The Top 8 Best Apps for Running on a Treadmill

Running on the treadmill can become extremely boring, no matter what your fitness level is. But if you happen to be someone who doesn’t live in an area that allows you to run outside, if you run inside for health reasons, or if you’re training for an upcoming race and the weather just doesn’t agree with you, running on a treadmill can sometimes be your only option.

In the more recent years, companies have begun to develop apps to make treadmill exercise much more bearable and even a bit fun. There are even apps on the market that help to coach you and encourage you to reach your fitness goal, meaning that your weight loss goals or your marathon goals are now even more possible than ever. So, no matter what the reason you’re exercising is, check out these best apps for treadmill running.


Zombies, Run!

  • Android and iOS versions available
  • $3.99

Running can be boring, especially if you’re running on a treadmill or if you’re running on a straight road or track. Zombies, Run! is a running app that will help you to spice up your treadmill workout routine by placing you in an interactive zombie story. With this app, you’re not just running, you’re running around to collect supplies or you’re running from zombies!

While this is a running treadmill app that comes with the basic features of GPS tracking and the ability to play music, you also have the opportunity to add other players into your game. Choose your music playlist and in-between song changes, you’ll listen to the story of how the zombie apocalypse came to be and what you need to do to survive.

Pros of Zombies, Run!

There are modes that you can choose from in this game and in the ‘Zombie Chases’ mode, the application is going to put you into interval training. A cool feature that the creators of this game added into the app is that when you’re running, you can hear the breath of the zombies right behind you!

Cons of Zombies, Run!

The $3.99 is more of a base price for this game. If you’re really into this game and use up all of your missions, you will either have to replay the missions again or just purchase more.

Running for Weight Loss

  • $2.99
  • iOS only

If the ultimate reason you’re starting to run on the treadmill is to start losing weight (or to continue your weight loss journey), Running for Weight Loss is an app that’s self-described as the only app on the market that’s was uniquely designed to help you lose weight. Even if you are not a runner or someone who isn’t super interested in losing weight, this is also a great app to use if you’re looking to start interval training.

There are three different levels that you can choose from, based upon your current running ability. After you’ve chosen your running level, Running for Weight Loss will provide you with a selection of interval workouts. In these interval workouts, you will switch up between running, walking, and different running speed of sprinting.

Pros of Running for Weight Loss

The actual setup of the application is very easy to use and doesn’t require too much information on your part to get started.

You can link this application with other apps such as MapMyRun or Fitbit.

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Cons of Running for Weight Loss

As reported by users, the intervals become predictable over a short period of time. Once users begin to figure out the pattern of the intervals, you may find yourself slacking off in intensity before sprinting.

Also, while you do have the ability to play music while using the app, you will need to make sure your music is playing before you open the Running for Weight Loss app. You will not be able to fast forward or rewind your music while this treadmill app is open.


  • Free version available
  • $4.99 a month for paid version
  • iOS and Android versions available

RockMyRun is a great app to use if you’re looking to hype yourself up while working out on a treadmill. RockMyRun is an application that both Apple and Android users can enjoy that provides users with upbeat, exciting music so that you can maintain the drive to push forward while you’re exercising.

This app would be great for you to use if you’re looking to add more excitement to your treadmill runs or if you are tired of skipping through songs while you are running. The playlists that are on this app have been designed by some of the most talented DJs and musicians in the world, such as Afro jack, Zed, David Guetta, Major Lazer, and even more.

What really sets this app apart from other running programs is that the app automatically adjusts the tempo and the rhythm of the song selection to match your steps. You can sync RockMyRun to match

Pros of using RockMyRun:

  • Compatible with Runtastic, MapMyFitness, Endomondo, and Nike+
  • Tempo of music adjusts to match the tempo of your steps
  • Works flawlessly with other running and fitness tracking apps
  • Song mixes have been built by some of the most talented musicians and DJs in the world
  • Helps to keep you feeling motivated and empowered while working out

Cons of using RockMyRun:

  • In comparison to other running apps, the monthly fee for this application is expensive
  • You don’t have a whole lot of access to what this app has to offer when experimenting with the free app version

Couch to 5K

  • IOS and Android versions available
  • $1.99

Couch to 5K is going to be the best app for you to use if you are someone who wants to get into running, but doesn’t understand or know how to get started.

This application starts off as a training program of sorts that introduces users to running, without putting too much strain on beginning users. The treadmill workout sequences start off with walking and will bounce back and forth between walking and running through interval training sessions.

Couch to 5K claims that if you use their application three times a week, you will be able to achieve a 5K marathon in nine weeks.

