NordicTrack Vault Alternatives

NordicTrack Vault Alternatives: The Ultimate Guide

Fitness mirrors have become increasingly popular, so you need this NordicTrack Vault alternatives guide. 

With the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns where even visiting a gym was a big no-no, fitness mirrors bring your personal trainer to you so you can exercise from the comfort (and safe air) of your own home. And for those who are introverted, getting in quality workouts at home seems way better than heading to the gym or elsewhere where there are just too many people (even if you don’t interact with them). Right?

I know I don’t like too many eyes around when I do my HIIT and strength training workouts, and a home gym is the perfect solution for me. 

NordicTrack Vault is amazing and backed by a trusted and reputable fitness brand. But maybe it doesn’t quite match your needs or training style? 

If you are looking for the best home gym alternatives to NordicTrack Vault, you are in the right place. I’ve got all the deets for you, starting with the best fitness mirror. 

NordicTrack Vault


Bottom Line: What’s the Best NordicTrack Vault Alternative?

The best NordicTrack Vault alternative is the Mirror Pro. I love the smart weights that can track my reps (I always seem to lose focus somewhere and either do 10 too many or 5 fewer reps!) and monitor my form. 

I’ve injured myself before because my form wasn’t correct, and the smart fitness mirror has been a lifesaver! Plus, I get to choose from more than 10,000 workout classes, and there are new live classes every day, too – I’ll never get bored when I work out with my Mirror Pro. 

At a Glance: All the Best NordicTrack Vault Alternatives

I’ve got a table summarizing everything you need to know if you are in a hurry and want to know the other great alternatives to NordicTrack Vault. 

Best NordicTrack Vault Alternatives  Key Features  Price 
The Mirror – Best Fitness Mirror Overall + for Exercise Variety 
  • Comes in 4 packages with different accessories 
  • Operate the Mirror via your phone 
  • 43-inch display
  • With smart weights, you can track your form 
  • 10,000+ workout classes, 50+ fitness genres, and new live classes 
    • Basic $1495 
    • Essentials $1,696
    • Pro $1,795
    • Family $2,045 
  • Monthly subscription of $39.99 
Tonal – Best Fitness Mirror for Toning 
  • Live and on-demand exercise options 
  • Integrates with Apple Music and Amazon Music 
  • Exercise form guidance and feedback 
  • Personalized workout programs 
  • Spotter to help reduce injuries 
  • $2,995
  • $495 for Smart Accessories (or buy T-lock adapters) 
  • $49 per month for a membership 
  • Pay for delivery and assembly 
Tempo Studio – Best Fitness Mirror for Traditional Strength Training 
  • Large 42” touchscreen display 
  • Included cabinet for exercise equipment storage 
  • 1,000+ workouts 
  • Exercise form monitoring and feedback 
  • Performance tracking 
  • Starter $2,495
  • Plus $3,245
  • Pro $3,995
  • Membership at $39 per month 
Echelon – Best Budget Fitness Mirror
  • 3,000+ on-demand workouts and 40+ daily classes 
  • Need to self-monitor your exercise form and adjust 
  • Zero-footprint design 
  • Connect earphones and smart fitness device via Bluetooth for exercise tracking
  • Reflect Touch $1,499.99
  • Reflect $749.99
  • $399.99 for an annual membership 
ProForm Vue – Best Fitness Mirror for Small Spaces
  • Freestanding fitness mirror 
  • Comes with a storage closet for weights and accessories 
  • Pivot the mirror to find the right angle for your workouts 
  • Self-monitor exercise form and correct 
  • No professional installation needed 
  • $1,499
  • iFit membership $39 per month 
OxeFit – Best Fitness Mirror Splurge 
  • Classy design in three color options 
  • Offers various training options – strength, cardio, balance, functional exercises, and metabolic conditioning 
  • Built-in safety and injury protection 
  • Provides form feedback 
  • XS1 $3,999
  • XP1 $42,500
  • Various package options, starting at $549 
  • Membership, starting at $39.99 per month 
FORME Life Studio Mirror – Best Fitness Mirror for Personalization 
  • Lots of personalization options with Barra and/or Sculpt Bundle packages, workout classes, and one-on-one training 
  • Immersive exercise experience 
  • Real-time stats help you perform better 
  • Sleek design doubles as a full-length mirror 
  • Studio $2,495
  • Studio LIFT $4495 
  • Various package options, starting at $225 
  • Membership of $39 per month 

7 Best NordicTrack Vault Alternatives

Ready for an in-depth dive into the best NordicTrack Vault alternatives? Here they are! 

