Top 3 Best Resistance Bands You Can Use at Home

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Elastic resistance bands are a trademark of physical rehabilitation programs as a tool physical therapists use to aid patients in regaining strength and mobility. The numerous advantages of resistance bands in that application also make them ideal for exercise. In fact, resistant bands can help even advanced weight lifters improve their physique and strength.

Some of the major benefits of resistance bands include:

  • Adaptability in how they can be used
  • Can be added to basic exercises, like pushups, to increase difficulty
  • Able to replace weights for many exercises
  • Allows for safe strength training without a workout partner

While resistance bands can be used in very elaborate ways, many people find them to be most useful for adding variety to regular exercises like squats, rows, overhead presses and bicep curls, to name a few.

Strength training has been proven to be extremely beneficial for overall health, for men and women of all ages. Resistance bands are a great addition to a workout program with weights, or as an alternative to traditional weightlifting. Choosing the right resistance bands is the first step, and here are the top 3 band sets ideal for exercising.

Black Mountain Products Stackable Resistance Band Set

Black Mountain Products is a smaller business that manufactures fitness gear for the home gym. The brand has incredible attention to detail and their model selection of products is actually a plus as it means each product has been thoroughly tested for strength and quality. Their 5 piece Stackable Resistance Band Set is one of their most popular products and is also a best-seller on their Amazon storefront with nearly 900+ glowing reviews.

This set comes with five 48″ latex bands, color-coded based on weight resistance. These colors include Yellow (2 to 4 lbs), Blue (4 to 6 lbs), Green (10 to 12 lbs), Black (15 to 20 lbs), and Red (25 to 30 lbs). These bands are stackable, which means you can attach multiple bands to the handles for even greater resistance. All in all, you can have as little as 4 lbs of resistance or up to 72 lbs if you stack all of them together. This versatility is outstanding compared to traditional flat bands that can’t really in any way be stacked for greater resistance.

Aside from the bands, BMP also includes two handles, a door anchor, ankle strap and a carrying bag for all the gear. They also include a guide to using these bands, including specific exercises to try. Even if you’ve never used resistance bands before, this kit will get you started off on the right foot. You can also find beginner-oriented resistance band workouts right on their website.

The BMP Resistance Band Set can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $32.99 or can be found on Amazon for under $20, when available. If you’re new to resistance bands and are unsure of how much you may even use them in your workouts, going with this brand would be beneficial because of their return policy. You have a 60 day “No Questions Asked” guarantee, which is plenty of time to practice with them and see if it’s something you’ll stay interested in. These bands also have a lifetime replacement warranty in the event of breakage.

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Some people prefer using traditional flat bands for working out or if they are exercising with the intention of recovering from an injury. There are benefits to flat bands, such as their portability, and can still be quite effective at getting a good strength workout. However, finding flat bands that will handle regular, strenuous use isn’t easy.

One brand that does produce flat, loop bands is Fit Simplify. As their name suggests, Fit Simplify’s goal is to make fitness easier, and therefore enable their customers to actually reach their goals. At first glance, this band set looks like any other flat band but these are actually looped. All bands in the set are 12″ long and 2″ wide, and are made of a very strong 100% natural latex.

Like most resistance bands, the Fit Simply Resistances Loops are color-coded to make finding the right resistance easy. These bands also have their resistance level listed right on the band. The 5 bands in the set include Green/X-Light (2 to 4 lbs), Blue/Light (6 to 8 lbs), Yellow/Medium (10 to 12 lbs), Red/Heavy (15 to 20 lbs), and Black/X-Heavy (25 to 30 lbs). While not as easy to stack as tube bands, it is possible to use multiple loops at once for even greater resistance.

These loop bands are great for using with yoga, CrossFit, general exercise, or with programs like Beachbody and P90X. The loop design makes these especially ideal for physical therapy, particularly for those recovering from a torn ACL/MCL or after a knee, patella or back surgery. Being made of a 100% natural latex means they are safe against skin for most people. Naturally, if you are allergic to latex these bands are best avoided.

Fit Simplify includes a carrying case and an instructional book on how to use these loops. You will also get access to their online guide that includes videos of techniques being demonstrated. This brand offers a lifetime guarantee when purchased from them directly or through their Amazon store. Retail price from both their website and Amazon store is $10.95, which is an excellent deal for a flat resistance band set.

URBNFit Long Fitness Band Set

It can be difficult to find resistance bands that are longer than 4’/48″ in length, but URBNFit’s Long Fitness Band Set offers 5’/60″ bands for a great deal. These resistance bands are the traditional flat style but the extra length makes it easy to loop the band around the hand for an improved grip. The added length just makes these more versatile in all ways. Not only will you be able to use them for more exercises, but the extra foot won’t impede your workout since you can easily fold or tie the bands in half.

This band set comes with 3 color coded bands, including Yellow/Light, Blue/Medium, and Red/Heavy. Unfortunately, URBNFit doesn’t include how many pounds of resistance is in each band but the vast majority of customers find this is not too much of an issue. The Yellow/Light band offers a gentle resistance so those recovering from surgery or injury don’t need to worry about too rigid of a band to start with.

At 60″ of length with a 6″ width, these long bands are great to have in your home gym. These would be particularly useful for those who might already have resistance bands but need some longer options for specific exercises. This kit is only $14.99 and comes with a door anchor.

Resistance bands are a very simple yet surprisingly versatile tool. They may be popular for rehabilitation, as they provide a gentle way of regaining strength without using heavy weights. On the other hand, advanced bands with high resistance will still be able to give you a thorough core workout. Resistance bands store away much more easily than weights and are ideal for those that travel since they can be folded up into a suitcase pocket. Resistance bands are also compatible with a range of different exercise regimens and practices. You can easily use them on their own or combine them with Yoga, Crossfit, Pilates and more.

Since resistance bands are relatively inexpensive, there really isn’t much of a reason to not have a set in your home if you are the type of person that enjoys variety in their workout. Traditional flat bands, popular for rehab and gentle stretching, are often the least expensive while tubular bands specifically designed for exercise and strength-training are slightly more. If you’re already fairly fit, going straight to tube-style resistance bands with handles is recommended.

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