Gorilla Bow Review: Is This Portable Home Gym Worth It?

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Gorilla Bow is the ideal home workout equipment if you want to exercise all your body muscles at home. It can provide you with your desired fitness results by offering a strong support bar along with industrial-grade resistance bands.

With this product, you will target specific muscle groups that can be tricky to tone outside of the fitness studio. Here are some more in-depth details about this portable home gym device.

Is The Gorilla Bow Worth Buying? | Amazon

The Gorilla Bow is ideal for the work-at-home enthusiast who wants to exercise their full body at home to achieve their desired fitness goal. It's a straightforward and efficient tool that will help you burn calories at home or on-the-go.

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What Is the Gorilla Bow Mechanism?

Gorilla Bow Review

There aren’t many portable strength training equipment options out there. In fact, the choices available on the market are pretty limited. Most of them consist of various forms of resistance band sets. While I like those too and I personally own a few of them, if you’re like me, you will get bored quite easily.

A more complex portable home gym system will allow you to keep switching up your workout routine. Gorilla Bow is a portable home gym mechanism that uses resistance bands but in a different way than the one you’re used to.

The manufacturing company attached a couple of resistance bands on a frame that’s nothing else than a classic bow (like the “bow and arrow” type of item). Then, they created an entire exercising system around it.

The purpose was to come up with a portable and easy-to-use product that strengthens the entire body. Some of you might think this product isn’t that effective but, all those who have tried archery or hunting using a bow know exactly how complicated the technique can be.

First and foremost, this workout product targets your upper back while also involving other muscle groups such as the core area. Moreover, Gorilla Bow was designed to be used in many different ways besides the typical shooting pattern. Due to the item’s resistance bands, you will be able to perform bicep curls, shoulder presses, squats, triceps extensions, and more.

Gorilla Bow Review – Main Features

The Gorilla Bow Home Gym is a portable workout device that was crafted after many hours of careful research and product development strategies. It is the perfect mechanism for those who’re looking for a robust yet lightweight platform that can be easily adjusted to fit each user’s needs and level of strength.

Everyone, from beginners to fitness specialists and even seniors, can use this portable gym to achieve regular safe workout sessions. The bow is one single piece made of heavy-duty aluminum. Both ends have claws that feature two notches. Those notches are meant to support the resistance bands in order to complete the bow with a so-called string.

Each notch can support a maximum of three special bands. This enables you to diversify your workout intensity and types of exercises by changing and combining the bands.

Is The Gorilla Bow Worth Buying? | Amazon

The Gorilla Bow is ideal for the work-at-home enthusiast who wants to exercise their full body at home to achieve their desired fitness goal. It's a straightforward and efficient tool that will help you burn calories at home or on-the-go.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Resistance Band Training

Because of the bands, you will constantly feel tension during your exercises. It will improve both your endurance and strength because it involves more muscle fibers. With each repetition, you will work your muscles more effectively, doing eccentric and concentric movements.

Structure and Material

This equipment is strong and durable, being manufactured from a special type of aluminum that’s also used in the aircraft industry. Its weight capacity is situated around 300 lbs. but, after using it, many clients believe that it can handle even more than that. So, you will never have to worry about putting a lot of pressure or tension on this workout gear.

The Available Resistance Bands Included in the Package

girl exercising

The Gorilla Bow comes with four different resistance bands, each with its own color and level of strength. You will benefit a lot from varying your resistance because it allows you to perform high-frequency workouts. Here the bands that you will get:

  • The yellow band – handles a tension of up to 10 pounds;
  • The red band – manages a strength of 20 pounds;
  • The blue band – you can apply a tension of up to 60 pounds on this band;
  • The black band –forces you to apply the highest tension of all the bands, 50 pounds.

The brief list presented above shows only the main bands that are delivered with the bow. Since their first launched products, the company has also included some additional resistance bands:

  • Royal Blue – supports 32 pounds;
  • Orange band – offers an 80-pound resistance;
  • Gray – handles up to 90 pounds.

Additional Accessories

Besides the bow and the bands, you will also receive a carrying pouch in which you can place and transport your bow as well as a wrap to store the bands. The bow might be a tad long, and it is has a pretty big size, but it is very lightweight due to its premium fabric.

