymnasts perform, most likely you saw them do some pretty impressive isometric exercises on the rings device. When it comes to using rings at home, as a personal training tool, opinions differ from one person to the other.

Some say they are versatile, whereas others think they might be too challenging or they might not allow as many movements as a TRX device.

Rings have two separate suspension straps that offer you the possibility to do numerous movements that are similar to the ones performed by Olympic gymnasts. They are great for both dips and pull-ups.

TRX vs Rings Workout – Pros and Cons

Let’s discover the most important pros and cons of each of these two suspension training devices.

TRX Advantages

  • When it comes to progressions and variations, with TRX, there are unlimited possibilities;
  •  The tool is lighter than a ring system;
  •  Most TRX items come with toe straps;
  • Every single movement engages your entire body;
  • The handles are usually cushioned and there’s a locking loop for safety reasons.

TRX Disadvantages

  • The setup is trickier, especially when you want to adjust the mechanism so that you can perform dips or pull-ups;
  • You won’t be able to do any gymnastic exercises.

Rings Advantages

  • The straps are separate which give you increased mobility;
  • With rings, you can perform professional gymnastic moves;
  • Ring users can easily do both dips and pull-ups;
  • Your body will benefit from upper-end strength training.

Rings Disadvantages

  • If you want to work your lower body and legs, you will find out that rings are more difficult to use than TRX systems;
  • Compared to TRX devices, rings provide you with a less diverse movement range;
  • It is heavier and the exercises are more difficult to do.

TRX vs Rings – Main Benefits & Features

Let’s find out more about the benefits of each of these two systems.

TRX Benefits

trx system

Easy Set-up

TRX systems also have two separate handles that feature durable nylon straps which are connected by an additional strap. That extra strap that holds the other two in place can be easily attached anywhere you want. If you’re using this tool at home, you could effortlessly attach the TRX strap to your door.

Higher Versatility and Portability

TRX is a portable, lightweight, and versatile fitness system that can be used in many different workout environments. All these advantages occur due to the product’s easy set-up. Once you attach the trainer to something stable, you can start working anywhere you are.

If you want to work out outside to enjoy nice warm or sunny days, all you have to do is attach the trainer to a tree.

Greater Workout Variety

With a TRX trainer, you will be able to perform a wide range of interesting and effective exercises. TRX suspension trainers allow you to do numerous movements that target both upper and lower body muscles: push-ups, pull-ups, squats, stretches, and more targeted areas to build muscle.

You will easily include leg workouts in your daily or regular workout routines without supporting all your body on some uncomfortable wooden rings that can become painful.

Increased Comfort

Each nylon strap features a comfy padded loop at the end that allows users to grab onto the TRX device. This equipment’s handles are comfortable and secure and your palms won’t hurt or burn during your workouts.

Full-Body Workouts

Thanks to TRX systems, any workout can be transformed into a full-body physical routine. Every part of our body has muscles that need to be trained, toned, and strengthen. With TRX, you will be able to achieve all your fitness and health goals.

Lightweight Design

By comparison, TRX systems are much more lightweight than rings. A standard TRX trainer weighs approximately 2.4 pounds. So, it’s easier to carry it around from one place to another and move it from inside the house to your backyard.


For starters, a TRX system costs more than a gymnastic ring suspension trainer. Moreover, you will also pay the extra cost that comes with popular brands and TRX has a strong brand name that sustains the popularity of the product.

It might be easier to do pull-ups and dips with rings than with a TRX system. For fans of upper body strengthening exercises, TRX devices might simply not be a viable solution. If you just want to strengthen your upper body, rings are more suitable to help you accomplish that task, plus they are solid and can sustain the weight of your body.

Rings Benefits


Adjust and Control

You can adjust the rings and control them any way you want. Two rings made of either plastic or wood are attached to separate nylon straps that are strong enough to support the weight of your body. Then, you need a place where you can suspend this tool to set it up.

The straps aren’t connected so, you can set them apart as far as you need them to be. Therefore, rings enable you to perform effective exercises such as dips with ease. Meanwhile, you can adjust the rings to suit your body build and height perfectly. So, you have plenty of control while working out.

Easy Set-up

Rings will tone and work your arm muscles through intense movements during pull-ups and dips. Compared to TRX systems, these two types of exercises are a lot easier to do with gymnastics rings. Besides them, there are also chin-ups which are a lot more doable with rings.

To do all these numerous movements, all you have to do is set up the ring device which is very straightforward and quick.

Upper Body Focus

Rings are the ideal choice for those who want to focus more on toning their upper body such as chest, arms, and back. So, if you want to strengthen your upper body, you should opt for rings instead of TRX tools.

Less Expensive

We are all aware of the fact that most fitness gear and gym devices don’t come cheap. Luckily, gym rings are pretty affordable compared to TRX products and other similar items. If you’re searching for a more affordable alternative to the classic suspension trainer, then rings might be the right solution for you.


