Tempo vs Mirror

Tempo vs Mirror: Which Program is Right for You?

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Smart mirrors are a great alternative to going to the gym. With these tools, you will be able to work out and follow online classes from the privacy of your own home. Both Tempo vs Mirror will save you a lot of time and plenty of space compared to other home gym systems. Simply put, you will gain access to numerous workout and fitness classes, all included in one single device that’s both sleek and compact.

These fitness machines are also interactive, which means you will benefit from many advantages similar to the ones you get when you work with a personal trainer.

That’s possible because smart mirrors will count your reps, offer you recommendations about increasing the weight or resistance you’re working with, and keep track of your progress in real-time.

There are many available choices out there, but two of them have gotten my attention lately. I am talking about the Tempo Home Studio and Mirror. Both these devices are popular and effective.

In today’s comparative review, I will detail the features, pros, cons, and other useful information about Mirror and Tempo so that it will become easier for you to opt for the one that’s more suitable for your preferences and need.


Main Differences Between Tempo vs Mirror

The main differences between Tempo vs Mirror are:

  • The Mirror device is a reflective screen that allows you to follow the classes while also paying attention to your body form and posture, whereas Tempo doesn’t work that way;
  • Tempo looks like a fitness armoire because, besides the mirror, it also comes with storage space, whereas Mirror is just a wall-mounted screen and, if it’s not turned on, it looks like any other classical mirrors that you may have in your house;
  • The Mirror device will occupy less space in your house, whereas Mirror requires additional floor space due to its shape and design.

Tempo vs Mirror – the Basic Aspects

Both mirror devices feature large screens where you can see all the available workout classes as well as your personal performance metrics.

Tempo also comes with accessories such as resistance equipment like weight plates and dumbbells. Regardless of which of these two fitness smart mirrors you decide to purchase, you will also have to download a mobile app and become a subscriber of the apps’ monthly memberships.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to see and use all the additional functions like live feedback from an instructor, progress tracking, and more.

Tempo vs Mirror – Most Important Features

To know which one of these two smart mirrors is the ideal choice for your needs, you must first find out the most important features of these devices; so, here they are.

Tempo’s Main Features


The Tempo home-workout device is a smart mirror that can stand on its own and features a large display as well as a weight rack that’s built-in. The fact that this mirror can stand alone leads to less effort and stress during the installation process.

Also, you won’t have to drill holes in the walls of your home. Besides the weight rack, there’s also a storage area where you can place your fitness accessories.

The actual screen weighs 100 pounds and the touchscreen’s display measures 42 inches. You will also benefit from a couple of speakers that come in the package. These are only the basic characteristics, but you can opt for some extra specs like the ones detailed below.

Tempo’s Special Features

Tempo’s coolest specs are represented by its 3D sensors that sense your movements and keep track of your exercises. That way, you can receive instant feedback and personalized workout recommendations. There are three available options when it comes to Tempo.

Tempo Starter Studio

This offer comes with:

  • A workout mat;
  • Six weight collars;
  • Two dumbbells of about 7.5 pounds;
  • Weight plates.

Tempo Plus

The Tempo Plus option comes with:

  • All the accessories listed above for the Tempo Starter Studio;
  • One barbell;
  • One foam roller;
  • A heart rate monitor;
  • Competition weight plates;
  • A foldable workout bench.

Tempo Pro

The premium alternative offers you:

  • All the items listed above that come with the Tempo Plus option;
  • A folding squat rack;
  • A kettlebell system;
  • Additional competition weight plates.

See how Tempo compares to Tonal in our full comparison here.

Mirror’s Main Features



With Mirror, you won’t need as much floor space as you would if you choose to purchase the Tempo device. The screen is modern and sleek. You can easily mount this thin screen on your wall or use its freestanding options. The display measures 40 inches and weighs 70 pounds.

This fitness device has a front-facing camera, two speakers, and a microphone. One important thing you must keep in mind is the fact that the screen of the Mirror isn’t a touchscreen like the one Tempo and other similar tools have.

