Proform HIIT Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer

Proform HIIT Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer

Ever wonder why Olympians train? While we all know that Olympic athletes have unique routines, and hours of conditioning and training, Japanese speed skaters, they have a go-to: Tabata, a branch off of high-intensity training.

Tabata is a form of HIIT, also known as high-intensity training, developed in Japan. Like Crossfit and P9oX, Tabata is another unique workout that pairs intense bursts of activity with explosive action.

Meant to enhance the explosive power and also improve endurance for Japanese speed skaters, the HIIT workouts consist of 10-second breaks, paired with 20 seconds of activity.

And now it’s gaining traction not only for Japanese athletes but anyone looking for intensive workouts to lose weight.

But for those of us staying at home, one of the best ways to take advantage of HIIT training is through HiiT trainers like Proform and Bowflex.

In this article, I’ll investigate Proform Hiit Trainer vs Bowflex, and which can give you the most Olympic worthy workout at home–as well as if Hiit training is something you should add to your workout routine.


Main Differences Between the Proform HIIT Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer

The main differences between the Proform Hiit Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer are:

  • The Proform HIIT Trainer comes with 1 and 3-year streaming workouts, whereas Bowflex comes with a 2 month trial of a fitness app
  • The Proform HIIT Trainer features an inertia enhanced flywheel and up to 26 levels of magnetic resistance, whereas Bowflex has a regular flywheel and up to 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • The Proform HIIT Trainer features a touchscreen to stream workouts, whereas Bowflex also allows you to stream Netflix and Hulu

What are HIIT trainers?

proform eliptical trainer

Hiit Trainers are hybrid fitness machines used for high-intensity interval training. These machines typically combine stair climbing and elliptical machine movements and are popular for not only burning calories through intense workouts but also as a form of getting in some cross-training.

I like that Hiit trainers can provide vigorous training but also can be used for more gentle sessions. The biggest advantage to Hiit trainers is that you’ll be able to sneak in quick workouts and they are fairly intuitive to use. They also have a lower impact than performing Hiit training by yourself and can be tweaked for comfort.

Here are some myths and facts you need to know about HIIT training before looking at buying Proform or Bowflex.

Is it OK to do HIIT every day?

If you’re interested in a Hiit trainer like Proform or Bowflex, chances are you may be thinking of adding it to your daily routine.

While some may be able to do HIIT every day, it isn’t advisable for most. HIIT training is great for burning calories in a short amount of time, but it can be draining on the body, Like any exercise, it’s good to vary up your workouts to prevent injuries.

To get the most of Hiit, I recommend doing Hiit about 3 times a week for most, and 5 times a week at the most. Since Hiit is mostly a form of aerobic exercise, I also recommend supplementing your workouts with strength training, as well as taking days off to allow your body to relax and recuperate.

Is Hiit bad for your heart?

There are some fears that Hiit could be potentially harmful to those with a history of heart disease or blood pressure issues. To be sure, low-intensity workouts, like treadmill walking, may be more advisable for older populations or those who are new to fitness.

However, studies have suggested that a Hiit trainer can be helpful even for those with blood pressure issues. The key is to find a level that is suitable for the person in particular, and always to consult with a doctor first.

Overall, for most people, Hiit can actually improve blood pressure and heart health by improving cardiovascular function and blood flow.

Who shouldn’t Hiit?

Of course, HIIT isn’t for everyone. HIIT workouts, whether through live streaming or on a Hiit trainer like Proform and Bowflex Max, aren’t advised to anyone currently injured. I also don’t advise Hiit training right away if you have a history of multiple related injuries.

Of course, women who are pregnant may find that other exercises are a better option as well. And finally, no one should get into Hiit if they find it doesn’t personally hold their interest or is generally a miserable experience for them.

Can too much HIIT make you gain weight?

As I always emphasize, too much exercise isn’t good. While sticking to a regular fitness routine is great for your physical and even mental health, too much can put you at risk for injury, mental and emotional health concerns, and overall negative results.

One surprisingly negative impact of overdoing It could be not meeting your weight loss goals. Doing Hiit itself won’t result in weight gain. However, not pairing workouts with a healthy diet plan, or overtazing your body could mean not meeting your goals.

The key is balance. Even the best Hiit trainers cannot make up for an improper diet, too much stress, or overtraining. I recommend listening to your body, starting slow, and using Hiit training as a way to feel energized–not to punish your body.

