Schwinn 430 Elliptical Review [2021]: Should You Buy it?

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If you want a solid treadmill, Schwinn is a pretty good brand to consider. While it’s not the #1 manufacturer of exercise equipment, it’s known for its reliable, high quality, reasonably priced machines. The Schwinn 430 is a quality elliptical machine with all the fancy additions you need for your workout.

At a relatively good price, it’s a machine worth investing in, so here take a look at our Schwinn 430 review and decide if it’s the perfect choice for you.

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05/05/2021 07:20 pm GMT

About the Schwinn 430

Why should you consider the Schwinn 430 elliptical machine over all the other elliptical machines on the market? The front-drive elliptical has a good power capacity, and it’s a reliable machine that gets the job done. You’ll love the preset routines programmed into the elliptical trainer, giving you the ability to choose your ideal workout, including:

  • Cardio
  • Fat burning
  • Distance training
  • Stair training

The accessories built into the trainer are there for your convenience! You’ll love the quality sound system, the multi-speed fan, the water bottle holder, and the second set of handles–set closer together for those who want to change up the angle of their upper body workout.

There’s even a nifty slot included for your phone, which you can connect to the elliptical’s sound system to belt out those tunes and keep you inspired as you train hard.

Key Features of the 430 Elliptical Machine

  • Programming: Fully programmable elliptical with 22 programs, 2 user settings, and data monitoring to help you stay on top of your workouts.
  • Display: The dual LCD display up to 13 different metrics (heart rate, calories burned, calories burned per hour, distance covered, time, etc.).
  • Data: Schwinn Connect (built into the machine, and the app downloadable to your smartphone/tablet) makes it easy to export the data for your workout. Ideal for those who want to stay on top of their progress and monitor their fitness goals. Compatible with the MyFitnessPal app.
  • Adjustability: Elliptical trainer designed to be easily adjusted, with up to 20 levels of resistance. Adjusting the incline must be done manually.
  • Performance: Weighted flywheel keeps your tread smooth and consistent. Operates quietly, reducing the amount of noise produced by the machine.
  • Connectivity: Comes with a USB port to charge/connect your smartphone, and makes for easy passing of data from the trainer to your smartphone.
  • Monitoring: Integrated heart rate monitor keeps track of your performance to ensure you’re meeting your workout goals, thanks to the workout stats it displays.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be assembled easily and quickly.
  • Comfort” Comfortable cushioning built into the pedal–makes the workout routines easier on your joints!


  • 20-inch, Precision Path stride length for more natural walking/climbing
  • Manually adjustable ramp can be altered up to 10 degrees in 6 different positions
  • 10-Year warranty on the frame
  • 2-Year warranty on mechanical parts
  • 1-Year warranty on electrical parts
  • 90-Day Guarantee for labor
  • Maximum weight: 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 51 x 34 x 22 inches
  • Shipping weight: 226.5 pounds
  • Weight: 182 pounds
  • Price: (Check here for latest)

Pros of the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

Here are a few of the positive things users have had to say about the Schwinn Elliptical:

  • Great for enjoyable workouts — Thanks to the USB charging port built into the machine, it’s easy to keep your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android phone or tablet charged while working out. Plus, you can connect to the built-in speaker system, making it easy to watch movies or listen to music as you work out.
  • Wonderfully quiet — Multiple users have called the Schwinn 430 “whisper quiet” or a similar variation. The machine has been designed to run silently, so it will make a lot less noise than competing ellipticals or treadmills. Ideal for parents who want to work out within earshot of sleeping children!
  • Not quite gym quality, but great for at-home use — While the machine isn’t up to par with the costly ($3,000+) ellipticals you’ll find at the average gym/fitness center, many users have commented that it’s the best at-home elliptical machine they have used.
  • Easy to control — Thanks to the buttons built into the control panel, you have total control over your workout speed and resistance level. You’ll be able to choose from the 20+ preset workout program modes, making it easy to find the workout that suits you best.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Cons of the Schwinn 430

Here are a few of the negative things users have had to say about the Schwinn 430:

  • It’s very heavy — At over 200 pounds of shipping weight (or 180+ pounds once unpacked), this is NOT an easy treadmill to get into your home. If the delivery person doesn’t bring it into the house for you, you’ll need two or more people to move it. Once set up, it’s not easy to move! Note: Make sure to set it up on solid flooring.
  • Fan not very versatile — If you are above-average or well below average height, you may not feel the fan. Those taller than 6′ will feel the fan around their neck or chest, while those shorter than 5′ 3″ will not feel it at all. It cannot be adjusted according to your height.
  • Manual adjustment — If you want to adjust the incline of the elliptical machine (to increase the resistance level), you have to stop your workout, step off the machine, and adjust it manually. This is an annoying, inconvenient interruption for your workout.
  • Short stride — Many users (even those NOT above average height) have commented that the 20-inch stride feels short. A better, more natural stride would be more along the lines of 24 to 28 inches, so this shorter stride length makes it feel a bit awkward.

Other Options to Consider – Schwinn 430 Alternatives

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine This Schwinn product isn’t as high-tech as the 430, but it’s a much cheaper option. It only comes with 7 workout programs and 8 levels of resistance. It has the built-in speakers and grip heart-rate monitors, along with a single LCD window to display metrics. Still for $399 (nearly $200 cheaper), it’s not a bad option.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer — If you prefer the style of elliptical that is easier on your joints, you’ll love this recumbent elliptical trainer! The cross-trainer design means your upper body gets a workout as you pedal/step, and you get 14 different workouts and resistance levels from this bad boy. It’s ideal for heavier people, as it can handle up to 350 pounds. It’s also more compact and easier to move around, thanks to its transport wheels.

Exerpeutic Aero Air EllipticalsThis bad boy is one of the cheapest ellipticals around (just under $90), but it’s not the most durable option. It will feel like an inexpensive at-home machine, beautifully compact, and made to fit in smaller spaces. If you’re trying to start a home gym with limited space, this is the machine for you. It has a wonderfully natural stride, multiple resistance levels, and the LCD screen to display multiple workout metrics.

FAQs About the Schwinn 430 Elliptical

What is the difference between Schwinn 430 and 470?

Besides being a bit more expensive than the Schwinn 430, the 470 models also offers more programs, resistance levels and user profiles.

Should you use the elliptical everyday?

No. Even if you are a professional athlete, you should have a rest day at least once a week in order for your muscles to recover. If you train every day, you are risking serious health issues from overtraining, so always make sure you’re on the right track.

Is elliptical or bike better?

It’s not always easy to choose just one fitness machine, but if you are looking for the one that provides faster results, you should definitely go with an elliptical, as it burns more calories than a static bike.

Final Spin on the Schwinn 430

The Schwinn 430 is one of the top-selling machines on Amazon, making it one of the best options to consider. It’s slightly pricier than some of its competitors (as you saw in the “other options” section above), but when you consider its versatility and reliability, it’s a great choice. There are a few drawbacks of the machine, but all in all, it’s a solid option for your at-home workouts..

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
05/05/2021 07:20 pm GMT

How To Build A Home Gym On A Budget


(Even if you have small or limited space!)


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