1. Mirror

the mirror pro NordicTrack Vault Alternative

Price: Basic $1495; Essentials $1,696; Pro $1,795; Family $2,045 + Subscription of $39.99 per month 

The Mirror Pro is one of four Mirror packages; the others are The Mirror (Basic), Mirror Essentials, and Mirror Family

The Mirror (Basic) best compares with the NordicTrack Vault Standalone model. In contrast, the Mirror Essentials or Mirror Pro can be compared to the NordicTrack Vault Complete model.

Here’s a list of what’s included in each of the Mirror’s packages: 

What’s Included?  The Mirror (Basic) The Mirror Essentials The Mirror Pro The Mirror Family 
The Mirror 
The Mirror Stand 
Mirror Lens Cap
Mirror Weights     
Standard Warranty 
Mirror Heart Rate Monitor   
Mirror Fitness Band Pack   
Lululemon Loop It Up Mat Strap   
Lululemon Lift & Lengthen Yoga Block   
Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5 mm   
Lululemon Double Foam Roller Mini   
Lululemon Workout Towel     

I love the Mirror for its classy look, thousands of exercises, and that it can track my form so I can learn to work out better and avoid injuries

Check out our comprehensive Mirror vs Nordictrack Vault Comparison to find out more about how these two compare.


  • Can set up a personalized fitness plan 
  • Work out solo or compete with your friends 
  • Smart weights are fully integrated with the Mirror device to track your form and reps 
  • Track performance metrics to personalize your fitness goals 
  • Beautiful design with a 43” screen 
  • Durable carbon steel frame with a mineral bronze powder coating 
  • Choose between putting the Mirror on the included stand or wall-mounting it 
  • Professional instructors teach the fitness classes 
  • 10,000+ workout classes, 50+ fitness genres, and new live classes every day 
  • Purchase comes with a year-long subscription, stand mount, care kit, delivery and installation service 


  • Need a subscription to use Mirror 
  • Doesn’t have a touchscreen display; use your mobile device to set goals and choose a workout 
  • Doesn’t (yet) support other fitness devices like the Garmin or Fitbit watches, but it does support Apple Watch, the Garmin chest strap, and Polar monitors 

2. Tonal


Price: $2,995 + $495 for Smart Accessories + $49 per month Membership 

Tonal is like The Mirror or NordicTrack Vault machines but with a difference. Tonal is described as an “entire gym and personal trainer in your home,” the machine uses revolutionary dynamic weight to personalize your workouts. It adjusts to every move you make, helping you work out to be your strongest self. 

The Smart Accessories, if you add them on, include smart handles with six-axis gyroscopes, a smart bar, a tricep rope, a workout bench, a foam roller, and a workout mat. If you want to use your own accessories, you need to buy T-lock adapters. 

If I could afford it, I think Tonal is a great NordicTrack Vault alternative – but I would love a larger display screen. (Just sayin’.) 

Check out our complete Tonal vs Nordictrack Comparison.


  • Choose from various workout styles: strength, HIIT, yoga, cardio, mobility, and more
  • Personalized programs and automatic weight suggestions 
  • Live and on-demand workout options 
  • Smart equipment tracks your reps, sets, range of motion, power, volume, and time under tension 
  • Gives guidance on form and technique 
  • A spotter helps detect when you are struggling or tired and reduces resistance accordingly, thus keeping you safe 
  • Machine does a strength assessment and gives you detailed performance analytics to help you achieve your fitness goals 
  • Integrated with Apple Music and Amazon Music 
  • Get a 90-day home trial 
  • 3-year limited warranty 


  • Pricey
  • Need to buy Smart Accessories Bundle separately 
  • Need to pay for delivery and assembly; prices vary based on your location 
  • Small 24-inch touchscreen display 

3. Tempo Studio

tempo NordicTrack Vault alternative

Price: Starter $2,495; Plus $3,245; Pro $3,995 + Membership at $39 per month 

Tempo Studio is another all-in-one home gym solution. You get an immersive exercise experience with the HD touchscreen, stereo speakers, accessories, and built-in storage. 

