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Fiture Alternatives Guide: Your Ultimate Fiture Alternatives

When I work out, I prefer an environment where it is just me vs. the exercise I’m doing. It’s a big fat no to working out in a public space like a gym. And it’s an even bigger no when there are other people around who look at you, judge you, and even just want to “offer helpful advice.”

Fitness mirrors like FITURE have made it possible, easy, and oh-so-amazing to exercise in the comfort and privacy of your home. But while FITURE is wonderful, here’s a comprehensive FITURE alternatives guide! 

While FITURE is modestly priced compared to other fitness mirrors, it may not be exactly what you are looking for, and that’s perfectly OK. And that’s exactly where this guide fits: to help you make the best decision, so you can meet your exercise needs, enjoy your immersive workout experience, and get your sweat on ASAP. 

When I was first looking to buy a fitness mirror for my at-home gym needs, I knew I needed a thorough comparison of the available fitness mirrors. If you’re anything like me, this guide will make your life so much easier. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the best FITURE alternatives, but if you don’t have time right now for the full article, just check out my bottom line.    


My Bottom Line Up Front: The Best FITURE Alternative

Fiture Alternatives Guide: mirror workout

The Mirror is the best FITURE alternative. At a glance, FITURE and Mirror look the same and have similar functions. The Basic Mirror would be the best alternative for the FITURE fitness mirror because it doesn’t come with any extras. Both need to be operated via your smartphone and the relevant app, and the price matches too. 

Plus, the monthly subscription price for Mirror and FITURE is practically the same, and who’s counting the 99 cents difference, right? With more than 10,000 exercise classes to choose from and new daily live classes, you can meet all your exercise needs with Lululemon’s Mirror!         


At a Glance: All the Best Fitness Mirror Alternatives to FITURE 

If you don’t have time to read through all the info on the best alternative to FITURE, I’ve got this table for you. It summarizes all the essentials, so you can quickly and easily decide if you are shopping for a fitness mirror. 

Best FITURE Alternative  Key Features  Price 
The Mirror – Best Overall Fitness Mirror + for 10,000s of Exercises   
  • 10,000+ exercise classes and new daily live fitness class options 
  • Track your exercise form when using the smart weights 
  • Large 43-inch display 
  • Use your smartphone and app to operate the Mirror   
  • Basic $1,495 
  • Essentials $1,696
  • Pro $1,795
  • Family $2,045 
  • Monthly subscription of $39.99 
NordicTrack Vault – Best Fitness Mirror for Storage + Durability  
  • 16,000+ on-demand and live classes, and 158 built-in classes 
  • Made from a durable carbon steel frame 
  • The complete model comes with strength training gear 
  • Mirror can rotate 
  • Standalone model $1,999
  • Complete model $2,999
  • iFit Family Plan membership of $396 per year
  • iFit Individual Plan of $180 per year 
FORME Life Studio Mirror – Best Fitness Mirror for Progress Tracking 
  • Customize the mirror with the Sculpt and/or Barre package options 
  • Lots of exercise niches to choose from 
  • Freestanding, wall-mounted, or on a stand 
  • Real-time stats for progress tracking 
  • Studio $2,495
  • Studio LIFT $4,495 
  • Various package options, starting at $225 
  • Membership of $39 per month 
Tonal – Best Fitness Mirror for Digital Strength Training 
  • Live and on-demand classes are available 
  • Spotter ensures you stay injury-free 
  • Tracks exercise form when using the smart accessories
  • Personalize your fitness programs   
  • $2,995
  • $495 for Smart Accessories 
  • Membership of $49 per month 
  • Pay for delivery and assembly 
Echelon Reflect Touch – Best Fitness Mirror for Small Footprint 
  • Touchscreen display 
  • 3,000+ on-demand classes and 40+ daily live classes 
  • No footprint  
  • Reflect Touch $1,499.99
  • Reflect $749.99
  • Annual Membership of $399.99 
Tempo Studio – Best Fitness Mirror for Traditional Strength Training 
  • Large, 42-inch touchscreen display 
  • Comes in 2 color options 
  • 1,000+ exercises 
  • Tracks reps and guides exercise form 
  • Starter $2,495
  • Plus $3,245
  • Pro $3,995
  • Membership of $39 per month 
ProForm Vue – Best Fitness Mirror for Self-Installation 
  • Comes with storage space 
  • Freestanding 
  • Access to all iFit exercise classes and programs 
  • Mirror rotates 
  • $1,499
  • iFit membership of $39 per month 
OxeFit XS1 – Best Fitness Mirror for Exercise Variety 
  • Comes in 3 color options 
  • Has built-in injury and safety protection 
  • Gives exercise form feedback 
  • Do strength training, cardio, Pilates, and much more 
  • XS1 $3,999
  • Various package options, starting at $549 
  • Membership, starting at $39.99 per month 

8 Best FITURE Alternatives 

Here are the best FITURE fitness mirror alternatives on the market!  