Most of all, be patient: it takes time to build up fitness, so not every Hiit session may be your best. Instead, focus on goals for holistic health and pick a fitness routine you can stick with.

Which Hiit trainer is better: Proform or Bowflex?

bowflex max trainer

Now I’ll directly compare Proform vs Bowflex to see which Hiit trainer is more worth your money. I’ll look at price point; comfort; construction and features; technology capabilities; workouts; and overall value, as well as company trust and consumer experience as a whole.

Price and Model Options

First, I wanted to look at the pricing, financing, and model options. Both Proform HIIT Trainer vs Bowflex offer two different models for Hiit Trainers–an original and an upgrade with additional features.

Proform Hiit Cardio Trainers

home gym

Proform carries the Carbon Hiit H7 and the Pro Hiit H14. The H7 retails for around $1,403 or can be financed for $39/ month for 36 months with 0 percent APR financing. It also comes with a three-year family membership for I Fit, their live streaming workout series.

The more expensive Pro 14 retails for around $1,699 or can be financed for $44/ month for 38 months with 0 percent APR financing. It comes with an I Fit membership as well, only this membership is for just one year for an individual.

Bowflex Hiit Cardio Trainers

max total and m6

With Bowflex, you get a choice between the Max Trainer Plus and the Max Total. The Max Trainer Plus retails for around $1,699 or $95/month for 18 months with 0 percent APR financing. It also comes with a two month free trial of their workout app.

Bowflex Max Trainer M6 | Bowflex

The Max Trainer's unique burn rate display motivates you by setting targets to help you achieve your goals. Maximize your fitness journey with the Max Trainer® M6.

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The more expensive Max Total retails for an eye-watering around $2,799 and can be financed for $156/ month for 18 months at 0 percent APR financing. As is the case with the Trainer, it also comes with a two month free trial of a workout app.

Bowflex Max Total | Bowflex

Max meets you with custom workouts that adjust time and intensity as you improve. Real-time feedback and tracking means you'll receive virtual rewards and motivation along the way.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Proform Hiit Trainers are far more affordable–not just for the base price, but also for the fact that they come with one and three-year memberships for streaming workouts, vs a mere two-month free trial.

Of course, I wanted to compare key features, and you can still buy a Bowflex for under the two thousand dollar price point. Nether Bowflex or Proform is the cheapest model out there but within reason.

Main Features and Construction

The very most important factors I look for to find the best HIIT trainers are the quality of the frame; the flywheel that drives movement; handles; and speed or resistance adjustment. All of these features will shape the quality of your workout.

Proform HIIT Cardio Trainers

Both Proform Hiit trainers are driven by 30 lb inertia-enhanced flywheels. The average weight of flywheels for gym equipment is around 50 lbs; the heavier the wheel, the greater the momentum, and typically, the smoother the ride. However, an inertia enhanced flywheel means that the bike has been carefully balanced and designed to enhance motion.

The Hiit H7 features 24 levels of magnetic resistance, and the H14 features 26 levels of magnetic resistance. Both include front wheels for transporting and multifunction handlebars. The frame is solid steel.

Bowflex HIIT Cardio Trainers

Bowflex Cardio HIIT trainers do not supply details about their flywheel construction, which is a notable downside. I do like the integrated handle grips, paired with levels of magnetic resistance.

The Max Total has 20 levels of magnetic resistance, and the Max Trainer has 16. In addition, though both trainers appear sturdy, there is next to no information about the frame construction.

Winner: Proform

Proform Hiit trainers have advantages for main features over Bowflex in numerous ways. While both Bowflex and Proform combine stair stepper and elliptical training, Proform models step it up with more levels of magnetic resistance; inertia enhanced flywheel and sturdy solid steel frame.

Tech Features

proform cardio trainers

Another category of features I like to compare is the technology provided for workout motivation. While not a must-have, this can include screens and touchscreens; displays; heart rate monitors, and wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity.

Proform HIIT Cardio Trainers

Proform Hiit cardio trainers feature a 7-inch touchscreen and a 14-inch touchscreen for the upgraded model, to be used to stream I-Fit workouts.

You’ll also get an EKG grip heart rate monitor, making it seamless to keep track of your health and fitness goals. Dual Bluetooth speakers enhance audio quality, while an integrated fan keeps you cool.

