Smart Wonder Core Review

Smart Wonder Core Review: How Does it Work?

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I must confess that when I’ve first heard of this machine, I was a bit suspicious because, in my opinion, no product will work wonders unless you put in the work. It made me curious, so I did my best to investigate and find out more regarding the popular Smart Wonder Core equipment.

It seems simple and straightforward at a first glance but it enables users to perform various exercises without the need to become a gym member. In today’s review, you will find all about the Smart Wonder Core device such as its most important features, pros, cons, main alternatives, and other useful details.


Smart Wonder Core Review – What Is It?

According to the manufacturer, the Smart Wonder Core machine is meant to target all the muscle groups located around the core area. With it, you can strengthen and tone your lower, upper, and middle abdominals as well as your obliques. The company that markets this product claims it’s a highly effective tool for a total core workout.

Its dual resistance feature will help you accomplish your fitness goals when it comes to toning your abs and gaining those appealing six packs you’ve always wanted. Besides the actual machine, the order also comes with an exercise guide and a workout DVD.

wonder core smart for sportsmen


What Exercises Can You Perform with the Smart Wonder Core Machine?

On the company’s website, you will find 8 different types of movements that this tool enables you to do:

  • Ab crunches and sit-ups;
  • Bridges;
  • Triceps;
  • Push-ups;
  • Bicycling;
  • Scissor kicks;
  • Ab tucks;
  • Biceps and forearm.

Smart Wonder Core Review – Main Features


The Smart Wonder Core has a durable and compact structure and features an adjustable resistance system. When you’re not using it, you can easily fold it and store it away. The DVD that this machine comes with will teach you a lot of core-training exercises.

This product features two colors: black and green. Its structure is made of sturdy metal and it weighs 16 pounds. Compared to older models, this version is improved and upgraded, especially when it comes to its design. Besides ab crunches, you can also do a few other exercises with this tool.

It consists of a seat as well as a couple of padded arms that offer a specific level of resistance based on the machine’s internal springs. You can adjust the resistance; the minimum level of resistance is 20 pounds, whereas the maximum level is 50 pounds. This interval is quite enough to make this fitness equipment a suitable one for numerous home workouts.

Resistance Levels

This device has three resistance levels that you can adjust to your liking. You should use the resistance level that suits your stamina and experience. Beginners should start with the lowest resistance and increase gradually from that point, as they gain more muscle mass and endurance.

Size & Portability

The Smart Wonder Core is portable and lightweight as well as compact. It won’t occupy a lot of space in your house. For that reason, it’s the ideal choice for those who want to tone their abs but they live in a small apartment. You can easily fold this device and take it with you on your trips. It’s also easy to find a spot in your house for storage purposes; all thanks to the compact size of this ab cruncher.

Order & Delivery

It’s easy to order this fitness equipment. All you have to do is search for it on Google and opt for your preferred retailer. Once ordered, the product will arrive in just a couple of days, maybe even the very next day. Most clients are happy with the way the package is delivered, saying it comes without damages or flaws.

The entire box weighs around 8-10 kg. Let’s discuss a bit about the initial setup of the Wonder Core Smart device.

Initial Setup

This part of the process is so very simple since the item comes already assembled. There’s a knob placed at the end part of the frame that you must turn in order to adjust the machine’s strength level but you can read all about that in the instruction manual. Unfortunately, that’s about it when it comes to customization. In other regards, the Wonder Core Smart is pretty rigid.

Build Quality

I have always been skeptical of any fitness equipment that promises to work and tone your entire body. I have a tiny home gym that consists of a pretty wide range of products and accessories, from very affordable to more expensive ones. Still, all these don’t really cover the entire range of movements one could do at the gym.

The build quality of Smart Wonder Core is good and decent. The frame feels sturdy and durable. I didn’t hear any squeaks when I took the machine out of its box. It looked good, without fabrication flaws and the metal didn’t show any signs of scraping.

The Manual

The instruction manual is easy to read and follow. To be fair, the whole item is simple and easy to use since it’s an ab cruncher. All the guidelines provided in the manual are clear and well-written. You will see simple diagrams that describe each of the workout movements listed below:

  • Sit-ups;
  • Bridges;
  • Ab tucks;
  • Scissor kicks;
  • Push-ups;
  • Sit-down cycling; and more.

Although this device offers some useful methods to help you with your regular workout routines, I wouldn’t call it the ultimate or overall workout solution.


Features 8
Performance 8.2
Price 8
Cost vs. quality 8.8
Build quality 7.5
Overall rating 8.1

What Comes in the Package?

  • The Wonder Smart Core tool;
  • A DVD with all the available workouts;
  • An instruction manual;
  • An exercise and nutritional guide;
  • A kick-starter kit based on free collagen.

Smart Wonder Core Review – Pros and Cons

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Smart Wonder Core machine.


