Bowflex HVT Review

Bowflex HVT Review [2020]

Exercising at home seems to be all the rage these days, and if you’re someone who wants to take advantage of staying fit while at home, you’ll need to purchase some equipment. The Bowflex HVT is a compact yet fully-functional and tech-savvy at-home gym that boasts a wide range of different features and capabilities.

Focusing primarily on synthesizing the relationship between strength training and cardiovascular exercise (cardio for short), the Bowflex HVT provides a powerful combination that allows you to maximize your at-home workout sessions and start seeing great results fast, and at a $1,800 price point (Including delivery) it is one of the most affordable home gyms out there. 

The HVT is a very sleek machine however it packs a very large punch for its size, one unique feature about the Bowflex HVT is that it comes with what is known as HVT gym which gives you access to three different hybrid velocity training programs on the spot. This Bowflex Home Gym is also outfitted with Bluetooth capabilities which makes it easy for you to connect a wide range of external accessories. 

Surprisingly, the HVT only weighs a total of 182lbs and it can support a maximum user weight of 300lbs. You’ll enjoy 16 different resistance levels which give you more than enough versatility to try out all of your favorite exercises. This is only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to all of the features and exercise capabilities you’ll have access to when using this at home gym. 

Like with any large investment, it’s best to do your research before shelling out the cash to ensure that you will be purchasing something that provides a lot of benefits. The Bowflex HVT is no different and if you’ve been thinking about purchasing this in-home gym to take your fitness to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. 

Continue reading to find a full in-depth review of the Bowflex HVT and everything that it has to offer for those workout enthusiasts who want to keep things in-house. 

Our Pick
Best Overall: Bowflex Blaze

The Bowflex Blaze offers more than sixty exercises and is a BETTER OPTION than the other models. It's MORE USABLE, space conscious, and a great mid-point price that is definitely the best value of the Bowflex home gyms.

Who is the Bowflex HVT Machine for?

Bowflex HVT Review

At its core, the Bowflex HVT was designed for those fitness enthusiasts who want the ability to perform multiple exercises quickly and efficiently in one place.

The various resistance levels offered by this Bowflex machine makes it easy for you to take on virtually any fitness routine that you have in mind. It’s compact size and reasonably lightweight yet durable construction makes it perfect for those who need a powerful exercise machine that can fit into a small space. 

It’s affordable price also makes it the perfect at-home gym option for those budget-friendly shoppers who are looking for a reliable in-home gym. If you’re interested in having access to some of the latest technological features in your home gym you will be pleased to find out that the HVT comes with an on-board computer that has various capabilities such as Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and a work rate tracker just to name a few. 

To sum it up, the Bowflex HVT was designed for those modern workout enthusiasts who want the ability to perform effective workouts at a reasonable price in their home. Look below to see some of the main pros and cons of the Bowflex HVT that you can expect to run into when utilizing this epic machine. 

Bowflex HVT Machine: Pros & Cons 

The Bowflex HVT comes packed with a wide range of different features and capabilities, depending on what your exercise objectives are, certain features can be considered as pros and others as cons.

To help you make an educated purchase decision when deciding on whether or not the HVT is right for you, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive list of the overall pros and cons of this Bowflex. 

Make sure you read this entire section in full so that you will be able to get a clear understanding of what these at-home gym machines offer before finalizing your purchase. 

Pros of the HVT Home Gym

  • High-quality construction means that this at-home gym will last a very long time 
  • Very affordable price when compared to similar at-home workout machines on the market 
  • Accessible to individuals with varying fitness levels and goals (from cardio, weight loss, to strength training)
  • Slim & Sleek construction makes this gym perfect for nearly any interior space 
  • Cardio Exercises & Strength training capabilities all in one device 
  • All of the HVT workout training is designed to deliver great results while maintaining form to reduce the odds of workout-related injuries 
  • Comes with 3 preprogrammed workout videos (standard on the HVT app) and pre-set routines which makes it easy for you to begin using the machine right out of the box
  • Ability to source more exercise routines from the HVT app (sold separately)
  • USB charging compatible 

Cons of the HVT Machine

  • In the event that your machine becomes damaged for any reason, you will have to ship the entire machine back the manufacturer in order to receive quality repair assistance 
  • It has a slightly tall design which means that shorter people may have trouble performing some of the exercises
  • Resistance capacity not really suited for heavy strength training exercises which can limit certain users capabilities  

These are some of the primary pros and cons of the Bowflex HVT that consumers report after using the machine for some while. Take all of these points with a grain of salt as your situation will be different, with different workout techniques working for different people, so certain pros may be cons and vice versa. 

Now, it’s time to take an in-depth look at all of the main features you’ll gain access to when utilizing the Bowflex HVT for your workouts. 

In-Depth Feature Review: Bowflex HVT

Bowflex HVT Review

When you’re trying to decide on which home gym is right for you, the core features and capabilities of the device are the most important things to consider. Without an in-depth understanding of what core features a particular at-home gym machine comes with, you will be blindly purchasing a product instead of making an educated long-term investment. 

The Bowflex HVT is a full-featured at-home gym that offers a robust range of exercise options for you to choose from. In the following section, we’re going to give you a detailed breakdown of all the most important features that come with the HVT. 

Our Pick
Best Overall: Bowflex Blaze

The Bowflex Blaze offers more than sixty exercises and is a BETTER OPTION than the other models. It's MORE USABLE, space conscious, and a great mid-point price that is definitely the best value of the Bowflex home gyms.

Bowflex HVT Machine Features

16 Resistance Levels 

The main draw of the HVT is the fact that it comes with over 16 different resistance levels for you to choose from when working out. Most of the resistance that you encounter on the HVT will be produced by a magnetic reaction as the machine also uses natural airflow to help increase resistance when working out.