The Mirror 


  • Basic $1,495 
  • Essentials $1,696
  • Pro $1,795
  • Family $2,045 
  • Subscription at $39.99 per month 

If you have two images side by side of the Mirror and FITURE, you may be unable to tell the two exercise mirrors apart. The Mirror looks almost the same as FITURE with the same ginormous iPhone-like appearance and U-shaped bottom stand. The difference is that Lululemon’s Mirror has a mineral bronze powder coating while FITURE comes in 5 different colors. 

The Mirror has four packages: 

The Mirror (Basic)

Fiture Alternatives Guide: miror basic

The Mirror (Basic) is kinda similar to the NordicTrack Vault Standalone since it doesn’t come with any extras. You only get the Mirror, the Mirror stand, the camera lens cap, and a standard warranty.  

The Mirror Essentials 

You get everything the Basic Mirror has when you buy the Mirror Essentials. You also get a heart rate monitor, a fitness band pack, a loop it up mat strap, a yoga block, a reversible mat, and a double foam mini roller. 

The Mirror Pro

mirror pro

Buying the Mirror Pro means you get everything included with the Essentials Mirror, as well as a pair of weights and a workout towel.  

The Mirror Family

mirror family

The Mirror Family includes everything in the Mirror Pro. However, instead of one pair of gear,  you get two pairs of heart rate monitors, weights, reversible mats, mat straps, yoga blocks, and workout towels. I think this is a great option if you and your partner want to sweat together.    

Key Features

  • Height: 4.6 feet 
  • Weight: 70 pounds 
  • Screen size: 43-inch full HD 1080p display 


  • Use the smart weights to track your exercise form and reps 
  • Can wall-mount the Mirror or use the included stand 
  • Loads of exercise options with then 10,000+ classes, 50+ exercise genres, and daily live classes  
  • Performance metrics track your progress so you can plan your fitness goals 
  • Create a customized fitness plan 
  • Work out by yourself, with your partner, or virtually with your friends  
  • Comes with a 178-degree wide viewing angle so you and your workout partner can exercise together and not miss anything on the screen 


  • It’s just a mirror unless you have a subscription 
  • Need to use the app on your smartphone to operate the Mirror, just like the FITURE mirror 
  • Currently supports a limited number of fitness devices 

Check out our complete FITURE vs Mirror comparison to find out more about how they compare.

NordicTrack Vault 


  • Standalone model $1,999
  • Complete model $2,999
  • iFit Family Plan membership at $396 per year
  • iFit Individual Plan at $180 per year

NordicTrack Vault is a fitness mirror, but what’s unique about this one is that the mirror opens to a vault (aka cabinet) where you can store your exercise equipment. I love this feature! (Or, you know, you can hide your snacks in there and nobody will ever know! #winkwink) 

The Vault is available in two models: 

The NordicTrack Vault Standalone

Fiture Alternatives Guide: nordicvault

You only get the exercise mirror with the Standalone model, including an iFit Family Plan membership for a year, adjustable shelves for the Vault, and a microfiber towel to clean fingerprint smudges. 

This model is ideal if you have your own exercise equipment or just want to start out using bodyweight or do HIIT.   

The NordicTrack Vault Complete

nordicvault complete set

The Complete model includes everything you get with the Standalone model; however, you also get exercise gear to fill your Vault:

  • A yoga/exercise mat 
  • Super resistance bands 
  • Loop bands 
  • Yoga blocks 
  • Kettlebells 
  • Set of dumbbells

Key Features

  • Height: 6 feet  
  • Weight: 258 pounds
  • Screen size: 32-inch HD touchscreen 


  • Storage space for exercise equipment 
  • Elegant design, just like the FITURE mirror 
  • The mirror rotates so you can find the right “view” and exercise 
  • Plenty of workout classes – 16,000 live and on-demand classes; plus 158 built-in classes
  • Various exercise niches are available to cater to your interests, ensuring you won’t get bored 
  • Monitor your heart rate when you sync your device via Bluetooth 
  • The mirror is durable; made with a carbon steel frame 


  • The display is smaller at 32 inches compared to the FITURE’s 43 inches 
  • Can’t track and give feedback on exercise form 
  • Need an iFit membership; otherwise, it’s just a pretty mirror in your home 
  • Heavy; so where it’s assembled is where it stays     