Bowflex Hiit Cardio Trainers

Bowflex Hiit trainers feature either a 9.6-inch touchscreen display or an interactively, backlist LCD screen. The upgraded model’s touchscreen allows you to stream your favorite shows through Netflix, Hulu, and more, with wi-fi connectivity. Both come with Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and USB ports, and integrated heart rate monitors.

Winner: Bowflex

While both Proform and Bowflex no doubt have excellent tech features, Bowflex just barely gets the edge, if wi-fi connection, port charging, and streaming shows is important to you. In fact, Bowflex is one of the few companies I have seen that allows you to stream shows. That said, it’s a close call.

Workout Comfort

bowflex max trainer series

For workout comfort, my criteria is to look at the handlebars, seat, and construction. I also like additional features, such as an ergonomic design, cushioning, and fans.

Proform Hiit Cardio Trainers

Proform Hiit cardio trainers come with fans; oversized and cushioned pedals, and oversized leveling feet. These features are taken together are not ergonomic per se, but they do give you extra cushioning to reduce impact, give you enough room for your workouts, and keep you and the machine cool.

Bowflex Hiit Cardio Trainers

Bowflex Hiit trainers do not feature fans. While they do have overall cushioning, there is not specialized cushioning to reduce the impact of workouts. Overall, Bowflex Hiit trainers may be easy enough to use, but they are the most comfortable option possible.

Winner: Proform

Proform offers a fan and added cushioning to keep your workouts comfortable, and easily takes over Bowflex machines in this category.

Workout Experience

workout experience

Sometimes you’re just in search of home gym equipment that you can use, but an added perk is the ability to live stream workouts. Not only can these be motivating; they can also push you to vary your training.

Proform Hiit Cardio Trainers

Proform comes with one or three-year memberships for I-Fit, which are workouts you can stream through the screens that come with their Hiit trainers. These workouts are led by specialized trainers and provide immersive backdrops for your home or the option for in-person lessons. You can also track your sessions.

Bowflex Hiit Cardio Trainers

For Bowflex Max models, Hiit sessions can be led with a fitness app. The app is offered with a 2-month trial. These fitness apps work in a more traditional sense, like MyFitnessPal— allowing you to track calories burned and workout length. You can integrate the app with other fitness apps.

You can buy the Bowflex JRNY for an additional cost, which provides trainer-led sessions.

Winner: Proform

Proform offers more personalized and immersive workout sessions.

Customer Experience and Policies


The final factor I want to compare for Proform Hiit trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainers was overall customer satisfaction, both from customer reviews and for policies like warranties.

Proform Hiit Cardio Trainers

All Proform Hiit cardio trainers come with free shipping, a 30-day trial, and a 10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, and a 1-Year Labor Warranty.

Across reviews, Proform Hiit trainers earned an average of a little over 4 out of 5 stars. Most liked the machine itself and quality of workouts–some even mentioned that they’d tried both Bowflex and Proform, and felt that Proform was better than Bowflex. However, there were complaints about software issues for streaming workouts.

Bowflex Hiit Cardio Trainers

Bowflex Hiit trainers come with free shipping, the option for at-home assembly at an additional cost, and a standard 2-year warranty on parts and labor. You can buy additional protection plans at an added cost.

Customer reviews averaged just 2.5 out of 5 stars for Bowflex Max. Customers cited unreliable connection; poor frame construction; and easily broken parts. Though some did enjoy workouts on Bowflex, the reviews were more negative than positive.

Winner: Proform

Proform offers more generous warranty policies and suffers from far fewer complaints than Bowflex does.


Question: Is it better to do HIIT in the morning or evening?

Answer: There is no one right time to do Hiit workouts. I recommend seeing what schedule works best for your schedule and energy levels. However, remember to properly fuel your workouts, and avoid Hiit workouts two hours before bed. Those two hours allow your body to cool down and will prevent an intense workout from disrupting your sleep.

Question: Is Hiit bad for muscle gain?

Answer: HIIT workouts are not bad for muscle gain, as long as they are done in moderation. Get adequate nutrition and rest to fuel your body, and take days off for strength and resistance training.

Final Buying Decision: Proform Hiit Trainer

When it comes to overall value and quality, you’re best off buying a Proform Hiit Trainer over a Bowflex Max. As an added bonus, you’ll also save money from the higher end, Bowflex Max.

Not sure if Hiit trainers are right for you? Read how to find the best elliptical trainer.

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