Pros of Couch to 5K:

This application is super to use, especially if you aren’t a runner who understands a whole lot about fitness. There are audio cues that you can listen to that help to carry you through your running workout.

Cons of Couch to 5K:

You will have to manually enter your workouts into the app.

Nike + Running

  • Free app
  • IOS and Android versions available

Nike + Running is an older running app, but is constantly updating with a new training plan and improving upon user feedback. If you happen to be a hardcore Nike fan, you can use your Nike products in connection with your Nike + Running app; you can sync this app up with other Nike apps, Nike Fuel band, use Nike Fuel, and even tag and retire your Nike running shoe pair.

Pros of Nike + Running

Users have reported that the app does a great job of tracking their treadmill stats.

Cons of Nike + Running

Since there are so many different customizable settings that the Nike + Running app has, it can take you a couple of runs to really get the settings to work the best way for you.

Also, while you can control the music from your device, Nike + Running doesn’t work very well while running streaming music apps.

Adidas Train and Run

  • IOS
  • Free versions available

Downloading the Adidas Train and Run will keep a personal trainer in your pocket while you’re working out- all for free. This running application will allow your iPhone to track your training schedules and your workouts, which will help you to stick to your fitness goals.

This running app is great to use if you’re a beginner, as the Adidas Train and Run app will provide you with real-time audio feedback and voice coaching, which can help to encourage you pull through those really tough moments when you feel like giving up.

This app also allows you to view your heart rate curves and your running workout history, which allows you to view insights into the efficiency of your workouts. You can also sync up the Adidas Train and Run app with Fit Smart to track your everyday activities, helping you keep better track of your fitness goal. All for free!

Pros of the Adidas Train and Run

  • Daily activity tracking when you connect with fitness devices
  • No monthly fees or charges
  • Professional motivation and training tips

Cons of the Adidas Train and Run

  • There isn’t any Apple Watch support
  • Doesn’t easily connect with other smart fitness devices


  • Paid version is $5.99 a month
  • IOS only

Endomondo is an amazing app to use if you’re someone who is looking for a basic, easy to use running app without all of the extra bells and whistles. It’s also great if you’re a beginner or if you happen to be someone who wants to challenge friends in your area with fitness goals.

This fitness app allows users to set distance goals, time goals, and/or calorie goals and the built-in audio coach guide to help push you towards your goals. You can synch up Endomondo with Apple Watch app, Fitbit, Pebble, Apple’s Health app, and other fitness devices to add additional fitness tracking into your workout.

You can also connect with your friends by receiving and sending real-time audio pep talks from your friends, share your workouts on Twitter and/or Facebook, or race against the times of your friends. This is a great app to pick if you’re interested in getting yourself involved with an app that’s simple to use, yet will really help you to reach your personal fitness goals.

Pros of Endomondo

Endomondo will create a personalized training plan to assist you in reaching your personal fitness goals, while also encouraging healthy competition between you and your friends by allow you to view your friends’ challenges and times.

Cons of Endomondo

Users have reported that this app can sometimes be inaccurate with distance tracking.

Tempo Run

  • $2.99
  • iOS only

Tempo Run sorts through all of the songs that you have downloaded in your iTunes library and will play these songs based upon their tempo in order to match them with your pace. Unlike other tempo matching apps, Tempo Run will play when you’re not only running, but even if you’re just going for a slow stroll on your treadmill.

Pros of using Tempo Run

When you’re running, seeing and using the app is really easy because the interface is so easy to read. It’s also really easy to slow down or speed up your pace, as the music will adjust accordingly.

Cons of using Tempo Run

If you really only listen to music through streaming, this app isn’t going to work for you. It pulls the tunes from the music that you have stored in your phone, so you’re going to need a large variety of downloaded songs to really get the most from this running app.


While running on a treadmill hasn’t always been the most exciting exercise to improve or maintain your fitness levels, downloading one (or more) of these running apps can help you to not only reach your goals, but have fun doing so!

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FAQs About Running Apps

What is the best free running app for beginners?

If you are a beginner and want to find apps that are free you should try Couch to 5K and Endomondo. These are excellent to get you going even if you have never trained a day in your life.

Is Couch to 5k hard?

Couch to 5k might be hard in the first two weeks if you haven’t had any physical activity in years, but by training 30 minutes a day, for 3 days a week, in 9 weeks you should be ready to even run a marathon.

Will Couch to 5k help me get fit?

Couch to 5K is a program that is made for people to get a habit of exercising and improving their activity. If you don’t match your diet with the training regimen, don’t expect losing a lot of weight, however, you will indeed lose some, but not just much as you would have with proper diet.

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