FORME Life Studio Mirror 

FORME Life Studio Mirror 


  • Studio $2,495 
  • Studio LIFT $4,495 
  • Sculp Bundle $225 
  • Barre $295
  • Membership at $39 per month 

The FORME Life Studio Mirror is another super sleek fitness mirror. It comes with two personalization options, meaning you can choose one or both:

  1. Sculpt Bundle (tone and strengthen) 
  2. Barre (boutique barre class feel) 

The FORME Life Studio Lift Mirror also launches later this year (2022). The “Lift” in the name should give you a clue regarding the purpose of the mirror – it’s for strength training. However, you can still do resistance training with the Life Studio model. You just need to use your bodyweight as you follow along with the instructor or buy the weights you need.  

Key Features

  • Height: 5.6 feet 
  • Weight: 102 pounds (mirror only), 125 pounds (with an added package)
  • Screen size: 43-inch touchscreen display 


  • Customization options with the fitness mirror 
  • Real-time stats help you track progress and find your best exercise zone so you know when you can push and sweat harder 
  • Various classes – meditation, upper body strength, dance cardio, boxing, breath work, bodyweight recovery, Pilates, and more 
  • 30+ fitness instructors to choose from  
  • Life-size instructors on the screen help create a fully immersive fitness experience 
  • Can be wall-mounted, placed on a stand (need to buy separately), or freestanding 
  • Delivery and installation are included when you buy 


  • Quite pricey
  • Needs quite a lot of space

Not interested? Here are some of the best Forme Alternatives.




  • Tonal $2,995 
  • Smart Accessories for $495 
  • Membership at $49 per month 

Tonal looks like a fitness mirror, but it’s more compact. If you add the Smart Accessories, there is an arm on each side of the mirror so you can do strength training. The device uses a revolutionary dynamic weight to customize your workouts by adjusting to every move you make and adding more resistance where needed. 

If you choose to add the Smart Accessories, you get: 

  • A tricep rope 
  • A smart bar    
  • Smart handles
  • A foam roller 
  • A workout bench 
  • A workout mat 

If you want to use your own gear, you need a special T-lock adapter; otherwise, Tonal can’t guide your technique and exercise form. 

Key Features

  • Height: 4.24 feet
  • Weight: 70 pounds 
  • Screen size: 24-inch touchscreen display


  • Various exercise options and styles, including HIIT, cardio, mobility, yoga, and strength training 
  • On-demand and live workout classes 
  • Can personalize exercise programs 
  • Gives automatic weight suggestions 
  • Guides exercise form and technique – when Smart Accessories are used 
  • Has a safety mechanism in the form of a spotter to reduce resistance when needed 


  • Small display 
  • Pricey, and then you need to add on the Smart accessories too 
  • Delivery and assembly aren’t included in the price, unlike most other fitness mirrors   

Echelon Reflect Touch Smart Fitness Mirror 



  • Echelon Reflect $749.99 
  • Echelon Reflect Touch $1,499.99
  • Premium Membership at $399.99 per year

The Echelon Reflect Mirrors look very similar to the Mirror and FITURE; however, there’s no U-shaped stand, meaning the device needs to be wall-mounted. 

Echelon offers two fitness mirrors: 

  1. Echelon Reflect 
  2. Echelon Reflect Touch 

Both mirrors look the same, except the Reflect model is smaller. The other difference is when the device is switched on. The Reflect model doesn’t have a touchscreen, but it does have a larger display than the Reflect Touch model.   

I’d opt for the Echelon Reflect for a lighter device, larger display, no fingerprints, and a great price. What about you?   

Key Features

  • Height: Reflect – 3.3 feet, Reflect Touch – 4.16 feet  
  • Weight: Reflect – 40 pounds, Reflect Touch – 52 pounds 
  • Screen size: Reflect – 40-inch screen, Reflect Touch – 50-inch touchscreen with 32-inches of display 


  • Use Bluetooth to connect your smart fitness device and your earphones
  • Plenty of exercise options: more than 40 daily classes and 3,000+ on-demand classes  
  • Zero-footprint design
  • 60+ fitness instructors to choose from  


  • You need to self-monitor your form 
  • Wall-mounted, but the mirror looks sleek and fits in with any decor 
  • Need to buy and store your own exercise gear  

Tempo Studio 


  • Starter $2,495
  • Plus $3,245
  • Pro $3,995 
  • Membership at $39 per month

Tempo Studio is another fitness mirror solution if you are looking for an all-in-one home gym solution. You also get an immersive exercise experience with the touchscreen display and stereo speakers. I like this device if you love strength training!  

There are three different package options and a mini-version called Tempo Move. 

