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X3 Bar Review: Is It The Right Fitness Tool For You?

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The X3 Bar is a well-known device that helps you increase the intensity of your workouts to gain more muscle mass and burn fat during your exercises. I am sure by now some of you have already seen the product’s video ads on all social media networks.

In today’s review, I did my best to present you the features, pros, cons, and other aspects of the X3 bar, in an unbiased manner, I may add. Let’s take a look at the things this tool can offer and see whether or not it is the right fitness gadget for you.


What Is X3 Bar?

x3 bar elite

The X3 Bar is a popular resistance band workout system. It was created by Dr. John Jaquish. You can use this training device to exercise in the privacy of your own home. John is a biomedical engineer who also came up with an effective workout program for 12 weeks.

This workout tool features a long bar made of steel that measures 23.5 inches and heavy-duty elastic tubing. X3 Bar allows users to do all sorts of exercises and movements that will help them boost muscle mass, increase their strength, and have a healthy and balanced bone density.

Those elastic bands provide enough resistance to help you burn fat and gain muscle but they also work as a convenient method to hold onto. According to the creator, this device can lead to three times more muscle gain, hence the X3 name.

The X3 Bar works because of something that’s called variable resistance.

What Is Variable Resistance?

To know how this workout device functions, you must first understand the concept of variable resistance. Most of the website’s content and videos that cover the topic of the X3 bar mention this type of resistance. It occurs when your muscle tension changes while you’re performing a specific exercise.

At first, when you’re just starting the rep, the resistance is lower, whereas, by the end of the rep, the resistance reaches its maximum level. For instance, during standing chess presses, the latex bands become stretched out and, as you push forward, you will feel a boosted resistance.

Many workout machines that people use at fitness centers rely on variable resistance. When you use certain machines to perform movements such as leg presses, chest presses, or shoulder presses, variable resistance is involved in all of them.

Machines that rely on this type of resistance work differently compared to free weights. Dumbbells and barbells only provide constant resistance. Variable resistance is said to work better and more efficiently but it is also safer because the stress your joints feel is lower such a device.

Who Creates and Markets the X3 Bar?

The company that sells this tool is Jaquish Biomedical. They were previously known as Titan Biomedical. It’s named after the creator of X3 Bar and the founder of the company; the doctor I’ve mentioned previously in my article.

According to the manufacturer, the group researched human physiology and applies that new knowledge to physical medicine as well as rehabilitation tool design. The headquarters are located in Nevada City, California.

In terms of customer support, Jaquish Biomedical only relies on email contact. And, you can send an email to a company’s representative by completing the form they’ve published on their website.

X3 Bar Review – Main Features

What’s in the Box?

x3 bar elite

Here are all the things you will get when you order the X3 Bar system:

  • X3 resistance bands;
  • One X3 ground plate;
  • No less than 3 consecutive weeks of coaching;
  • Access to a strong and helpful Facebook community;
  • The steel bar which is the mainframe of the device; also features band-placement hooks as well as internal bearings, both of which are already assembled to help you save time;
  • A training program that lasts 12 weeks;
  • A nutrition program.

What Kind of Exercises Can You Do with X3 Bar?

Here’s a brief list of the main movements and exercises you can perform with the X3 Bar:

  • Standing chest presses;
  • Triceps pushdowns;
  • Deadlifts;
  • Biceps curls;
  • Standing shoulder presses;
  • Standing upright rows;
  • Front squats;
  • Bent over rows;
  • Calf raises.

The Brief List of the X3 Bar’s Features:

  • The device’s ground plate is an accessory that supports more than 500 pounds of weight;
  • It is a total body workout gym system for home use;
  • Its resistance bands offer more than 300 pounds of weight resistance;
  • It comes with a one-year warranty that applies to the resistance bands. Both the bar and the ground plate have a 5-year warranty;
  • There’s a 12-week workout program included.

Size and Appearance

The X3 Bar has a sleek and straightforward design. Its bar is sturdy yet lightweight. The frame is made of durable alloy steel. All the resistance bands resemble the classical bands but they are a tad thicker than the traditional ones. Finally, the ground plate although sturdy doesn’t look bulky at all. In fact, it displays a sleek appearance.

Everything that’s included in the box isn’t heavy or bulky so, it will be easy for you to move them around and transport all the parts from one place to another.

Assembly and Maintenance

I’ve searched all over the company’s website but, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything specifically related to the device’s maintenance. Still, I assume that’s similar to one of other traditional workout bars or resistance bands.

Once you receive this product at home, you can start using it in no time because there isn’t a complex assembly process involved. All you have to do is insert the bands through the hooks placed on the frame and that’s it! You don’t need any tools.

So, as you can see, the X3 Bar is a very easy to use workout machine and it’s very user-friendly.


People of many fitness levels and ages can safely and effectively use this exercising tool. As a matter of fact, the X3 Bar is safer than other products on the market, being a low-impact fitness machine. It doesn’t strain your joints too much. Due to its latex resistance bands, you can achieve your desired results in a short period of time.


Besides the mainframe that’s made of the X3 Elite Bar, you will also receive some important and useful accessories:

  • A ground plate that you will anchor with your feet as you’re standing on it;
  • One X3 Elite resistance band – this is sold separately though;
  • 4 custom resistance bands.

X3 Bar Review – Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at this device’s pros and cons.


