Mirror vs FITURE

Mirror vs FITURE Compared: The Ultimate Fitness Mirror Battle! 

Do you love working out by yourself with no strangers around to check you out and judge you? Well, then get a workout mirror (like Mirror vs FITURE).  

A workout mirror is a smart all-in-one interactive at-home gym, meeting all your exercise needs in the comfort of your home. I love workout mirrors, and the device certainly beats trying to see what the trainer is doing from a small iPad or phone. 

I recently decided to treat myself and had to determine which workout mirror best meets my needs. The Mirror is a popular option, but I really wanted to know more about FITURE, a newcomer in fitness mirror options. 

I decided to compile all my research and share it, so you can easily find the best at-home fitness solution for you. Who wins in this Mirror vs FITURE battle?    


My Bottom Line Up Front: Which One Is Best, Mirror or FITURE?

If you want a quick answer in knowing which workout mirror – FITURE vs Mirror – is best, the winner is:  



  • Comes in 5 colors to fit your style and decor  
  • Don’t need smart exercise equipment since FITURE accurately counts my reps and tracks my exercise form  
  • Has gamification features (and I love high-fiving the trainer after a grueling sweat-fest session – wouldn’t you?)  

The Main Differences between Mirror vs FITURE

The main differences between Mirror vs Fiture are: 

  • The Mirror only comes in one “color” option – a bronze powder coat, whereas FITURE comes in five cool color options – night, oasis, ocean, stardust, and sunlight.  
  • Currently, there’s only one FITURE model, whereas you can choose between four Mirror packages (Basic, Essentials, Pro, and Family). Each package has the same Mirror, but as the price increases, so does the exercise equipment.  
  • The Mirror tracks your exercise repetitions and form when you use smart weights, whereas FITURE tracks your exercise form and reps and gives feedback when you use your own exercise gear. 
  • The Mirror has plenty more exercise classes with 10,000+ on-demand classes and daily classes, whereas FITURE currently only has 100+ on-demand workouts and interactive classes. 
  • FITURE has gamification features, whereas Mirror doesn’t (currently) offer.   


The Mirror looks like a giant-size smartphone that is freestanding, wall-mounted, or on a U-shaped stand, depending on your preference. 

The bronze powder-coated Mirror has four models you can choose from: 

The Mirror (Basic) 

mirror basic vs FITURE

The Basic Mirror model costs $1,495. It’s similar to the FITURE because you don’t get any exercise equipment with your purchase. 

You get the Mirror, a Mirror stand, a camera lens cap, and a standard warranty. 

The Mirror Essentials 

MIRROR Essentials

Included with the Mirror Essentials ($1.696) is everything in the Basic package. However, you get some fitness gear too: a yoga block, a reversible mat, a loop it up mat strap, a fitness band pack, a heart rate monitor, and a double foam mini roller.  

The Mirror Pro 

mirror pro

When you buy the Mirror Pro ($1,795), you get a workout towel, a pair of weights, and everything you get with the Essentials package.   

The Mirror Family 


The Mirror Family ($2,045) has everything the Mirror Pro has. Since it’s for a family, you get two pairs of workout towels, yoga blocks, mat straps, reversible mats, heart rate monitors, and weights. 

This is an excellent option if you want to work out with your partner or kids!

Key Features of Mirror

  • 4.6 feet high, 1.8 feet wide, 1.4 inches deep
  • Weighs 70 pounds 
  • 43-inch HD 1080p display with a 178-degree viewing angle 
  • Omnidirectional microphone and 4 x 15 W high-fidelity stereo speaker system 
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera
  • Your purchase includes delivery, installation, a care kit, a stand mount, and a Mirror subscription for a year  
  • A Mirror subscription costs $39.99 per month 

Here are the main pros and cons of the Mirror fitness mirror


  • Has 4 models to choose from to suit your exercise needs 
  • Large display screen (when compared to other workout mirrors) 
  • Connect your Apple music account for awesome tunes while you workout 
  • Sync your Apple Watch, Android OS watch, or heart rate monitor to see your stats while you sweat 
  • Use the performance metrics to personalize your workout goals 
  • Durable, sleek mirror 
  • Choose from 10,000+ on-demand classes, new daily live classes, and 50+ exercise genres 


  • No touchscreen, so use your phone or tablet to choose your workout programs (a plus for me since the fingerprint smudges can be unsightly) 
  • Can only track your exercise form and reps when you use smart weights 


fiture gym vs Mirror

The FITURE workout mirror looks almost identical to the Mirror. If you don’t know specific facts about each, it’ll be easy to think a FITURE is a Mirror and vice versa. 

