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Peloton vs Proform: Which is The Better Brand?

Losing weight is undeniably one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, along with adopting a new, or more consistent exercise routine. And now an article from The Sun suggests that indoor treadmill running, offered by competitors Peloton, ProForm, and others, may be the best way to achieve those goals. Using a cost per pound lost analysis, The Sun estimated that treadmill running is among the most cost-effective ways to shed weight. In a compelling look into weight loss efforts and different activities, treadmill running overall ranked as the best cost per pound ratio. In layman’s terms? Treadmill running may be the best way to lose weight if you’re on a budget–at least in theory, and stationary bikes aren’t far behind. Today I’ll be reviewing Peloton vs ProForm, to see which treadmill and bike, and which program provides the better value. Let’s start with their differences.


Main Differences Between Peloton vs ProForm

The Main Differences Between Peloton vs ProForm are:
  • Peloton carries bikes and treadmills, whereas ProForm also carries ellipticals, hybrids, and strength training equipment
  • Peloton equipment is tech-savvy and equipment, whereas ProForm has more budget-friendly options
  • Peloton excels in customer service and workouts, whereas ProForm excels in variety and affordability
Leader in Home Fitness Equipment - ProForm

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Why should I Try Treadmill Running/ Walking?


Great for inclement weather

Snowing or icy outside? Storming? Avid runners and walkers can be dedicated, but even they need to be careful when it comes to inclement weather. While you can run outside in less than ideal weather, both running and walking when it’s especially icy or if it’s storming puts you at unnecessary risk. A treadmill allows you to get your workout in no matter what.

Great for hectic schedules

One of the biggest challenges to sticking to an exercise routine is finding time, and if you work a full-time job, especially during winter, it can be challenging to get your run or walk in when there’s enough sunlight. The best treadmills allow you to squeeze your exercise in at home, whether that’s at 6 am or 6 pm. Or, busy parents can hop on and off and still be near if their kids need them. Peloton vs Proform

Great for overall fitness

Treadmills are, in a word, useful. The best treadmills allow you to easily adjust speed and incline to adjust the intensity of your workout, and even track your mileage. Running as a whole is a great calorie burner, and both running and walking, no matter where you do it, is excellent for your cardiovascular and mental health.

Great for consistency

Treadmills often have ways to track and log your workouts and monitor your pace, in a way that’s easier than when you’re trail running or just running in your neighborhood.

Great as a safe alternative

Maybe you just don’t live in an area you have enough space, or feel is safe to run, especially if you’re running alone. And if your local gym is closed, it’s nice to have a treadmill at home as a safe alternative. It’s also less hard on your joints.


You may burn fewer calories

While studies are mixed, high quality and efficient treadmills like Peloton and ProForm do some of the work for you, through the moving belt (cheap and inefficient treadmills are said to be almost no different than running outside) meaning you could burn up to 3% less. The good news is that this is not universally true and you can adjust the incline to make up for what really is fairly negligible. Just keep in mind that calorie trackers on machines have been shown to be inaccurate.

You won’t get a natural resistance

When you run outside, especially on a windy day, you’re getting a bit of natural resistance that you won’t face with a treadmill. Of course, no matter where you run or walk, you should still include a resistance training program.

It can get boring

If you just do treadmill training, it can mean missing out on the health benefits of working out in sunlight (melatonin regulation; mood boost) but also how interesting it can be seeing the world around you. Of course, music, motivational workouts, and other media can help.

Is Peloton of ProForm better for your workout?

Both Peloton and ProForm are big names in the fitness industry, but which one is the better go to for your next bike ride or treadmill workout? I’ll cover treadmills, but also bikes and workout programs. proform eliptical

What exercise equipment can you buy from Peloton vs Proform?


Peloton offers both stationary bikes and treadmills, with regular and upgraded models for each. Of course, Peloton also sells its bikes and treadmills with memberships and access to streaming workouts. All their equipment comes with a risk-free, 30-day trial, a 12-month limited warranty, and financing options.


ProForm carries treadmills, stationary bikes, and also ellipticals, rowers, digital fitness, and strength training equipment. For direct comparison vs Peloton, I’ll be going into detail about their treadmills and bikes, but the other equipment is certainly compelling, and I’ll briefly address it here. As is the case with Peloton, equipment comes with a 30-day trial; financing options; and the option for streaming workouts.

