Tonal vs Nordictrack

Tonal vs Nordictrack: Which is Better?

Why get a gym membership when you can exercise in the comfort of your own home gym? Fitness at home is more comfortable, more affordable, and the whole family can benefit. With our Tonal Vs Nordictrack comparison, we will examine each product’s details, including all the features of both home gyms, their pros, and cons, and answer some frequently asked questions.

First, let’s compare the two to see what sets them apart.


Main Differences Between Tonal vs Nordictrack

The main variances between the Tonal vs Nordictrack are:

  • Nordictrack has a 32” rotating smart touchscreen, whereas Tonal has a 22” touchscreen.
  • Nordictrack uses free weights, whereas Tonal uses digital weights and resistance training.
  • Nordictrack has a full length mirrored surface with built-in storage for weights, bands, and yoga mats, whereas Tonal doesn’t

Exploring Tonal Vs. Nordictrack Features

Tonal Gym and Nordictrack are pretty different from home gym setups. However, both systems offer a wide range of workout options to help you reach your goals. Looking at many features, we’ve compared the two side by side so you can see what works best in your home.

Touchscreen Display

Both Tonal and Nordictrack provide a touchscreen that offers guidance for your home gym experience. (We will explore how the ease in which to use Tonal and Nordictrack later)


Tonal vs Nordictrack

The Tonal home gym has a 24” touchscreen interactive display. You can choose options to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout. There are 17 different sensors that monitor your progress. You can also play hosted workouts for more direction in your fitness routine.


Nordictrack has an all-one system called iFit Vault. There are varying features for Vault’s touchscreen display. The touchscreens:

  • Complete iFit Vault – Behind a 61.5” mirror is a 400 square inch touchscreen.
  • Strength training machines and free weights are located behind the screen.

Both home gym options offer touchscreen capabilities. While the Tonal home gym has one 24” touch screen interactive display, the Nordictrack system has a touchscreen option behind a full-screen mirror. The mirror allows you to monitor your form while watching your home physical trainer on the screen.

Strength Workouts

There are differences in strength training options between Tonal and Nordictrack. However, strength training is an important option with both systems.


The Tonal is a compact system that includes strength training and cardio. It provides options for both the lower and upper body workouts. The system uses digital weights with accessories, including a smart bar and smart handles. The downside of this machine is that it only offers a 100-pound weight limit per arm. Tonal does not use free weights.


Tonal Nordictrack Strength Workouts

With Nordictrack, you can go inside the iFit Vault to find home gym equipment. Inside are free weights, resistance bands, and even a yoga mat. iFit Vault is a storage system behind an interactive workout session.

On-Demand Classes

Both Nordictrack and Tonal have on-demand classes.

You can choose the best time to do your workout, and you can also select from the many personal trainers to help you. For example, you can choose a relaxing yoga class, cardio, or strength training. There’s something for everyone and every fitness need.

As far as differences go, there isn’t much variation in how the classes work. The largest difference is while tonal offers classes through touchscreen interaction, Nordictrack offers the same but with a full-length mirror with the instructional screen integrated inside. You can attend virtual sessions while watching your form.

Live Classes

Motivation is what makes exercise happen. While on-demand classes work for busy people, live classes can help you get motivated by having a set time to exercise. This consistency helps get rid of fitness procrastination. Our guide chooses home gyms with both on-demand and live classes.


While Tonal used only to have on-demand classes, they’ve recently integrated live sessions into their program. Tonal understands that sometimes people need to have that little push to work out. Also, understanding that a favorite fitness session starts at a set time keeps the motivation going.


An iFit subscription is required to use the on-demand and live sessions for your workout. This subscription is included in the purchase of the Nordictrack vault, but it’s only free for one year. Afterward, you must pay a monthly subscription to keep the touchscreen sessions.

Partner Exercise

Having a home gym is great on its own, but some people still love to work out with at least one other person. This helps boost morale and motivation.

Considering the construction of each machine, Tonal seems to have the upper hand in this area.


It’s possible to train with another person, but with the mirror surface option, three can be a crowd. You have your instructor, your reflection, and then one other person attempting to squeeze into the workout. The Vault just isn’t the ideal option for group workouts.


This system can cater to more than one person at a time. With no reflective surfaces, this machine allows multiple people to focus on the touchscreen fitness routine. If Yoga is on schedule, several people can use a large room to enjoy these interactive classes together.


Nordictrack and Tonal have a completely different way of offering accessories to their basic touchscreen training option. Although both systems are quite effective, their differences in accessories may matter when it comes to the preferences of some individuals.


With the Nordictrack’s Vault, all accessories are stored inside a built-in cabinet behind the screen. Rows of resistance bands, a yoga mat, and several free weights provide a variety of fitness weight and strength training options, along with yoga or pilates accessories. It’s an all-in-one system.


Tonal has digital weights instead of the traditional stand-alone versions. This system focuses on resistance training using Bluetooth handles that connect to the digital weights, a smart bar, a workout mat, and a weight bench.


Although these machines seem to have all you need for a complete fitness routine, you can become overwhelmed. Both options have ways to find support when needed or answers to your questions.


Whenever you have questions or need help using various parts of the machine, you can find support on the Nordictrack website. This support option is located at the bottom of the page underneath customer service. Nordictrack provides a service number so you can speak with a live person about your problem. They also provide a live chat option in the support section if you’d rather send a message about your issue.


This company also offers quite a few support options. You can contact them by phone, live chat, or browse their FAQ section. There are articles that address various aspects of their products and a forum where you can search through various topics to find similar questions and answers to your inquiries. Instructional videos can also be found on the site.

Comparing Tonal Vs. Nordictrack: Pricing

It’s worth the price to have your own home gym. Compared with gym memberships over the years, these home systems are much more affordable.