Tempo Studio comes in three different packages, and there’s a mini version called Tempo Move

Tempo Move Tempo Studio Starter Package  Tempo Studio Plus Package  Tempo Studio Pro Package 
  • Tempo Core 
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs dumbbells 
  • Weight storage cabinet 
  • 4 x weight collars 
  • 4 x 1.25 lbs smart weight plates 
  • 4 x 2.5 lbs smart weight plates 
  • 4 x 5 lbs smart weight plates 
  • 42” HD touchscreen
  • Weight storage cabinet 
  • 5 mm workout mat 
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs dumbbells 
  • 4 x weight collars 
  • 75 lbs of weight plates 
  • 42” HD touchscreen
  • Weight storage cabinet 
  • 5 mm workout mat 
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs dumbbells
  • 1 x 25 lb barbell 
  • 6 x weight collars 
  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Recovery foam roller 
  • Folding bench 
  • 75 lbs of weight plates 
  • 2 x 25 lbs of competition plates 
  • 42” HD touchscreen
  • Weight storage cabinet 
  • 5 mm workout mat 
  • 2 x 7.5 lbs dumbbells
  • 1 x 25 lb barbell 
  • 6 x weight collars 
  • Heart rate monitor 
  • Recovery foam roller 
  • Folding bench
  • Folding squat rack 
  • Kettlebell system 
  • Weight Plate Storage 
  • 75 lbs of weight plates 
  • 2 x 25 lbs of competition plates 
  • 2 x 45 lbs of competition plates 

 Tempo Studio features a freestanding design, so you (and I!) don’t need to worry about drilling holes in your walls and accidentally hitting a power cable. It uses smart technology with a 3D time of flight motion sensor to accurately track your reps and offer you guidance so you can improve. 


  • All Tempo Studio Packages are available in white/light gray or dark gray 
  • Large 42” touchscreen display 
  • Included storage cabinet for accessories 
  • Can add up to 6 accounts per membership 
  • 1,000+ workouts in various exercise genres 
  • Recommends the right weights for each workout 
  • Tracks performance and helps tailor your training 
  • Form monitoring and feedback 
  • Delivery and installation/setup service included with purchase 
  • 30-day risk-free trial 
  • 3-year limited warranty 


  • Not as sleek of a design as other fitness mirrors 
  • Need quite a lot of exercise space (footprint requires 3 feet, but you need 8 feet to exercise) 
  • Mostly strength-training-focused workouts 

4. Echelon Reflect Touch Smart Fitness Mirror


Price: Echelon Reflect $749.99 or Echelon Reflect Touch $1,499.99 + Premium Membership at $399.99 per year 

Echelon has two fitness mirror machines: the Echelon Reflect and the Echelon Reflect Touch. The two mirrors are essentially the same. The Echelon Reflect Touch offers a 50” screen with 32” touchscreen display, while the Echelon Reflect has a 40” display but no touchscreen. 

I think if you don’t need a touchscreen, the simpler Echelon Reflect is a great option. You get a larger screen, which offers a more immersive exercise experience. And best of all, it’s like half the price. Sounds like a win-win to me! 


  • Sleek zero-footprint design 
  • Choose between 40+ live daily classes, 3,000+ on-demand workouts, 60+ professional instructors, and 1 million+ songs and artists 
  • Many exercise genres to choose from: meditation, strength, kickboxing, Pilates, core, cardio, tone, yoga, and stretching 
  • Use Bluetooth to connect your earphones and smart fitness device to track calories burned, heart rate, goals, and more 
  • Self-monitor your form by seeing what you are doing in the mirror vs the trainer’s form 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • 12-month limited parts and labor warranty 
  • Can add a 1-year (at $129.00) or 2-year (at $199) extended warranty 


  • Needs to be wall-mounted, but the bracket is included 
  • Need a membership subscription to use the mirror 
  • Need to buy your own equipment and store them 

Not Satisfied? Here are some of the Best Echelon Alternatives.