Tempo Move

tempo move

To use Tempo Move, you need a TV and an iPhone (model XS and up). When you buy Tempo Move, you get Tempo Core, dumbbells, a storage cabinet, weight collars, smart weight plates, and an HDMI cable. 

Tempo Studio Starter Package

With the Tempo Studio Starter Package, you get the fitness mirror, a workout mat, a storage cabinet for the weights, dumbbells, weight collars, and smart weight plates. 

Tempo Studio Plus Package

If you opt for the Plus Package, you get what’s included in the Starter Package. You also get a barbell, heart rate monitor, recovery foam roller, folding bench, and competition plates. 

Tempo Studio Pro Package

The Tempo Studio Pro Package offers a comprehensive training solution. You get everything in the Plus Package and a folding squat rack, kettlebell system, weight plate storage, and additional competition plates.   

Key Features

  • Height: 6 feet 
  • Weight: 100 pounds (without weights), 190 pounds (with weights and dumbbells) 
  • Screen size: 42-inch touchscreen display 


  • Included storage solution for the weights   
  • 3D Time of Flight technology to track your reps and guide your exercise form 
  • 1,000+ exercises to choose from 
  • Freestanding design
  • Available in two color options: white/light gray or dark gray  
  • Delivery and installation are included with your purchase 
  • Can track your performance so you can tailor your training 


  • The touchscreen shows fingerprints, which need constant cleaning (and knowing me, I’ll be so distracted by these smudges during my workouts) 
  • Ideal if you are primarily into strength training but not ideal if you focus on HIIT, cardio, yoga, or other fitness genres 
  • Requires a large footprint, so it’s not suitable for small spaces 

ProForm Vue 

proform vue


  • ProForm Vue $1,499
  • iFit membership at $39 per month 

The ProFrom Vue fitness mirror also looks like a giant iPhone but one that’s mounted on a charging dock, which is the stand for the device. (Yay, no holes in your wall with this one!). You get some exercise equipment when you buy the ProForm Vue, making it an ideal purchase for fitness newbies or those who want to start strength training. You get: 

  • A barbell 
  • Dumbbells 
  • Weight plates 

Like the NordicTrack Vault, you have space to store the equipment when you open the mirror, so that’s a bonus.   

Key Features

  • Height: 6.05 feet 
  • Weight: 140 pounds 
  • Screen size: 22-inch touchscreen display on a total screen size of 60 inches 


  • A freestanding, sleek device 
  • The base rotates, so you can move the fitness mirror to find the right workout angle
  • Plenty of exercise classes to access on your iFit membership (same as NordicTrack Vault)  
  • Don’t need professional installation 
  • Loads of exercise genres, from HIIT and strength training to Pilates 


  • Need to self-monitor your form  
  • Need more gear depending on what exercises you want to do 
  • Small touchscreen display (could be 3 times larger!)  

Check out our Mirror vs ProForm Vue comparison


Fiture Alternatives Guide: oxefit


  • XS1 $3,999
  • Flex $549 + Power Membership at $39.99 per month 
  • Flow $899 + Pulse Membership at $44.99 per month 
  • Peak $1,249 + Pinnacle Membership at $49.99 per month 
  • XP1 $42,500 + OxeFit Membership at $39.99 per month or OxeLead 

The OxeFit doesn’t look like your typical fitness mirror. It looks more like a contraption you find at the gym; an exercise machine with a fitness mirror, that is.  The OxeFit XS1 machine looks super fancy, and if you have the budget and space, it is to die for – especially the Peak configuration that allows you to do SO MUCH MORE!  

There is also an XP1 machine, but this one is best suited for pro athletes and professional settings like private gyms, physical rehabilitation centers, and so on. Or maybe if you are one of the ultra-rich. (#checkthepricetag)  You get three different configurations, each with its membership option, with the XS1 model: 


Flex is ideal for ski cross and strength training. Equipment with Flex includes a strength bench, barbell, waist harness, rope, hand grips, ankle straps, ski cross handles, and OxeDot.  


Flow is suitable for hydro fit, ski cross, and strength training. The equipment you get with the Flow configuration are OxeDot, a multi-function bench, a multi-function bar, a barbell, hand grips, a rope, a waist harness, ankle straps, ski cross handles, swim paddles, and an adjustable paddle.     


The Peak configuration includes everything in Flex and Flow, so it’s ideal for hydro fit, ski cross, and strength training. However, the extra equipment is also suitable for digital Pilates.

The equipment included with this configuration are OxeDot, a multi-function bench, a multi-function bar, a barbell, hand grips, a rope, a waist harness, ankle straps, ski cross handles, swim paddles, an adjustable paddle, and OxeReform – Digital Pilates.   