They cost the same ($1,495), but the FITURE comes in five color options while the Mirror’s finish is bronze. FITURE is also taller by a foot and a little wider; however, both workout mirrors have a 43-inch HD no-touchscreen display. 

The life-size fitness instructors on the mirror screen create an immersive fitness experience. You’ll feel like you are at the gym, except you’re in the comfort of your own space with no prying eyes.      

Key Features of FITURE

  • Height of 5.6 feet, width of 1.9 feet, and depth of 1.6 inches
  • Weighs 60 pounds 
  • 43-inch screen with an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 
  • 2 speakers pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers 
  • Can be freestanding, lean against a wall, or wall-mounted 
  • Comes with a one-piece power cord, magnetic camera cover, user manual, cleaning cloth, and anti-tilt anchor set    
  • A FITURE subscription costs $39 per month  

Here are the main FITURE pros and cons: 


  • Overall immersive exercise experience with the sound, exercise instructors, and choice of fitness routine 
  • Use Bluetooth to sync your fitness device and heart rate monitor 
  • Small footprint, so you don’t feel like the FITURE clutters up your space 
  • Choose from 5 amazing color options (I’m torn between ocean, sunlight, and stardust)
  • Use Motion Engine Technology to give feedback on your exercise form, count reps, and track your performance – all without needing smart weights! 
  • Has gamification features like weekly challenges and control gestures 
  • Choose from over a hundred on-demand fitness and interactive classes, or create custom workouts to suit your needs  


  • Like the Mirror, no touchscreen 
  • Need to request if you want your FITURE to be mounted to a wall 

3 Other Fitness Mirror Alternatives to Consider

Not sure if the Mirror or FITURE suits your needs or your budget? 

Here are the best workout mirror alternatives:  

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack Vault

Best for plenty of fitness classes  

I really like the NordicTrack Vault, and it’s a great contender. The workout mirror has a vault behind the screen to store your exercise equipment. 

The upside is your exercise space doesn’t look like a home gym. It’s sleek; only you will know you have a workout mirror (unless one of your buddies knows and begs to exercise in your space). 

There are two models: the Standalone and the Complete. The only real difference is the equipment you get with the Complete model. 

Here’s a brief summary of the NordicTrack Vault Standalone and Complete models: 

  • The Standalone model costs $1,999, and the Complete model costs $2,999
  • You need an iFit subscription; otherwise, the NordicTrack Vault is just a mirror. 
  • You get an iFit Yearly Family Plan included with your purchase. Once the year’s up, choose between the Monthly Family Plan at $39/month, the Yearly Family Plan at $396/annum, or the Yearly Individual Plan at $180/annum.  
  • Included with both models are the NordicTrack Vault workout mirror, adjustable shelves for the storage space, and a microfiber towel.
  • You get exercise equipment with the Complete model: a yoga mat, resistance bands, loop bands, yoga blocks, kettlebells, and dumbbells


  • Rotating mirror so you can find the right angle to see the trainer 
  • Loads of exercise options with 16,000+ live and on-demand classes and 150+ built-in fitness classes 
  • Storage space with adjustable shelves for your gear (or if you need to hide your chocolate bars from your kids or partner!)
  • Sync your heart rate monitor via Bluetooth  
  • Durable and elegant design 


  • The workout mirror is heavy at 258 pounds, so the mirror stays where it’s installed in your home 
  • Touchscreen display is relatively small at 32 inches 
  • You need to track your exercise form 

Check out my NordicTrack Vault alternatives guide if you want more workout mirror options or continue reading our complete Mirror vs Nordictrack Vault comparison.

Echelon Reflect: Best for Your Budget

echelon reflect

The Echelon Reflect mirror looks almost identical to the Mirror and FITURE; however, there’s no U-shape stand at the bottom. This means you’ll have to attach the Echelon Reflect to a wall in your house where you have space to exercise. 

However, the workout mirror looks sleek and doubles as a mirror when not in use, so guests will think you’ve got a cool, modern-looking mirror. It’s a win-win. 

Like the NordicTrack Vault, there are also two models: the Echelon Reflect and the Echelon Reflect Touch.    