  • It’s a very compact fitness tool;
  • It doesn’t require an assembling process;
  • This fitness device is easy to use;
  • It’s suitable for everyone, especially for those who need core stabilization assistance;
  • This product will help you strengthen your core muscles by allowing you to perform both toning and cardio exercises


  • It is best to make sure if this product meets your needs right from the box since it’s only minimally adjustable;
  • The number of available exercises you can do with it is pretty limited;
  • This device might not be very effective for people who prefer high-intensity workouts or for those who want to significantly increase their muscle mass;

Bottom line, the Smart Core device is a good investment if you only want a bit of help with stabilization or guidance. It won’t work the same for everyone and it wasn’t created to suit all users. However, if you’re recovering from a physical injury or you want to improve your form, this tool might be the ideal choice for you.

smart wonder core exercises


Smart Wonder Core Review – Main Alternatives

Smart Wonder Core is a good choice for an ab cruncher but let’s take a look at some of the most popular alternatives before you make a final purchasing decision. The following products are listed in no specific order but I have chosen them based on their features and consumer ratings.

Tonal Gym

tonal gym

Tonal Gym was created for strength training for home use. You must mount it on one of your home walls in order to start using it. It’s an effective home gym machine that relies on electricity and magnets. It features a large touchscreen where you can follow your workout routines and see your progress. Tonal Gym will help you build muscle mass and it’s easy to store because it’s foldable.


  • It’s very engaging and entertaining;
  • It has a compact size and it can enable multiple users to work out at the same time;
  • You won’t have to manually adjust anything because all that is done automatically;
  • You can follow a wide range of online classes, including yoga and HIIT.


  • It’s a bit on the pricey side;
  • The classes are recorded and not live;
  • The installation process is a bit tedious and it might require an expert.

Total Gym Supreme

total gym supreme

If you want a versatile home fitness device, the Total Gym Supreme might be the ideal choice for your needs. It’s pretty affordable and it enables you to engage in numerous types of workout routines that will tone your entire body. With it, you can do exercises that will target your chest area, lower back, arms, and abs. It’s also easy to use and it comes with various accessories.


  • Total Gym Supreme is foldable and easy to store away;
  • Most of the exercises you will do with it are low-impact and effective;
  • This device comes already assembled.


  • If you’re very tall, it might be tricky for you to use this device;
  • For some people, the price tag of this machine is a bit high.

Wonder Core 2

Wonder Core 2 with Built in Twisting Seat and Rower

Wonder Core 2 is the upgraded and improved version of the Smart Wonder Core. It’s larger than the initial model but still remains easy to fold and store. With this device, you will be able to perform numerous exercises such as bench presses, arm curls, leg presses, low rowing, and more. So, it works and tones a lot more areas than its predecessor.


  • The build quality of this item is solid;
  • It’s an affordable home gym system;
  • The seat can be adjusted;
  • It comes with many freebies.


  • If you’re very tall, you will probably have a harder time using this tool.


Smart Wonder Core Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who Could and Should Use the Smart Wonder Core Machine?

Answer: If you have doubts about the efficacy of this machine, you should first ask yourself about the goals and purposes of your workout routines. Here are the categories of people for whom this tool is good:
Home gym users – most people who prefer to work out from home, tend to use stationary bikes, weights, fitness benches, and treadmills for their exercising routines. The Smart Wonder Core can and should be included in your daily routine and used exclusively for your ab workout part. Due to its compact size, you can easily store it away;
Recovering from injuries and elderly – with this product, those who must recover from a previous injury will have access to a pretty effective and affordable fitness device that they can use at their own pace, at home. Also, this tool allows low-impact core exercises that everyone can do, including older people.

For regular gym members, this tool might not be enough, though.

Question: Will Smart Wonder Core Be Effective for You?

Answer: It will be effective if you use it to grow ab muscle. But, make no mistake; this isn’t a total body workout machine. It’s true you can engage in several different types of exercises but the range is quite limited. So, the main focus will be on your core area.

Question: What Are the Best Features & Benefits of the Smart Wonder Core Device?

Answer: This tool does the job it advertises. The company promises help with better form and guidance or assistance with your floor exercises;
It allows you to do more than just ab crunches and sit-ups. You can also engage in push-ups and other effective floor exercises. You will find all those interactive routines on the DVD that’s included in the order;

All the movements will be assisted and supported by the machine so, even if you suffer from lower back pain, you will still be able to start working out;
It comes fully assembled which means you can start working immediately after you take the device out of its box;

The build quality is good. It might not be great but it’s decent. At least, the frame serves its main purpose;

One of the most important benefits of this tool, besides its muscle-building purpose, is the fact that you can fold it and store it away quickly and easily;
It’s the ideal ab-building machine for home users due to its compact size.

Question: Does Wonder Core Smart Require Any Maintenance?

Answer: This machine comes assembled so it doesn’t require any assembly, whatsoever. In other words, you won’t have to put and fix pieces together. Also, it’s a low-maintenance kind of fitness equipment.

Drawing to a Close

The Smart Wonder Core device is a pretty decent workout tool but it might not be the ideal solution for everyone who wants to exercise at home. For starters, it’s a very simple product that doesn’t provide a total body workout. On the other hand, it’s quite effective when it comes to building your abs muscles.

The final decision is yours, as usual, but you should read all its functions and features very carefully before going to purchase it. Most importantly, make sure it enables you to do the types of exercises you want to engage in.

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