5. ProForm Vue

proform vue

Price: $1,499 + iFit membership at $39 per month 

ProForm Vue is a freestanding fitness mirror that comes with accessories: 

  • 1 x 10 lb barbell 
  • 2 x 5 lbs dumbbells 
  • 4 x 2.5 lbs weight plates 

What I love about the ProForm Vue is that you don’t need to worry about where the heck you’re going to store the accessories and any other at-home gym equipment you have. Like NordicTrack Vault Complete, ProForm Vue has storage space when you open the display screen. 

You need an iFit membership to use this fitness mirror. If you already have a subscription (that you run off your phone or tablet), you don’t need to get another membership – just use the one you have. 


  • Freestanding, so you don’t need to drill holes your wall or try to find wall space 
  • With the rotating base, you can pivot the fitness mirror according to your workout needs 
  • Various workout options: HIIT, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and more 
  • Great instructors 
  • Can self-monitor exercise form to ensure you are doing all the reps correctly 
  • Doesn’t need professional installation 
  • 2-year frame warranty, 1-year parts warranty 
  • Ideal for newbies but not so great for advanced exercisers 


  • Small touchscreen display of 22” but the total screen is 60” 
  • Need additional exercise equipment depending on how you want to train 
  • Need to buy heavier weights the stronger you get 
  • A 3-minute unguided warm-up period that isn’t very motivating 

6. OxeFit


Price: Depends on model, package, and subscription option 

OxeFit has two fitness mirror-like machines on the market: the XP1 and the XS1

The XS1, priced at $3,999, is an all-in-one home gym for total body fitness, available in: 

  • a black frame with black details 
  • a black frame with silver details 
  • a gray frame with rose gold details 

I really like the feminine look of the silver/rose gold XS1. 

XS1 also comes in three packages: Flex, Flow, and Peak. You get different accessories depending on the package you choose to match your training style. 

  1. Flex is for ski cross and strength training ($549) with a Power Membership at $39.99 per month (or get a discount if you choose the 24-month, 36-month, or 48-month subscription option) 
  2. Flow is for strength training, ski cross, and hydrofit training ($899) with a Pulse Membership at $44.99 per month (or get a discount if you choose a yearly or longer subscription option) 
  3. Peak is for digital Pilates, hydrofit training, ski cross, and strength training ($1,249) with a Pinnacle Membership at $49.99 per month (or qualify for a discount for an annual or longer-term subscription) 

Depending on the package you choose, you get different accessories with the OxeFit XS1.

On the other hand, the XP1 is an all-in-one professional, smart home gym that can assess, train, and track. 

With a $1,000 deposit, you can secure your order. And now for the shocker. The XP1’s price starts at $42,500, depending on if you opt for the light, standard, or advanced bar. 

The smart XP1 is to die for – I’ll happily sell my kidney and spleen and maybe one foot for it. But it is ideal for professional trainers and athletes, physical rehab centers, and those individuals who want top-of-the-range at a matching price tag. 

For both the XS1 and XP1, you need the OxeFit app: 

  • OxeFit (for individuals and family) – from $39.99 per month, depending on the membership option 
  • OxeLead (for trainers, rehab, or sports clubs) – need to contact OxeFit for specific pricing 


  • Can do cardio, strength training, balance, and immersive interactive fitness training on one platform 
  • Do lots of functional training exercises (more than with other fitness mirrors) 
  • Offers metabolic conditioning workouts 
  • Has built-in injury and safety protection; the force plate tech will identify weaknesses 
  • Motion sensors and machine learning track your movements for exercise form feedback 
  • White glove delivery and installation are included with your purchase 
  • 3-year limited warranty 


  • Pricey with must-have add-ons 

7. FORME Life Studio Mirror


Price: Studio $2,495 or Studio LIFT $4,495 + various package options, starting at $225 + membership of $39 per month 

The FORME Life Studio Mirror is another NordicTrack Vault alternative. According to their website, the FORME Studio feels like “it was made for you” – because it was. This 43” 4K UHD touchscreen fitness mirror has various personalization options so you can do the workouts and training you like and need. 