Gorilla Bow Review – Pros and Cons


  • This machine helps you target all your muscles to achieve a full-body workout. Unlike free-weight training, resistance-based devices enable you to keep the tension through the entire exercise, on both concentric and eccentric lift phases;
  • You can use this device for both strength and cardio workouts. Even though resistance bands are usually seen as weight-lifting alternatives, lightweight bands will also let you incorporate a few aerobic movements in your training session;
  • The manufacturer, Gorilla Fitness, offers great customer support. Their representatives answer all the clients’ questions and attend to their needs;
  • The frame is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum which makes it durable and sturdy;
  • It comes with four different resistance bands;
  • There’s a travel bag in which you can store and carry your bands;
  • It will be easy to keep it in your house due to its portable and compact structure;
  • There’s an excellent money-back guarantee.


  • It might be tricky to take this portable home gym with you during flights because the bow doesn’t fold. Moreover, it has a length of 3 ½ feet. One possible solution is to opt for the travel model that the company markets but, in that case, you will also have to buy the complete package of new bags and bands just to receive the travel bar which isn’t sold separately;
  • Gorilla Fitness is known for its multiple bands, many of them at heavier weights. You will most likely need to buy some of those because, for an individual of average strength, those bands are a necessity to achieve a more intense workout;
  • You will probably have to learn and remember the bands’ color combinations because they don’t feature their tensile strength;
  • The bar of this device is somewhat long;
  • It could be tricky to set up the bar or get under it when you use a heavier resistance band.

Gorilla Bow Review – Exercises You Can Do With It

gorilla exercising

You can do a wide variety of exercises with the Gorilla Bow mechanism. You can tone your whole body. This product will help you get fitter while also maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. You will find a lot of online videos that show you examples of workouts that can be done with this portable home gym.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the most effective exercises you can do with Gorilla Bow:

  • Front and back squats;
  • Calf raises;
  • Chest presses;
  • Lunges;
  • Upright row;
  • Obliques;
  • Bicep curls;
  • Overhead presses;
  • Triceps extension;
  • Crunches;
  • Crouching row.

The seller mentions HIIT workouts a lot, on all their online communication channels. Their specialists recommend users to try all kinds of HIIT exercises with this bow. The device enables you to perform high-intensity interval workout routines if you want to.

Gorilla Bow Workout: What Can You Do With the Gorilla Bow Home Gym?

  • You can work your calf muscles and glutes by doing squats. These movements will tone your legs while also strengthening your lower back and keeping your knees and ankles healthy and flexible;
  • You can work your arms muscles, calves, and chest during lunges. All you have to do is adjust the bow and place the right resistance band on it to stretch out your muscles;
  • Users can grow muscle mass around their arm area by doing bicep curls due to the bands’ resistance instead of using regular weights;
  • Fitness enthusiasts can train their shoulders and the entire upper back by performing upright row movements. It helps you stay fit and increase your body strength;
  • Both chest and overhead presses tone your chest muscles, especially the pectorals;
  • Through calf raises you will tone the back part of your lower legs;
  • Obliques are tricky to tone, but they are an essential part of the core. With Gorilla Bow, you can train the sides of your abdomen to boost flexibility and strength;
  • This fitness device allows you to do tricep extensions which are quite simple to perform, but they are highly effective when it comes to toning arm muscles;
  • Almost all the muscles in your body will engage in doing crouching rows, from your glutes all the way up to your upper back and neck areas;
  • If you want to sculpt your abs, you should include crunches in many of the workouts you perform with Gorilla Bow. It is easier to grow muscle mass and tone up when you have some resistance during crunches.

Gorilla Bow Warranty


When purchasing the Gorilla Bow product, you will also receive a two-year warranty on both the main structure and all the accessories that come with it, including the resistance cables. It is a very good perk for a home gym device in the bow’s price range.

Realistically speaking, the warranty represents a major plus, which is also a great deal for all users. Normally, nothing can go wrong with the product as long as you read the instruction manual and follow its guidelines. The only issue I can think of is the wear and tear of the resistance bands, which is bound to happen over time.