ProForm Ellipticals

ProForm Ellipticals come in many different models, from the Carbon Series to the HIT Trainers to Hybrids, offering some of the best variety I’ve seen. Priced at $599 to $1699, these mid-price machines offer features such as resistance and incline control; silent magnetic resistance; adjustable pedals; and inertia enhanced flywheels, along with water bottle holders and the option to Livestream workouts through HD smart touchscreens.
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ProForm Strength Training

If you’re looking for strength training equipment, ProForm offers several options, including resistance tubes; an adjustable dumbbell set; and even Vue, a smart mirror training system with a minimalist design and ability to stream strength, but also HIT, pilates, yoga, and more.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are another great option for a workout at home, and ProForm carries two models, priced at around $799 and $999, respectively. Features include an inertia enhanced flywheel, contrast display, and silent magnetic resistance.
ProForm 440R Rower | Amazon

Say hello to integrated dual action strength training with the ProForm 440R Rower. Find your foundation when you step into the pivoting pedals with adjustable foot straps. And with the soft touch ergonomic handle, oversized aluminum seat rail, and adjustable ergonomic molded seat, your rowing workouts will be comfortable and secure.

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Winner: ProForm

Carrying more equipment, to be sure doesn’t make one company better than the other. But if you are looking to stock up your home gym, ProForm simply has a larger inventory to work with. I also like that, compared with Peloton, ProForm offers more models for their bikes and treadmills, and at different prices. proform vs peloton treadmill

Does Peloton or ProForm have a better treadmill?

Peloton Tread and Tread Plus

Peloton carries two options: the Tread and the Tread Plus, with optional add-ons. All work with membership access to Livestream classes.


The Peloton Tread features a 68” running belt, with a 23.8” HD touchscreen for Livestreaming classes and knobs to adjust speed and incline. At the starting price of nearly $2500, that treadmill comes with a 12-month warranty and delivery and assembly.

Tread Plus

If you want to upgrade to the Tread Plus, you’ll be paying $4295 as a base price. The main upgrades include a larger touchscreen, 8 more inches of running space, and a shock-absorbent vs traditional running belt. Prices increase as you add accessories to enhance your workouts, including resistance bands, weight sets, and heart rate monitors.

ProForm Treadmills

2000 Treadmill | ProForm

Built on 30 years of fitness engineering and technology, the ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill is designed to burn more calories, improve real-road conditioning, and boost cardio endurance. So your health, your family, and your home get exactly what they need.

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Proform offers three series and multiple models for its treadmills.

Pro Series

The Pro Series from ProForm features a 10 to 22” touchscreen for classes; quick speed buttons with up to 12 MPH and a 12% incline; precision balance and rebound cushioning to mitigate the risk of injury; Bluetooth speakers, and even a cooling fan. There are three models available, priced at $1499 to $1999.

Carbon Series

The ProForm Carbon Series of treadmills includes two models, priced at $999 and $1403, with financing options. Features include a 10” HD touchscreen; speed button control for up to 10 MPH and 12% incline, a fan, and precision balance, proform smart pro 9000 The main difference between the Pro Series and the Carbon Series is that the Carbon Series trades out rebound cushioning for flexible cushioning. Rebound is more suited for those with problems rolling their feet, or for overpronators.

City Series

The ProForm City Series offers just one treadmill model, priced at $799. The idea of this treadmill is a smaller, more compact design that creates a smaller carbon footprint and is more suited for small spaces. You’ll still get some cushioning, Bluetooth connectivity, and precision balance. In place of the touchscreen, there’s a tablet holder, but the treadmill can only go up to 8 MPH and doesn’t have incline options.

Winner: ProForm

Here, ProForm wins not for variety, but for best overall treadmill value. For one, Peloton says precious little about the actual features of their treadmills, and mostly pushes their Livestreaming classes. For another, ProForm is far more affordable and has options for all budgets and needs. I also love that ProForm adds technology to reduce the risk of injuries and allows you more options for what features you want or don’t want.

Does Peloton or ProForm have a better bike?

Peloton Bike and Bike Plus

Peloton once again offers two models: the regular bike, and the upgraded bike plus. The Peloton Bike features an adjustable, ergonomic seat and handlebar for comfort and fit. Technology includes a 21.5” HD touchscreen; USB ports, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The frame is constructed from welded steel and pairs with aluminum pedals, and a power magnetic transmission belt. Peloton Bike and Bike Plus The upgraded version will provide a larger touchscreen, a “smart” resistance knob, and an automatic vs mechanical belt. Prices start at $1895 for the Bike or $2495 for the Bike Plus.

Proform Exercise Bikes

ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike | Amazon

Get to know each feature as it works hard to get you over the finish line faster. It all starts with the iFit compatible technology. Access Google maps to draw any route in the world. Then compete with friends, track your progress automatically, and utilize hundreds of workouts in the iFit content library.

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Proform exercise bikes come in three series: the Studio Series (most comparable to the Peloton Bikes); the E Series, and Hybrid Bikes. Learn More Here.