With the Studio, you get a yoga/exercise mat, heart rate monitor, microfiber cleaning cloth, and camera covers. The mounting hardware is also included. 

There are two package options (or all of them) that you can add to your FORME Studio: 

  • Sculpt Bundle to tone and strengthen ($225) 
  • Barre for a boutique barre class feel ($295) 

FORME Life Studio LIFT Mirror is set to launch later in 2022. This model is ideal for resistance training via digital weights. You can still do strength training with the Studio, but you need to use free (traditional) weights. 


  • Get a personal fitness concierge to help you create custom plans to meet your exercise goals 
  • Data-driven training with real-time stats to help you find your zone and track progress 
  • Full-body cameras create an immersive exercise experience; it feels like the live virtual trainer is standing in front of you 
  • Choose from 30+ instructions and a variety of workout classes – dance cardio, boxing, breath work, build-a-booty, recovery, total body strength, and more! 
  • Sleek design 
  • Can be wall-mounted, freestanding, or placed on a stand (sold separately) 
  • Delivery and installation included in the purchase price 
  • 30-day risk-free trial 
  • 12-month limited warranty 


  • Pricey
  • Needs 36 square feet of space (including exercise space) and a minimum of 7 feet of floor-to-ceiling height 

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Bonus NordicTrack Vault Alternative

If you don’t want a home gym mirror, there is another option. 

You can buy the necessary equipment and stream workouts or fitness classes via your phone, tablet, PC, or smart TV.

Here are 9 great fitness apps and videos: 

Fitness App Available Where?  Cost  Key Feature 
Apple Fitness+ 
  • $9.99 per month 
  • $79.99 per year 
  • Ideal for Apple lovers 
Nike Training Club 
  • Free 
  • Includes motivation, reminders, nutrition and wellness advice, and workouts 
  • $19.99 per month 
  • $119.99 per year 
  • Trainer audio cues
  • Work out with Kayla Itsines 
Fitness Blender 
  • Free workouts 
  • Buy workout programs at $14,99
  • Membership is $6.67 per month 
  • Hundreds of professionally designed workouts 
  • Interactive workout calendar 
  • $19.99 per month 
  • $119.99 per year 
  • Chris Hemsworth (need I say more?) + other trainers 
  • All-in-one wellness solution with workouts, nutrition advice, and techniques to foster calming mindfulness 
  • Free
  • Membership at $149.99
  • Matches you with a personal trainer who creates workouts for you based on the equipment you have access to, your goals, and your fitness level 
  • Pro subscription at $79.99 per year 
  • Personalized workouts 
  • Personalized meal plans with recipes 
  • $14,99 per month 
  • $99.99 per year 
  • 2,500+ workouts 
  • 30+ new classes added weekly
The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App
  • Free 
  • Create 1,000+ 7-32 minute workout variations from the 22 preset workouts and 72 exercises 


While some of these workouts don’t require any equipment, some do. Here’s what you may need: 

All About NordicTrack Vault

Even reading all about the home gym alternatives, maybe NordicTrack Vault is the best and right fitness mirror for you? 

If you are in two minds, here’s a recap of what the NordicTrack Vault is, complete with key features, pros, and cons. 

NordicTrack Vault: What Is It?

Price: Standalone model $1,999; Complete model $2,999; iFit Family Plan membership $396 per year; iFit Individual Plan $180 per year 

NordicTrack Vault is a 6-foot freestanding mirror at-home gym. It looks like a giant iPhone. 

NordicTrack Vault

The mirror features a touch screen, so you choose and follow along with the iFit fitness classes.

The Vault comes in two models: 

NordicTrack Vault Standalone 

The Standalone model comes with just the Vault, comprising a 32-inch HD touchscreen, speakers, Wi-Fi connectivity, adjustable shelves, and a microfiber towel to wipe your fingerprints off the screen. 