Not only is Gorilla Fitness offering a 2-year warranty, but clients will also benefit from a money-back guarantee that’s available for three months since the purchase.

Gorilla Original Model vs Travel Version

There aren’t any significant differences between the regular Gorilla Bow model and the travel version. Obviously, the bow that’s made for travel can be carried around easily. Unlike the original model, the travel one is not only lightweight but also collapsible. It only weighs 6 pounds, and you can quickly disassemble it into three main components.

Furthermore, the Gorilla Travel Bow features a higher resistance of 350 lbs. By comparison, the Original version supports around 300 pounds. Traveling with the regular model can be tricky. Therefore, the travel option suits the lifestyle of fitness enthusiasts and athletes who are always on the go.

With this compact and portable fitness home gym system, you will never miss a workout, regardless of where you are. However, Gorilla Travel Bow doesn’t come with a storage bag, so you will have to buy one separately. In terms of price tags, the travel version is slightly more expensive than the original bow.

Gorilla Bow’s Main Alternatives

1. Full Body Portable Fitness Equipment by Body Boss

Body Boss Resistance System

The Body Boss home gym is complex fitness equipment that trains and tones your entire body. You can take it with you and use it in your hotel room.

The device is foldable, and it is easy to carry around or store. With it, you can burn more calories and achieve amazing results. It comes with a board, resistance bands, handles, and a resistance bar.

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 | Amazon

Bring the gym to you & simulate $1,000s worth of gym equipment in 1 system. This was designed to simulate all the bulky equipment and machines you see at the gym and combine them into one revolutionary workout concept. BodyBoss Portable Gym is the World's 1st home gym you can take anywhere.

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2. Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster Bands

This band kit is a customizable workout solution that you can use when you’re traveling. They are great for resistance movements and mobility exercises. The entire kit is compact and easy to store or transport. It is a versatile product that trains both upper and lower body.

Rogue Monster Bands | Rogue Fitness

Available to order individually, in pairs, or as part of a full set, Rogue Monster Bands are the versatile, go-anywhere accessory for customized resistance training—from mobility work and pull-up assistance to banded squats and bench presses.

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3. Valeo Resistance Tube Kit

Valeo Resistance Tube Kit

These workout bands come with cushioned handles, and their main structure features a tube shape for optimal stretch. You will improve your body’s flexibility with this equipment. There’s also a fitness guide that you will receive with your order.

Valeo Resistance Tube Kit | Amazon

Resistance tubes offer compact, travel-ready resistance training alternative to free weights and machines.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gorilla Bow

Does Gorilla Bow Work?

This is a sturdy and effective fitness product that helps you achieve your weight-loss and health goals. You can combine the resistance of several different bands to increase the intensity of your workout routine. So, as long as you use it on a regular basis, this device works.

How Should I Use Gorilla Bow?

Gorilla Bow is easy to use. Each edge features three claws where the resistance bands must come. Once inserted, you should check twice to see if the bands are securely inserted in one of those slots. You can place up to one or two bands on each side, so a total of 4 per bow.

Can You Grow Muscle Mass with Gorilla Bow?

To many, this fitness bow is quite revolutionary because, with one single portable element, you can tone your whole body. It is a clever mix of an ancient weapon and a few cutting-edge resistance bands. Together, they let you perform dozens of effective exercises.

Gorilla Bow Review | Final Thoughts

All in all, the Gorilla Bow home gym system is a great piece of portable workout equipment that allows you to tone your entire body and target plenty of muscle groups. Its design is a simple and straightforward one, but the product does its job, and it is effective.

Besides being lightweight and easily-transportable, Gorilla Bow is also easy to adjust, and you can use it to work out inside your house, at the beach, or anywhere else. Remember that the original model doesn’t fold. Overall, this home gym equipment will help you burn calories and get leaner.

Is The Gorilla Bow Worth Buying? | Amazon

The Gorilla Bow is ideal for the work-at-home enthusiast who wants to exercise their full body at home to achieve their desired fitness goal. It's a straightforward and efficient tool that will help you burn calories at home or on-the-go.

Buy at Amazon.com
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 07:41 am GMT

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