To adjust the machine to your desired resistance level, all you need to do is adjust the dial in the middle of the device. The HVT is able to deliver variable resistance training that is very smooth and quiet. 

Integrated Workout Programs 

Once you have your hands on the Bowflex HVT, you will be able to choose from 3 pre-set workout routines which vary in terms of their target areas and how much resistance they require. Each workout takes a specific amount of time to complete and they can be interchanged however you like for maximum personalization to cater to your fitness level. 

Heart Rate Monitoring Capabilities 

One of the great features about the HVT is that it can be hooked up to virtually any of the latest heart rate monitor accessories out there for quick access to vital stats. In order for your heart rate monitor to work with the machine, it will need to operate on a frequency between 4.5kHz & 5.5 kHz.

The monitor must also be polar compatible and uncoded to work seamlessly with the HVT. This is usually a feature that you find on more expensive at-home gym machines so it is a nice addition for those who decide to pick up the HVT. 

50 Manual Workout Options 

If you’re someone who prefers to march to the beat of your drum, the HVT makes it easy for you to do so by giving you the ability to access approximately 50 different manual workout options.

This feature allows you to create custom workout routines that specifically target the areas you want to improve. You will also have the ability to set a timer so that you can keep track of how long you are engaging in each exercise and workout.

Build Quality 

The HVT was built with longevity in mind, this home gym was built using a very stable and durable material that can withstand consistent use over long periods of time.

While this home gym does require assembly, once it is fully assembled it only weighs about 180lbs so you’ll be able to easily move and relocate the device at any time you decide. The lightweight build does not sacrifice any structural stability as it can hold up to a maximum weight of 300lbs. 

All of these features work seamlessly together in order to bring you a fully-capable in-home workout solution that doesn’t cost you a fortune Sit down and think about what your primary exercise or workout goals are so that you will be able to make an educated decision on whether or not the HVT is right for you. 

By assessing your current fitness level and how you plan on improving your capabilities, you’ll be able to determine if this machine delivers the capabilities you need or not. If for some reason you don’t find any of the above-mentioned features enticing or useful, take a look at our alternative recommendations below. 

Alternative Recommendations

1. Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym 

Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym 

The Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym is made from premium quality steel which ensures that the machine will be in operation for a long time to come. It also has reinforced guards’ rods which help to hold weight in place while you exercise.

This home gym machine was designed to provide you with the ability to achieve total body workouts with ease. It has an integrated weight stack lock so that you can always monitor the exact amount of weight that you’re training with. 

You’ll also find that this home gym is outfitted with dual-action press arms which gives you the ability to perform butterflies allowing for pretty complete chest workouts. If you’re looking for a feature-packed at-home gym that is affordable and durable, this is a good choice. 

2. ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50

ICON Fitness Gold's Gym XRS 50

The ICON Fitness Gold’s Gym XRS 50 is a professional quality at-home gym machine that boasts a lot of advanced features for its users. One of the main features of this machine is that it comes with a 112lb vinyl stack that is capable of producing up to 280lbs of resistance.

The machine is built using nothing but the highest quality materials to ensure that it can withstand virtually anything you may throw at it. You’ll also find that this at-home gym is outfitted with a multi-grip lat bar in addition to sewn vinyl seats for a comfortable feel while working out. 

It can support a maximum user weight of 300lbs. and comes with an exercise chart that was created by a certified personal trainer who has years of experience in the industry. If you want a professional-grade home gym for less, this is a great option! 

3. TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine

TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine

The TYTAX M2 Home Gym Machine is a full-featured home gym that comes with an independent sliding bench that makes it easy for you to get the perfect position when working out. It also has handles for performing pull-ups, an accessory rack, leg press, upper pulleys, and more.

You get access to two separate training stations so that more than one person can workout at a time. This is the perfect at-home gym for those hardcore fitness enthusiasts who want something as close to a commercial gym as possible inside of their home. 

FAQs About Bowflex HVT

Is Bowflex HVT worth it?

The Bowflex HVT is an insanely great deal for its price, all of the features and capabilities that you get access to with this at-home gym are usually found on higher-end models that cost much more. You can think of the HVT as sort of an entry-level “top tier” workout machine that is still available to the budget-conscious community. 

Which is better Bowflex or Total Gym? 

The answer to that question is not black and white as it’s like saying which is better Mercedes Benz or BMW. The final answer will come down to what features you’re looking for in a home gym machine, how much you’re willing to pay, and more. Both companies’ product at-home gym options that cater to fitness audiences of all types. 

Does the Bowflex HVT come with a warranty? 

Yes, the HVT comes with a standard 2-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year parts warranty, and a 90-day labor warranty all which help you find a quick solution to any problem which may arise during your use of the machine 

Our Honest Opinion 

In our honest opinion, the Bowflex HVT is a great first at-home gym machine for people of varying skill and experience levels. If you’re an experienced fitness guru who simply wants a machine that will let you maximize your cardio and strength, this is a perfect choice.

If you’re someone who is new to the fitness industry and want an at-home gym that is easy to use, the HVT also provides that. As you can see, it’s a very versatile exercise machine that packs a ton of value for its price. 

Our Pick
Best Overall: Bowflex Blaze

The Bowflex Blaze offers more than sixty exercises and is a BETTER OPTION than the other models. It's MORE USABLE, space conscious, and a great mid-point price that is definitely the best value of the Bowflex home gyms.

Conclusion: Bowflex HVT Review

Don’t let not having access to a commercial gym stop you from achieving those body goals that you have in mind. Use all of the information we’re given you throughout this article to help make a decision about whether or not the Bowflex HVT is the right at-home gym solution that you need. 

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