Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review: Is This the Best Out There?

Sole is a very well-known, trusted manufacturer of various workout machines, such as treadmills, an exercise bike, and the ever-popular elliptical. With a total of seven different models, one of Sole’s best sellers is the E35.

The E35 is known as their Best Buy model, due to the combination of both quality and value it brings to the table. This machine has everything you could want in an elliptical for the home gym.

If you are ready to replace your old elliptical or invest in your very first for your home, then the E35 is one model you’ll definitely want to consider. Not to mention Sole recently updated their E35, keeping all the same features that make it so loved and adding some new features to improve usability.

Question: Is Sole E35 elliptical trainer effective for home workouts?

Answer: Whether you prefer sprint interval training or steady-state workouts, the Sole elliptical trainer is your best fit. Sprint interval training will help you boost your metabolism post-workout, but even if you go with steady-state training, you will definitely burn calories.

Question: Is it easy to assemble Sole Elliptical E35?

Answer: It is really easy to assemble Sole Elliptical E35, and on their website, you will find videos with the whole assembly procedure. You should no problem assembling the Sole Elliptical yourself.

Question: How much space does Sole E35 Elliptical take?

Answer: Sole E35 Elliptical trainer is not foldable, and you will need 82″ x 31″ foot in your house. You will also find this elliptical heavy, but rest assured stability and sturdiness are guaranteed.  Once Sole is assembled, a single person won’t have any problem moving it around if needed thanks to its front base transport wheels and read base lifting handle.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Sole E35 is an excellent elliptical machine for the residential user that doesn’t want to spend much more than $1k, but also wants a machine that gives the same cardio workout they get at the gym.

Even with the two small downsides explained above this model is easily one of the best in its category. You purchase the E35 directly from Sole or from a number of different retailers.

In order to take full advantage of Sole’s excellent warranty, it’s best to purchase this machine directly from them.

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