  • You will be able to achieve a fitter body through quick and intense workout sessions;
  • This machine is excellent for building muscle mass and increasing body strength;
  • You will have access to many demonstrable videos that show you the proper way to use this tool;
  • It is suitable for all people, from beginners to experienced fitness lovers;
  • The equipment and all its accessories are portable so you can use this device anywhere you are;
  • The company includes a 12-week training program that consists of nutritional and food prep guidelines, diet tips, ways to improve your sleep, advanced workouts, and more;
  • It is a low-impact fitness tool that won’t strain your joints;
  • This product offers a lot more resistance compared to other similar items on the market;
  • The resistance bands are suitable for many fitness levels;
  • You won’t need any tools to assemble this home gym equipment.


  • The warranty policy is pretty limited and it has plenty of exclusions;
  • This machine will focus only on helping you build muscle and doing strength training. You cannot do cardio on it;
  • All the provided meal prep and nutritional tips exclude vegetarians and vegans. They only cater to users who eat meat;
  • The resistance bands don’t vary in size in terms of being suitable for various heights.

How Much Does X3 Bar Cost?

elite bar

The X3 Bar isn’t the most affordable home fitness equipment on the market but it isn’t the most expensive either. Its price point starts at around $500. Still, unlike those other tools, this one provides a higher resistance training as well as a workout program for 12 weeks that will help you acquire optimal results.

Similar yet traditional equipment won’t offer the same resistance level the X3 Bar does.

What Do Users Say about the X3 Bar?

Most users are happy and satisfied with how this fitness machine works. There are two things they enjoy the most: the fact that’s a low-impact training system and its high resistance levels. All these combined offer you the chance of quick yet more effective workouts.

A few users, however, mentioned how working on this device makes them feel a tad awkward. Some might even find it a bit difficult to perform certain movements. That occurs because the X3 Bar is a one-size-fits-all kind of tool.

X3 Bar Review – Main Alternatives

Here are some other viable alternatives that you could consider if the X3 Bar hasn’t convinced you yet.

Gorilla Bow

gorilla bow

Instead of a traditional bar, Gorilla Bow has a frame-shaped just like an archery bow and measures 56 inches in length. This product weighs about 6 pounds and it is lightweight, flexible, and portable. The frame of this device can support a maximum tension of 300 pounds.

The resistance bands provided in the box enable a resistance of no more than 110 pounds. Gorilla Bow also comes with no less than 4 different tension bands, each with its own level of resistance. There’s also useful storage and carrying case.

Read our full Gorilla Bow vs X3 Bar Comparison.

Is The Gorilla Bow Worth Buying? | Amazon

The Gorilla Bow is ideal for the work-at-home enthusiast who wants to exercise their full body at home to achieve their desired fitness goal. It's a straightforward and efficient tool that will help you burn calories at home or on-the-go.

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Body Boss Resistance System

bodyboss 2.0

This is a versatile device that’s also portable and lightweight. Despite being lightweight, Body Boss is very sturdy and the frame is well-designed.

It is a very user-friendly tool. Body Boss combines convenience with effectiveness. As a client, you will also receive an amazing workout program.

There are three available colors: green, pink, and yellow. The resistance of the machine can be easily adjusted and with this home portable gym’s help, you will tone your entire body. On the other hand, you must purchase a bench separately because this product doesn’t have one. So, you cannot do bench presses with it, as it is.

BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Home Gym | Amazon

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Bodygym Core System

bodygym core system

The BodyGym Core System is an excellent option for those who’re just starting resistance training. Not many products like this one come with a printed workout guide but BodyGym offers that as a bonus. What I love the most is the place where the manufacturer decided to place that guide: directly on the bar.

There, you will see all the movements that this tool can allow you to perform as well as its bend setup. The box also contains a travel bag so, no matter where you are, you will never lose your strength training progress.

Bodygym Core System Portable Home Gym | Amazon

Like a home gym in your hands, this popular resistance-band workout lets you perform dozens of gym-quality exercises practically anywhere.

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Question: Does the X3 Bar Workout Tool Build More Muscle?

Answer: It seems that it does. The result occurs because of the combination between free weights and elastic resistance. It appears to stimulate more muscle growth compared to more traditional weight workouts. This tool focuses on variable resistance. In other terms, your movements will get progressively harder.

Question: Is the X3 Bar Truly Effective?

Answer: After researching the things the company claims and reviewing most of the users’ ratings and opinions, I can say that yes, it appears to be an effective workout tool that stimulates your muscles and helps you get toned and fit.

Question: Will X3 Bar Help You Increase Growth Hormone?

Answer: This type of hormone supports muscle mass but it also has other purposes as well. The term “growth hormone” does appear in several texts and exercise videos through which the company markets its product.

There’s a study published by the X3 Bar creator himself, in which Dr. John Jaquish details the connection between his fitness device and the growth hormone.

Question: How Can I Pay for X3 Bar?

Answer: There’s a financing program. If you want to cover multiple smaller payments, you can easily do that via PayPal. You can verify twice to make sure, but on the website, it appears that there are 6 months available for financing purposes and the interest is 0%.

Final Thoughts

The X3 Bar home gym system is great but it isn’t perfect. It has both advantages and drawbacks, just like any other product out there.

However, it is highly versatile and offers a pretty interesting workout solution. I understand that many people might consider it a tad on the pricey side, but if this product falls within your budget, you should definitely give it a try.

This piece of fitness equipment surpasses many of its competitors in both efficiency and quality. You will be able to perform a wide range of exercises and strengthen and tone any body part.

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