NordicTrack Vault Standalone 

You also get one year iFit Family Plan membership at no cost, but once the year is up, you’ll need to renew your subscription. 

It’s ideal if you already have your own gym equipment and just want to follow along with the iFit workouts.

NordicTrack Vault Complete 

The Complete model comes with everything you get in the Standalone model, plus extra:

  • A yoga/exercise mat 
  • 3 super resistance bands 
  • 3 loop bands 
  • 2 yoga blocks 
  • 20-pound and 30-pound kettlebells 
  • Set of dumbbells: 6 pairs starting at 5 pounds; the heaviest pair is 30 pounds 

If you want to buy high-quality gym equipment, it gets pretty expensive. So it’s nice that the NordicTrack Vault Complete comes with the equipment you need. 

vault complete set

NordicTrack Vault Pros

  • Ideal for small spaces, like apartments 
  • Sleek design 
  • Mirror rotates so you can find the right angle to view your follow-along workouts 
  • Keeps your workout equipment organized 
  • Loads of workout classes (158 built-in classes, plus 16,000 on-demand and live classes at the time of writing) 
  • Many types of exercises (HIIT, yoga, stretching, mobility, strength, barre, bootcamp, Pilates, sculpt and tone, and recovery)
  • Quality home gym equipment 
  • Can monitor your heart rate via a separate device and Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Can use iFit on your other smart devices, PC, and TV 
  • Made from a durable carbon steel frame 
  • Includes a 10-year warranty on the frame, 2-year warranty on the parts, and 1-year warranty on labor 

NordicTrack Vault Cons

  • The border along the touchscreen takes up quite a lot of space, so the manufacturer could have made the display bigger 
  • No controls for music 
  • No live workouts (but maybe in the near future?) 
  • Doesn’t monitor your workout form 
  • Need an iFit membership 
  • Not easy to move, but luckily, assembly and delivery are included in the cost 

NordicTrack Vault Alternatives FAQs

Question: What is a fitness mirror? 

Answer: A fitness mirror is an at-home workout or gym device that lets you exercise in your home. These mirrors come with touchscreen displays, so when it’s not in use, it’s a regular mirror, and while in use, you see a personal trainer working out. You simply follow along. 

You can choose from a variety of fitness classes, and depending on the fitness mirror, even live classes. Some also offer form monitoring so you can see what you are doing wrong or what you are doing right. 

Fitness mirrors also come with the exercise equipment you need, so you don’t need to spend money on dumbbells, kettlebells, exercise mats, and more.

Question: What are the best fitness mirrors on the market?

Answer: The best fitness mirrors on the market are The Mirror, Tonal, NordicTrack Vault, Echelon Reflect Touch, Tempo Studio, and ProForm Vue. 

The best fitness mirror for you depends on your exercise needs and budget. You should also consider the accessories that come with the mirror, the apps and classes, form monitoring and feedback, personal training, guided exercises and live workouts, the size of the mirror, cost of the subscription plan, extra costs for delivery and assembly, and the warranty. 

Question: Are fitness mirrors worth it?

Answer: A fitness mirror is worth it if you: 
• Prefer working out at home 
• Want to save money because all the fitness studio classes you take are too expensive 
• Want a sleek machine that can store your home gym equipment 
• Prefer affordable fitness classes with various pro trainers and guided workouts 

My Final Thoughts on Alternatives to the NordicTrack Vault

Fitness mirrors have been a game-changer to how I exercise. When I travel, I follow along with free workout videos from Fitness Blender (their 90-minute, 1,000-calorie workout is mean but oh-so-awesome!). 

But when I’m at home, I love the Mirror Pro with all the workout options, sleek mirror design, and smart weights. Sure, the Mirror doesn’t have a touchscreen – which would be awesome. Still, knowing me, I’d be so focused on the fingerprints showing that I’d not be able to focus as intently on my workout as I should be. So I don’t mind that I need to operate the Mirror via my phone or tablet at all. 

Do you have a favorite fitness mirror – one that you use for your workouts or one you are saving for? 

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