Studio Series

The studio series is the fairest comparison between Peloton vs ProForm bikes. Designed to work with live-streaming classes, these bikes range from around $600 to $1400. The Studio Bike Pro, the most advanced option, features a 22” touchscreen that you can swivel and adjust, along with ports. The frame is made out of solid steel and comes with adjustable handlebars, an ergonomic seat, an inertia flywheel, and an impressive 24 levels of resistance. You do have optional add ons, such as a heart rate monitor.

E Series

The E Series ProForm bikes are more modestly priced and feature a recumbent design for a comfortable, if not as tech savvy of a ride. Priced at $699 to $799, these bikes. While you won’t have as many bells and whistles, you can still stream workouts, and there are some notable features, including quick speed buttons for resistance control; ergonomic pedals; and the ability to hold a tablet. It’s also made out of solid steel.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes from ProForm combine the elliptical and recumbent bike design into one machine. Priced at just $599, the Hybrid Trainer allows you to stream workouts; has 16 different levels of resistance with a quick button control; and is quiet, with silent magnetic resistance. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

Winner: ProForm

Peloton bikes do have some nice features, and they are overall well designed. But when it comes to overall value, ProForm bikes simply have more to offer. Not only are there far more affordable options, but they also have features I love, including multiple levels of resistance; ergonomic seats; and quick button options. Many bikes are not as sleek, tech savvy or eye-catching as Peloton, but for the features they offer, at the price, you’re more likely to find the bikes from ProForm a better overall value.

Does Peloton or ProForm offer better workouts?


While Peloton may not offer as much variety for its fitness equipment as I’d like, I can’t make the same complaint when it comes to its workout sessions. Whatever cardio or even strength training you prefer, you’re bound to find it. Examples of workouts vary from low impact, for beginners (walking and stretching) to multiple forms of yoga; cycling; hard cardio; strength training; running, and boot camp. I love that they even include classes for centering your mind, such as meditation. Peloton vs Proform Workouts A regular membership will give you access to a wide variety of classes, but the Premium Membership gives you access to every class, as well as special perks like real-time metrics to track your progress; on-demand classes; milestone badges, and family plans. You can also connect with a large community, with virtual and physical meetups. Peloton Instructors all have some level of expertise, and you can easily browse through their profiles so you understand who’s teaching you.


ProForm offers Livestreaming classes with every piece of equipment you buy, through the iFit program. The ProForm+ membership provides access to trainers and a variety of workouts. With a focus on tracking incline, speed, and progress. As is the case with Peloton, you stream these workouts through an app. One thing that discouraged me is that they allow you to preview 10 sample workouts, but don’t go into the detail that Peloton does. The workouts on offer: hiking; HIT; functional fitness; walking; bootcamp; yoga; do indicate variety, but there isn’t enough there to say for sure. They claim they have a library of over 16,000 workouts. Another discouraging aspect? There isn’t information readily available about who your trainers will be.
Hybrid Trainer | ProForm

Discover Trainer-Led Workouts; A 30-day iFit trial membership gives you access to interactive training sessions, on-demand studio & global workouts, and connected fitness tracking in your home.

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Winner: Peloton

Peloton is the clear winner when it comes to the best workouts. While it may be more expensive, Peloton offers a great variety of workouts for different fitness levels and is quite transparent, from what workouts they offer to the quality of instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is ProForm a good brand?

Overall, ProForm is a decent brand–while customer reviews are mixed, it has an unofficial rating of A plus on Better Business Bureau, offers a wide variety of equipment with quality construction and warranties, However, while the specs of their gym equipment is impressive, their customer service does have some concerning reviews.

Question: Is iFit free with ProForm?

iFit, the Livestreaming workouts offered by ProForm, is free for 12 months with exercise equipment, but after that, you’ll have to pay around $39/ month. Live Streaming workouts are a great way to motivate and mix things up.

Question: Is Peloton worth the money?

Peloton, without a doubt, is expensive; so expensive that many look for Peloton alternatives. However, the exercise equipment is well made, classes are taught by experts, and for many, it’s worth the investment. Of course, there are great treadmills at every price.

Final Decision: Peloton for Overall Experience; ProForm for Equipment

This is a split decision. Overall, Peloton offers better service and better workouts. So if your main purpose is to join a community and access workouts from home, Peloton is the better bet. Learn about Peloton Here. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for gym equipment at a better price. I recommend ProForm. They offer more features, more variety, and better prices. My caveat is that you should see if you can buy ProForm at a store near you rather than ordering online; most all the customer complaints center around customer service and delivery.
Leader in Home Fitness Equipment - ProForm

Their exercise equipment has been empowering families around the world with in-home fitness success since 1987.

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