You control the whole thing via its dedicated mobile app which can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android devices.

Mirror’s Special Features

Compared to Tempo, Mirror decided to keep things as simple as possible. Most of the workouts don’t require you to use any accessories and they’re focused on using your body weight.

Still, certain bundle packages also have amazing extras, such as Lululemon branded accessories. For instance, you could also get yoga mats, resistance bands, foam rollers, a heart rate monitor, etc.

You can use the heart rate monitor and your headphones with the Mirror due to its Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a built-in microphone and video camera so that you can engage in one-on-one personal training workouts.

Types of Workouts


The technology these two devices use is important, but what most users consider essential is represented by the types of workouts Tempo and Mirror enable them to do.

Tempo Workouts

With Tempo, you will focus on strength training by using the weight plates this smart mirror comes with. You can also choose to follow workout sessions that don’t require any weight lifting.

Besides strength training, Tempo also allows its users to engage in HIIT workouts, recovery exercises, and cardio routines. You will even find a couple of yoga classes.

Although Tempo uploads new classes on a weekly basis, overall, it provides fewer workout types compared to the ones offered by Mirror. With Tempo, you can choose between live and on-demand classes.

Mirror Workouts

Compared to Tempo, Mirror focuses more on cardio workouts and most of the routines don’t involve accessories such as weights. Therefore, you will rely on your body weight. At the same time, Tempo comes with more accessories than Mirror.

Some of the most popular types of workouts you will find on this device are HIIT, cardio, yoga, sculpting, meditation, dance, Pilates, stretching, boxing, kickboxing, and more.

With Mirror, you can opt for 1-on-1 training sessions with a personal trainer. It even allows users to engage in partner workouts. Mirror uploads around 70 new workout classes every week.

Tempo vs Mirror – Pros and Cons

Mirror Workouts

Let’s talk a bit about the advantages and downsides of each of these two smart mirrors.

Tempo Pros

  • Users have access to a wide range of both on-demand and live workout classes that are suitable for all levels of experience;
  • The instructors know what they’re doing and they’re excellent at their job;
  • The screen is large and the design is very appealing;
  • You will receive customized weight recommendations;
  • Users will get real-time feedback regarding their posture and form;
  • With this tool, you will be able to keep count of your reps;
  • You can also track your calorie burn due to a heart rate monitor that can be easily connected with Tempo;
  • The price of this smart mirror includes all the accessories.

Tempo Cons

  • If your Internet connection is slow, you might deal with a lot of buffering;
  • The lack of no-partner workouts might be a disadvantage for some people;
  • The rep counting feature isn’t always very accurate;
  • Some say that including a bench could boost the value of this product;
  • If you want to become a class member, you must pay extra;
  • It doesn’t allow you to customize the playlist.

Mirror Pros

  • There are thousands of different workouts that can be done by a wide range of people, from beginners to experienced fitness aficionados;
  • The instructors are well-prepared and they have plenty of experience in the fitness field;
  • You can choose from numerous different types of workouts so you will not get bored that easily;
  • The design is sleek and looks amazing;
  • The display is large and nice;
  • It’s a great choice if you don’t have a lot of space;
  • It lets you customize the music playlist any way you want.

Mirror Cons

  • It is a bit expensive compared to other similar devices;
  • You will have to pay a monthly subscription service to access all the workouts and use all the tool’s functionalities;
  • There’s no touchscreen;
  • It doesn’t come with weights or other accessories;
  • You won’t receive feedback about your body posture and form during the workouts.

Tempo vs Mirror – Main Alternatives

Here are some of the most popular alternatives to Tempo and Mirror. I’ve picked them based on their functionalities, popularity, and user ratings.

Echelon Reflect Touch

Echelon Reflect Touch

The Echelon Reflect Touch mirror is also worth considering due to its level of quality. It resembles the Mirror a bit because it also has a camera that faces front. This product comes with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers. With it, you will be able to measure your heart rate.