On the other hand, rings aren’t as portable as TRX systems, being heavier than their alternatives. If the rings are made of wood, a ring system could weigh around 6.4 pounds. But, there’s a proper and more suitable version for those who want a lightweight product: rings made of plastic.

Another important drawback is related to the variety of exercises that you can perform on rings. For instance, your lower body might be pretty neglected because rings target mostly your upper body muscles.

TRX vs Rings Workout – the Best Products on the Market

Let’s find out some of the best and most popular products when it comes to both TRX and rings suspension trainers.

The Best TRX Systems on the Market

TRX Go Training Kit

trx go

This home gym kit is lightweight which makes it travel-friendly. TRX Go comes with an extension strap and a door anchor.

The package also contains a couple of printed short workouts of only 20 minutes each.

Unfortunately, the product’s metal clasp that attaches to doors could scratch the surface that you place it on.

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All-in-One Bodyweight Suspension Trainer

This is one of the best-selling home training devices out there. It comes with no less than 6 months of free access to the company’s premium app where you can discover and try numerous workouts and exercises.

The box contains a carry travel bag as well as a starter guide that’s easy to follow.

This TRX system has handles padded with dense foam for a comfortable grip but its price is quite steep.

TRX All-in-one Suspension Training | Amazon

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Resistance Training Kit with Straps by Fitindex

fitindex resistance training straps

This is the ideal bodyweight exercise equipment for those who want to strengthen their muscles and burn fat while improving flexibility and endurance at the same time.

The anchor that’s attached to the door is properly cushioned so that it prevents any damages or scratches.

This product is durable and strong and its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs.

The straps feature numbered intervals which help you to adjust their length a lot easier and quicker.

Resistance Training Kit with Straps by Fitindex | Amazon

This bodyweight resistance trainer kit builds muscle, burns fat, increases endurance, and improves flexibility. Don’t spend money going to an expensive gym when you can get the same level of fitness at home using your bodyweight.

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The Best Rings System on the Market

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings

These rings are made from durable materials and their surface has a natural feel. There’s a buckle system included for safety reasons.

Users are satisfied with the product’s grip and, according to them, you don’t even need chalk on your palms before working out.

The Rogue rings are made in the US.

Rep Wood Gymnastic Rings

REP FITNESS Wood Gymnastic Rings

The Rep rings are made of wood, more specifically Baltic birch, and their surface has a good grip and feels strong yet smooth.

The retention loops are made of Velcro and the straps are easy to adjust, not to mention the price it is a very good one.

A few complaints were made, though, regarding the product’s numbered marks featured on the straps that don’t seem to always line up properly.

Rep Wood Gymnastic Rings | Amazon

Our gymnastics rings are portable, lightweight, and super easy to set up. They're more effective for building superior core and upper body strength through dips, pullups, pushups, muscle ups, and other functional body movements. We offer several strap lengths to fit every need.

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Yoga Body Gymnastics Rings

yogabody wooden rings

The Yoga Body rings have an appealing design and they are built from durable materials. The wooden rings have an excellent grip.

It is a unique system that allows users to gradually increase the strength of the grip. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.


Question: Why Are TRX Systems Unique?

Answer: These suspension trainers are unique due to their special features. They are portable, adjustable, versatile, scalable, and lightweight. Moreover, with them, users can benefit from effective, fun, and quick workouts that target all their body’s muscles.

Question: Is TRX Dangerous?

Answer: Usually, TRX systems aren’t dangerous if you perform the movements correctly. However, people who have injuries might want to wait for a full recovery before working out with a TRX device. Some risks of joint injuries might also occur.

Question: What Are Gymnastics Rings Good for?

Answer: Working out with rings will strengthen your core and target your arm muscles. You will also improve your body coordination and stability. During these workouts, you must remain focus all the time which creates an excellent body-mind relation.

Final Thoughts: TRX or Rings Training?

Both TRX and ring systems are effective and they can help you tone up and achieve a leaner body. Still, if you want to boost your existing strength training routine, you should opt for rings.

At the same time, those who work out with rings must be patient because the results will come after a pretty long period but the payoff is massive.

With rings, you will have to repeat the same movements in all your sessions: muscle-ups, planches, iron crosses, L-sits, back and front lever, etc. It might take some time and a lot of practice to master rings but they are totally worth it, being invaluable fitness tools.

TRX systems are more suitable for those of you who’re searching for more straightforward all-in-one home gym equipment. TRX works as a full gym and you can take it with you on your traveling adventures. It is more compact so, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

TRX tools allow users to perform a wider range of motions and workouts. With them, you can do so much more than just toning your upper body. This product will help you create a bulletproof core, burn fat, and increase your athletic abilities.

So, although, I would personally opt for the TRX system, the final choice is all yours based on your goals and preferences.

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