Here’s a brief summary of the differences between the two models: 

  • The Echelon Reflect is budget-friendly at $749, while the Echelon Reflect Touch costs double at $1,499
  • The workout mirrors are pretty much the same, except that the Reflect model doesn’t have a touchscreen, and it’s a smaller and lighter mirror with a larger display 

I like the Echelon Reflect – no fingerprint smudges. And it’s a steal for under $1,000. 


  • More than 3,000 on-demand classes and 40+ new daily live classes so you won’t get bored when exercising with the mirror 
  • Connect your earphones and fitness device via Bluetooth to the mirror 
  • See real-time stats like your heart rate and goals on the screen so you know when to push yourself more 
  • Choose from various exercise genres: Pilates, yoga, cardio, stretching, kickboxing, and more 
  • Sleek design with a zero-footprint 


  • Doesn’t provide exercise form-tracking and feedback, so like the NordicTrack Vault, you need to self-monitor your form 
  • Exercise gear isn’t included, so depending on the exercises you do, you need to buy some or use what you have 
  • Needs to be wall-mounted (luckily, the bracket you need is included with your purchase) 

ProForm Vue: Best for Strength Training

proform vue

The ProForm Vue workout mirror and storage cabinet is a nice little at-home gym setup

I adore strength training and why I included this mirror as an alternative to FITURE and Mirror. However, you aren’t stuck with just strength training exercises – you can pick any exercise genre and follow along with the exercises that iFit offers. 

The ProForm Vue looks a lot like the Mirror and FITURE workout mirrors, except that it has a charging dock-like stand instead of the U-frame stand. You can swivel the ProForm Vue to find a good angle when you do your workouts. 

The mirror costs $1,499, and you get a barbell, dumbbells, and weight plates with your purchase. Like the NordicTrack Vault, you can store your exercise equipment in the “vault” behind the display screen.   


  • iFit subscription offers 16,000 on-demand and live classes and 150+ built-in fitness classes 
  • Freestanding workout mirror with a cool design 
  • You can set up and install the mirror 
  • Perfect for newbies 
  • Storage space for exercise equipment 


  • Small touchscreen display (especially when compared to other workout mirrors) 
  • The included exercise gear is enough when you start out, but as you level up, you need more equipment 
  • No exercise form monitoring or feedback  

Mirror vs FITURE FAQs

Question: What is a workout mirror? 

Answer: A workout mirror looks like a mirror, but the mirror screen displays workouts you can follow. The smart at-home equipment usually requires a monthly subscription to a workout app; from there, access live and on-demand classes, personalized workouts, and more.    

Question: How much does a workout mirror cost? 

Answer: The cost for a workout mirror depends on the brand you buy and any accessories you add. On the budget-friendly side, expect to pay $750 to $1,500. However, some workout mirrors cost upward of $2,000. You also need to pay an average monthly fee of $35 to $39 or opt for an annual subscription at a discount.   

Question: How does a workout mirror work? 

Answer: A workout mirror displays fitness classes on the mirror-like screen. Choose the fitness program or workout you’d like to complete by using the fitness app that works with the mirror on your smart device or by interacting with the touchscreen. 

The workout mirror offers an immersive exercise experience with life-like fitness trainers doing the exercises with you and the music that plays through the mirror’s speakers. If you choose a personalized class, the trainer can speak to you via the speakers and track your exercise form and reps via the camera. It’s like having a virtual personal trainer with you at home.

My Final Thoughts on the Winner: Mirror vs FITURE?

I like the Mirror, but the newcomer – FITURE – kind of stole my heart. And so, I declare that FITURE is the winner of this workout mirror battle. 

Both mirrors are sleek, have a small footprint, and basically look the same. I already have exercise equipment I use. And FITURE sold me on the mirror since it tracks my reps and form without me needing to spend extra money. (We’ve all gotta look after our hard-earned money, after all.) 

And yes, I love the many more exercise options Mirror offers, but I’m pretty sure FITURE will add many more training programs soon. Until then, I can wait and supplement my training with Fitness Blender workouts. Two of my favorite go-tos are the 90-minute, 1,000-calorie challenge or the upper body and cardio kickboxing workout.

Happy training, ya’ll!

P.S. Looking for other in-depth comparisons? Check out the Mirror vs OxeFit, the Mirror vs ProForm Vue, and the Mirror vs Peloton battles. 

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