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X3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow: Which Is Right For You?

With a plethora of gym equipment available to buy and use in the home, it can be difficult to find the right piece of kit for you. In this article we are going to explore two popular choices; the x3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow.

Home workouts have always been a common thing, but are on the increase as people are becoming more healthy and body-conscious in recent years. With budget always being relevant, you may wonder why to pay for an expensive gym membership when you can have a gym of your own, at home. Making working out more convenient and more affordable than ever.

With lots of gym equipment available that could become a vital part of your home gym system, it can be a little overwhelming to determine which product is the most suited to you. Read on to find out more about the X3 Bar and Gorilla Bow.

Main Differences Between X3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow

The main differences between X3 Bar vs Gorilla Bow are:

  • The X3 Bar has a bearing capacity of 600lbs, whereas the Gorilla Bow maximum bearing capacity is 500lbs
  • The X3 Bar has a heavy-duty ground plate (for ankle protection), whereas the Gorilla Bow does not.
  • The X3 Bar is made from alloy steel, whereas the Gorilla Bow is made of aluminum
  • The X3 Bar retails for a higher financial price, whereas the Gorilla Bow is more budget-friendly.
  • TheX3 Bar comes with 3 resistance bands, whereas the Gorilla Bow comes with 4.
  • The X3 Bar comes with a 12-week workout program, whereas the Gorilla Bow does not.

X3 Bar Vs Gorilla Bow – the equipment compared

For a fair comparison of gym equipment, we are only reviewing two products; The X3 Bar and the Gorilla Bow. Before going more in-depth into each item, first, let’s summarize their similarities:

Both products are a complete home gym system, offering a full-body workout and promising excellent results. They can both be purchased online for fast delivery and feature similar style resistance bands.

Question: Why is the X3 Bar more effective than free weights like barbells or dumbbells?

Answer: With free weights, you receive constant resistance. For example, do a bicep curl with a pair of 30lbs dumbbells and the resistance is 30lbs from the beginning of the workout to the end, it won’t vary.
With the x3 Bar, there is variable resistance, which basically increases the resistance during the lifter’s stronger portion and lowers it during the weakest range.

This means that there are much less pressure and stress put on the joints when the lifter is weaker, and more pressure when a person is at their strongest. With maximized, targeted force, the building of greater muscular activity is more optimized using the x3 Bar.

Question: What kinds of exercises can I do with the x3 Bar and the Gorilla Bow?

Answer: You can use either product as its own activity and build on resistance training, strengthening your core as well as triceps and biceps. Or you could incorporate a number of traditional exercises, such as; deadlifts, chest press, bicep curls, and squats, for optimized results.

Question: Is the Gorilla Bow good for arthritis?

Answer: Resistance training is recommended for people who suffer from arthritis and is known to both alleviate pain, stiffness, and swelling as well as helping to protect the joints. The Gorilla Bow could also be beneficial for people who are post-surgery, receiving occupational or physical therapies, or have osteoporosis.

Question: What are the benefits of resistance training?

Answer: There are many benefits, both for a person’s physical and mental health, that come from resistance training. These include; improved muscle tone and strength, maintaining flexibility, weight management, increased stamina, prevention, and control of conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

Resistance training is also good for pain management, improved posture and comes with an increased bone density and strength. With an improved sense of wellbeing, self-confidence can also be increased, which in turn can decrease the risk of mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

In conclusion, which is better, the X3 Bar or the Gorilla Bow?

The Gorilla Bow is the more affordable home gym system, but having said that there are still cheaper alternatives that promise the same results (almost $100 cheaper, in fact!). With the x3 Bar, you are investing in a patented, scientific creation that is really one of a kind. But, of course, this is reflected in its higher retail price.

Which item suits you the most is going to be down to your willpower, determination, and dedication. If you’re not sure whether you want to commit in the long term to getting fit at home then the less expensive Gorilla Bow is a way to find out. Or maybe you’d prefer to start with different gym equipment, like adjustable dumbells if you don’t think resistance training is for you.

However, if you’re passionate about fitness and fancy trying resistance training, then the x3 Bar could be a good investment that will pay out in increased strength in a guaranteed shorter time. The added benefit to this product is the 12-week training program that is included, which is a way to kickstart your journey, with lots of handy hacks and tips to keep you motivated.

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