Key Features

  • Height: 6.5 feet 
  • Weight: 300 pounds 
  • Screen size: 32-inch touchscreen display  


  • Comes in 3 color options: a black frame with black details, a black frame with silver details, and (my favorite) a gray frame with rose gold details 
  • Access to 250+ strength training exercises, plus various instructor-led classes, programs, and workouts 
  • Comes with in-built safety and injury protection features 
  • Machine learning and motion sensors track your exercise form to give you feedback 
  • Complete a multitude of exercises, including functional training and metabolic conditioning 
  • Delivery and installation included in the purchase price 


  • Large footprint
  • Quite expensive, but it offers a comprehensive home-gym solution for your fitness needs
  • The display screen is a bit smaller than other fitness mirrors 
  • Heavy, so where assembled is where the machine stays

I’ve compared the Mirror vs OxeFit in this comprehensive guide if you want to check it out!     

All about FITURE


After learning about all the FITURE workout mirror alternatives, maybe the FITURE mirror is the best one for you? 

Not sure? Confused with all the information? Want to know exactly what FITURE offers? 

Here’s a recap on FITURE.  

What Is FITURE? 


  • FITURE $1,495
  • Membership at $39 per month 

FITURE is a 5.6-foot, 60-pound fitness mirror that can lean against a wall in your home or be wall-mounted. With the life-size elite instructors you see on the screen, it feels like your personal trainer is standing in front of you, marching out orders and showing you how to perform an exercise. (Something I clearly need to motivate me to work out and keep going.)  

The fitness mirror features a 43-inch high-resolution screen that’s operated via the app on your smartphone or tablet. There are also power and sound buttons on the side of the mirror.  


  • Available in 5 colors: night, oasis, ocean, stardust, and sunlight
  • You can pause or cancel the monthly FITURE App subscription at any time
  • Immersive sound, so you can fully focus on your workout (and the 43-inch screen with life-size instructors and voice control help with this immersive fitness experience too!)
  • Motion Engine Technology ensures the mirror can correct your exercise form, accurately count reps, track your performance, and control gestures (you can high-five your instructor!) 
  • 100+ on-demand workouts, interactive classes, custom workouts, and various training programs in many fitness niches (from yoga, Pilates, barre, and stretching to boxing, cardio sculpt, HIIT, and strength training) 
  • Weekly challenges so you can level up and beat your personal best 
  • Syncs with smart watches and heart rate monitors via Bluetooth 
  • Easy set-up 
  • The camera, located on the bottom third of the mirror, comes with a magnetic cap so you can cover the camera when not in use  
  • Thin mirror at 1.6 inches, meaning it doesn’t take up a lot of space  
  • Installation and delivery are included in the purchase price 
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee  


  • No touchscreen, but at least you don’t have to worry about constantly cleaning fingerprint smudges 
  • No live classes yet 
  • Doesn’t come with fitness equipment and storage space, and while you don’t always need fitness equipment, they are kinda a must if you level up in strength training and do other types of exercises – but at least FITURE can count your reps and track your form even if you use your own equipment    
  • Need to specifically request if you want FITURE to be wall-mounted 


Question: What is FITURE mirror? 

Answer: FITURE mirror is one of the newest interactive fitness mirrors that offers you an immersive exercise experience with its large 43-inch screen display, sound, rep counting, real-time exercise form feedback, and gamification features like high-fiving a trainer or earning points. 
The fitness device costs $1,495, is 68 inches tall, weighs 60 pounds, and can be wall-mounted or leaned against a wall in your home.    

Question: Are there fitness mirror alternatives to the FITURE exercise mirror?  

Answer: There are various FITURE fitness mirror alternatives: 
• NordicTrack Vault with its 32-inch HD touchscreen display 
• FORME Life Studio Mirror with its 43-inch 4K UHD touchscreen display 
• OxeFit XS1 with its 32-inch display 
• ProForm Vue with its 22-inch touchscreen display 
• Echelon Reflect Touch Smart Fitness Mirror with its 32-inch touchscreen display 
• Tempo Studio with its 42-inch touchscreen display 
• Tonal with its 24-inch touchscreen display 
• Mirror with its 43-inch display     

Question: How much is the FITURE mirror? 

Answer: The FITURE mirror costs $1,495 for the device. Also included in the price are the magnetic camera cover, an anti-tilt anchor set, the user manual, a cleaning cloth, and a 1-piece power cord. Delivery and installation are free. You also need to pay a monthly $39 for access to the FITURE app to access workout classes, training programs, and more.     

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