With everything taken into consideration, Nordictrack Vault is more affordable for what you get than Tonal. To understand why we’ve broken it down a bit.

Nordictrack Vault and Nordictrack Vault Complete

The Nordictrack Vault is an empty storage space enclosed behind a mirror with a touchscreen that provides both live and on-demand workout sessions. The product itself comes with a one-month free subscription to these sessions. This simple version of the Vault is quite a bit cheaper than the Tonal machine. However, the Vault Complete (which includes all the weight and training accessories and subscription) is just a tad bit more expensive than the tonal system.


With Tonal, the weights and accessories are digital, priced all together with the added subscription. The machine, with accessories, weights, and subscription, is much more affordable than the Vault without accessories and even more affordable than the Vault Complete. Of course, you have to take into account the delivery and installation fees, but this still leaves Tonal on top when it comes to the most affordable option.

The good thing about both systems is the fact that they offer financing options.

Nordictrack Vs. Tonal: Ease of Use

If you’re new to this type of workout regimen, it may take some time to understand how it works. But after reading instructions and trying the systems out, it will be like second nature.

While the all-in-one systems are more complicated than the treadmill or the elliptical machines, it isn’t that difficult to learn. You can find many online resources like articles and videos to help you get started using your fitness machine and accessories. Both Nordictrack and Tonal are pretty easy to learn.

Overall, the Nordictrack is a bit easier because you simply slide the mirror to reveal the free weights. As far as the touchscreen within the mirror, it works primarily the same as with the Tonal.

Pros and Cons



  • Mirrored surface for monitoring your form during exercise
  • 32” touchscreen
  • Built-in storage for weights and accessories
  • Provides both on-demand and live instructional videos


  • It doesn’t attach securely to the wall
  • It doesn’t have heavy weights
  • The mirror can be distracting to some individuals
  • Priced higher than most systems
  • Easier to break than a smaller screen without a mirror surface



  • Has built-in digital weights
  • Heavyweights up to 200 lbs.
  • Space efficient for the room
  • Provides resistance training for those who prefer this method
  • Partner classes available for multiple people


  • It does not come with free weights
  • Must be installed into the wall
  • Sensors do not always notice your movement
  • Only provides 200 lbs, not sufficient for heavy bodybuilders

Are There Any Alternatives?

ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror

tonal nordictrack alternatives

This system is quite a bit simpler than both the Nordictrack and Tonal systems. With the ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror, all you get is the full-length mirror and touchscreen situated on a stand. There are no storage cabinets to hold weights, so free weights, yoga mats, etc., must be purchased separately.

However, the ProForm Vue does come with a 30-day iFit membership to help you get started and stay consistent. Also, with this machine, your progress is recorded so you can see how far you’ve come as you continue your fitness journey. Considering there aren’t any weight accessories, this system is quite a bit more affordable than the Nordictrack or the Tonal machine.

This system is perfect for cardio sessions and quick workouts when you have a busy routine. The system is easy to put away when finished and blends into the home when not being used.

ProForm Vue | Amazon

Keep an eye on your form as you follow iFIT Trainers through a variety of workouts right in the comfort of your own home. Included Strength Accessories: The ProForm Vue comes with a 10 lb. barbell, (2) 5 lb. dumbbell handles, and (4) 2.5 lb. interchangeable weight plates.

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Echelon Reflect Touch

Another Reflect touch system that provides cardio and weightlifting instruction is the Echelon Reflect touch. While this system is a bit simpler than most and doesn’t include free weights or other accessories, it has a few tricks up its sleeve. It still provides a great option for the home gym.

Like the other systems, the Echelon Reflect Touch has Bluetooth capabilities and speakers. It also has a heart rate monitor to alert you when you need to take a break. The touchscreen surface is roughly the same size as the Nordictrack and Tonal, but the mirror is smaller and can be fit onto the wall.

This product is built especially for those on the run but who wish to stay active in the process. It’s easy to operate, and there are no parts to close and complicated levers to attach. It’s just a smart and useful workout machine.

Echelon Reflect Smart Connect Fitness Mirrors | Amazon

Reflect is another quality Tech fitness product from Echelon Fitness This Smart Mirror display utilizes a proprietary smart video fitness training system.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nordictrack and Tonal

Question: Does Tonal have any free-standing weights?

Answer: While tonal does have some accessories like digital weights, a weight bench, a holistic stretch roller, and a yoga mat, it does not have free hand weights like dumbbells or kettlebells.

Question: Is there a subscription included with Nordictrack and Tonal systems?

Answer: With Tonal, you can add a membership with the price of your machine, and you can do it with monthly payments as well. Nordictrack includes one-month membership into the price of their machine and with financing prices as well. Both machines require monthly payments after the first month to continue on-demand and live workout sessions.

Question: Does the Nordictrack Vault have to be mounted on the wall?

Answer: The Nordictrack Vault is a free-standing storage compartment with a mirrored front. The touchscreen is inside the mirror. The whole system is free-standing and can be moved from room to room.

Verdict: Choose Nordictrack Complete for an All-in-One Fitness Experience

While Tonal provides an amazing innovative system, it doesn’t have the added perks of the mirrored surface and variety of accessories available with the Nordictrack Vault Complete. Our pick is the Nordictrack Vault because it provides a way to watch workout sessions and compare them with your own form and movement.

Although Tonal has a heavier weight option, neither machine is constructed for body-building use. The digital weights and added plus of music capabilities are helpful for some but can be distracting and complicated for others.

Even though the Nordictrack Complete costs a bit more than the Tonal system, it comes with a complete regimen of free weights, resistance bands, a yoga mat, and more. The storage capabilities also keep the mirrored surface more stable as well.

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