Due to Echelon‘s clever design, you will easily engage in interactive workouts and even compete against your friends or other users. There’s a system based on earning points every time you exercise at various heart rate levels: cardio, weight loss, anaerobic, etc.

Check out our full Echelon vs Mirror comparison.


  • It’s a versatile smart mirror that can be mounted on the wall or just leaned against it;
  • It allows you to engage in a wide variety of exercises such as cardio, boxing, yoga, strength training, Pilates, and more;
  • The design is sleek and modern;
  • The entire system is user-friendly and convenient;
  • There’s an app that provides users with a customized exercising experience;
  • You will benefit from a free trial of 30 days.


  • The price and package doesn’t include professional installation;
  • You will need a strong Internet connection to use this mirror at its optimal level.

VAULT Fitness Mirror by Nordic Track

VAULT Fitness Mirror by Nordic Track

Your livingroom workouts will become so much cooler with the Vault smart mirror from Nordic Track. This interactive fitness device stands on its own and allows you to browse and follow numerous different workouts. It features an HD touchscreen that measures 23 inches in diameter.

This product comes with storage space and you can order the mirror with or without additional fitness equipment. The fitness gear I am talking about consists of yoga blocks, dumbbells, a mat, resistance bands, kettlebells, and more.


  • The storage space is a vertical one and it will help you keep all your workout accessories organized;
  • The touchscreen can be rotated and it also works as a regular mirror when it’s turned off;
  • You can choose from numerous on-demand classes;
  • The carbon-steel frame is very durable and looks modern and sleek;
  • Its warranty period is longer compared to the one provided by other brands.


  • You cannot access any live classes because the device doesn’t offer that at the moment;
  • It’s a bit on the pricey side;
  • You won’t be able to train with a personal trainer.

ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror

ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror

The ProForm fitness mirror comes with plenty of gear that will come in handy during your exercising routines. It features a touchscreen of 22 inches and it comes with fitness equipment that will assist you during the gadget’s guided workouts.

You will also see built-in speakers as well as a much-appreciated barbell that can accommodate various weight plates.

If you purchase this product, you will also receive a pair of dumbbells and an iFit membership that’s available for one whole year. Via the iFit app, you will be able to access a wide range of effective workouts.


  • The design of this smart mirror is modern yet elegant and sleek;
  • The package also contains weights and other accessories;
  • You will never get bored because there are hundreds of available workouts to opt from;
  • It’s a Bluetooth-compatible fitness device;
  • The large touchscreen is HD and it swivels for optimal viewing;
  • This product has a great warranty policy.


  • The workouts are more suitable for beginners;
  • You will need to purchase a heart rate monitor and a workout mat separately;
  • Certain workout routines include extra equipment that you might need to buy.

Tempo vs Mirror – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will Tempo Studio Correct Your Posture and Form?

Answer: Yes, the device makes useful recommendations regarding a proper posture and a good form during the exercises that are based on your current form and fitness goals.

Question: Will Fitness Instructors See You During Smart Mirror Workouts?

Answer: The Mirror device features a camera that you can use during one-on-one personal training workouts. But, when you follow other online classes and you don’t want others to see you, all you have to do is simply cover the camera with a piece of paper or something.

Question: Can You Benefit from Using Tempo Studio Without a Membership?

Answer: You can use the Tempo smart mirror with or without paying for a monthly membership. However, if you don’t become a subscriber, you won’t gain access to all the available coaches, online classes, and the entire range of functionalities that this tool provides.

Tempo vs Mirror – Bottom Line

Both Tempo and Mirror are great workout devices for home use. They are compact and high-tech solutions. Mirror is a bit more affordable than Tempo, but Tempo should be your go-to choice if you want to focus on strength training.

Compared to Mirror, Tempo also differentiates itself through its real-time feedback and recommendations.

Mirror is a better choice for those who prefer to engage in bodyweight exercises. Also, if you already have many fitness accessories at home, Mirror could also be a very good choice for you. It’s more affordable than Tempo and occupies less floor space.

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